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BBFC re-rates Silent Hill

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About two weeks ago, we filled you in on a rumor that the first Silent Hill title was being remade for the Wii. Though it still remains a rumor, the BBFC has rated Silent Hill 1 again. One might wonder why the organization would choose to rate the title again, unless it had some relevance to an upcoming release. This may point to further evidence that the Wii could be seeing the mentioned remake sometime in the near future.


WayForward has shared a ton of information which includes discussion on a dark DSi game, 2 unannounced Wii titles, and how A Boy and his Blob for Wii is almost too big for a disc.

WayForward president = Voldi Way
Director = Sean Velasco
Producer = Robb Alvey

[On a Boy and his Blob as WiiWare or retail] Sean: This is a full, complete disc game. It’s huge! That being said, WayForward is a big fan of WiiWare and digital distribution.

Robb: This was a full game from its inception and we are going to pack a LOT onto that disc.

Voldi: With the incredible number of feature-quality animation frames and high-color backgrounds, our biggest challenge may be squeezing it onto a single disc.

[On releasing original game] Sean: Well, the VC is definitely fertile ground; I wouldn’t be surprised to see the game come out there. However, that’s in Majesco’s hands.

Voldi: Our next game is a DSi title that’s going to be another dark title.

[On if it’s dark similar to LIT] Voldi: No… Well, in that there are teenagers dieing and serials killers in it, it’s like LIT. It’s dark. It’s definitely dark.

[How WiiWare is saleswise] Voldi: I was thrilled with it. But I didn’t know what to expect, because we’ve never released a game like that before. I love that we can go online every day and see the sales every day. That’s something we’re sheltered from by publishers. Sometimes they’ll tell us our sales, most of the times they won’t. Now we can see it.

It’s not stellar, most publishers would probably feel it wasn’t worth it, but for us, if we can come up with something… if we put as much money as Squaresoft put into My Life as King, we’d probably be sad. In the old days, LIT would have been a demo, and no one would have seen it.

[On other games] Voldi: We have [two unannounced] Wii games in the works. I don’t think I can talk about them yet, they’re with publishers. We’ll probably attempt a 360 or PS3 game to see how they compare. We bought a PS3 dev kit just for fun and we put together a demo on that, but unfortunately with back burner projects, when paying jobs come up, they often get pushed further onto the back burner. But our goal is to eventually come up with 360 and PS3 games, at least downloads.

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Swords & Soldiers details

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– Mana + Gold fill over time but slowly
– Get more gold by building workers – workers enter mines, bring gold to base
– Earning mana depends on type of faction
– Upgrade items/men during the level
– Goal differs by level – most of the time destroy enemy base
– Many levels has multiple paths
– Modes: Campaign (also teachers gameplay basics), Skirmish (battle AI opponents – can also be done against other players in splitscreen multiplayer mode), 3 Challenge modes
– Don’t have control over the units, but you can control spells
– About 2 hours to finish the first campaign, 3-5 hours for the second
– Third faction will be revealed in the next few weeks


Initially, High Voltage Software had intentions of implementing Wii MotionPlus into their upcoming Wii title, The Conduit. A few months have passed, however, and now the team has passed on the information that the game will not be using the peripheral after all. Now High Voltage Software VP and chief creative officer Eric Nofsinger has explained why the development team has decided to drop MotionPlus.

“We’ve been committed to doing what is right for the game and being true to our fans from the start. We _could_ have included support for Wii MotionPlus as Nintendo provided us with early hardware and good developer support. However when we actually implemented it for the Conduit, it didn’t really add anything for our primarily ranged combat. We had hoped that it would allow for better off screen IR tracking, but the device seems to lend itself more naturally for hand to hand combat where the player can calibrate in-between bouts. And that just doesn’t feel like an optimal fit for how we had designed our moment to moment gameplay.”

Nintendo Power review scores

Posted 8 years ago by in DS, News, Wii | 9 Comments

MadWorld (Wii) – 9.0
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix (DS) – 8.0
Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure (DS) – 8.0
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (Wii) – 6.0
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time (DS) – 6.5
Flower, Sun, and Rain (DS) – 6.0
Marble Saga: Kororinpa (Wii) – 7.5
Major League Baseball 2K9 (Wii) – 6.0
Trackmania DS (DS) – 7.0
Lux-Pain (DS) – 4.0
Peggle Dual Shot (DS) – 8.5
Suikoden: Tierkreis (DS) – 7.0
MotoGP (Wii) – 4.0
MySims Party (Wii) – 5.0
Tokyo Beat Down (DS) – 6.0
Zubo (DS) – 6.5
Rune Factory Frontier (Wii) – 7.5
Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers (Wii) – 6.5
Gardening Mama (DS) – 8.0
Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume (DS) – 9.0
Ready to Rumble Revolution (Wii) – 5.0
Avalon Code (DS) – 8.5


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Demos (Expire 3/15)

Personal Trainer: Cooking Mac & Cheese Demo
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Gradius ReBirth screenshots

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Warning: may cause racing game fans to immediately pre-order

Faithful, set down your treatise on why RPGs are the only genre for which you have any interest and take heed! For a limited time, and in advance of the game’s release on March 17th, Wii™ owners connected to Nintendo Channel can play sample portions of TrackMania DS, the upcoming high-flying, fast-paced racing game, by downloading the demo directly to their Nintendo DS systems.

Only available for a limited time, this small taste of what the full package offers is sure to satisfy racing fans looking for something with unique style and nearly unlimited replay. Yes, we know it’s not an RPG, but you don’t have to be a racing fan to enjoy the high speed excitement of TrackMania!