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With the Rayman Legends Switch demo coming out yesterday (and then being promptly removed), we’re able to see how the game stacks up to the original Wii U title. Unsurprisingly, the two are pretty much identical from a visual standpoint. Interestingly though, at least one enemy type has been changed. Get a look at the full comparison below.

A new Cave Story+ video is live showing how the new release on Switch compares to the PC version. Have a look at it below.

After coming to 3DS earlier in the year, Monster Hunter XX will now be gracing Switch in Japan. Capcom confirmed a late August release on Nintendo’s new console in Japan earlier today. To see how the two versions compare, take a look at some comparisons created by Gaijinhunter below.


Nintendo showed off the first footage of Rime on Switch last week during a special indies episode of Nyannyan Neko Mario Time. Using gameplay from that video as well as a trailer from January, one fan put together a few rough comparisons for the Switch and PS4 editions. See how the two versions stack up below.

Update: Added in more comparison videos below.

Ultra Street Fighter II features two graphical styles in one that players can choose from. In the video below, Nintendo World Report compares the two with Guile’s stage.

Digital Foundry is back with another in-depth technical analysis. Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition is the focus this time around.

Minecraft does indeed run at 720p on Switch regardless of it being docked or undocked. However, 4J Studios once again confirmed to Digital Foundry that the team is looking into the situation and the game could see an increase to 1080p docked in the future with an update.

Digital Foundry has taken an in-depth look at the newly-released Switch game Thumper.

On Switch, it runs at a full 1080p docked and 720p handheld resolution as promised. It also maintains a steady 60 frames per second. Thumper may have lost some effects from the PlayStation 4 version, but many will likely be unaware that they’re missing in the first place. Digital Foundry also has high praise for the anti-aliasing used on Switch and the port overall.

Have a look at the full analysis below.

After previously launching on PS4, Thumper has now come to Switch today. Check out a video comparing the two versions below.

A number of outlets have shared new looks at the New 2DS XL with various videos. These include a screen test, comparisons to other Nintendo systems, and much more. Continue on below for a roundup of the different videos.

Digital Foundry has a new comparison video up for LEGO City Undercover. We’re able to get a better look as to how the Switch version compares to the PlayStation 4 and original Wii U releases.

If you’re looking at how LEGO City Undercover has changed since the four years it came to Wii U, the game now features a redone lighting system along with upgrades to the effects pipeline, the quality of the shaders, the detail in the core art assets and normal maps, and more.

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