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HullBreach Studios still has plenty of plans for SDK Spriter. Some new free and paid content is in the works for the downloadable Wii U app.

First, a platformer level mode is coming to SDK Spriter at no extra cost. The indie studio is also making a turn-based battle mode which will be offered as paid DLC. Details on both are practically non-existent at the moment, though we’ll probably be receiving concrete information sooner rather than later.


The original Shovel Knight features amiibo support in a variety of ways. Yacht Club Games’ special figure unlocks co-op, exclusive challenge stages, and more.

For the newest addition to Shovel Knight – that being Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment of course – Yacht Club Games is once again supporting amiibo. Nintendo’s site mentions how you’ll be able to “summon a spirit of Shovelry to keep you company during your quest”.

That note is specifically stated for Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment on Switch. However, the same functionality will likely be included in the Wii U and 3DS versions as well. Hopefully Yacht Club Games provides additional information before launch in March.

Thanks to whitespy12 for the tip.


Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment will be out on Switch before any other platform. Yacht Club Games recently said that it would be coming out during the system’s launch window, but didn’t provide any specific time frame.

On Nintendo’s website, Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment is listed for March. It’s still not a concrete date, but that’s more definitive than launch window.


On February 9, nuGAME will be bringing out a new game on the European Wii U eShop. The action game Maze Break is slated for that date.

Here’s a trailer:

And the full eShop listing:


We knew Lifespeed was coming soon, but it’s probably releasing sooner than everyone expected. After hearing that the racer would be launching in February just a couple of days ago, Wee Man Studios has now followed up with news about a specific date. Lifespeed will be out worldwide on February 2.

Screenshots and art from the game are in the gallery below. We also have a fact sheet with extra information.

Source: Wee Man Studios PR

Neera Li acted as one of the bosses in Freedom Planet. For the game’s sequel, she’ll now be one of the playable characters. Developer GalaxyTrail made the announcement on YouTube with a gameplay video, which we have below.

Thanks to Louis J for the tip.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic remains on track for Wii U, and the developer is finishing up this release. The team is sorting through some last challenges at the moment. If everything is properly completed, Earthlock could be hitting Wii U at the end of February / start of March.

Now, what about Switch? SnowCastle Games is still interested in the platform, but writes in a Kickstarter update that “Nintendo has not given us a clear response on when we may expect to publish on their new console.”

The full status update for Earthlock on Nintendo platforms reads:

“The Wii U version is giving us some challenges, but we have made great progress. Only the last few scenes remain to be optimised. We hope to enter certification in about 2 weeks. It might be tight, but we are still optimistic about a Wii U launch around the end of February/ beginning of March. I’ll keep you posted once we have more precise dates.

Nintendo Switch is still an uncertainty. Nintendo has not given us a clear response on when we may expect to publish on their new console. Feel free to use social media to let Nintendo know that you want Earthlock on the Switch. (”

Source, Via

Death Squared may have a future on Switch. Destructoid asked Ashley Ringrose of SMG Studios about porting the project to Nintendo’s new system, to which Ringrose said he’d love to. Ringrose also called Nintendo players “their fanbase.”

SMG Studios has a Wii U dev kit, but by the time the team received it, the console was on its way out. They’re now looking into obtaining a Switch dev kit. Bringing over Death Squared wouldn’t pose much of a challenge since it’s being made in Unity.

As for the actual game, Death Squared “is a cooperative puzzle game where user-controlled bots attempt to reach separate exits without accidentally killing each other, putting friendships and problem-solving skills to the ultimate test”. The premise is that “bots must escape a laboratory without unwittingly triggering traps and sending a companion to the scrapyard in the sky. Both characters must reach their respective portals to complete a stage.”

We’ve included a trailer for Death Squared below.


Shadow Archer file size

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Shadow Archer has already been out in North America, but it was added to the European Wii U eShop today. The game’s file size is in for those that are curious. To download the game, 79 MB of free space is needed.


Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment is a little over a month away from launch, meaning footage continues to appear. Find a few more minutes of gameplay below.

Thanks to Jake for the tip.

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