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Nicalis’ E3 2017 lineup is in. Believe it or not, everything the publisher intends to showcase is lined up for Switch.

The newly-revealed Blade Strangers will be present, along with The End is Night, and Ittle Dew 2+. We also now know that Tiny Barbarian DX is on the way to Switch.

Tiny Barbarian DX is a mix of 2D platforming action and combo-based hack-and-slash combat with a retro-style pixel art style. Two-player co-op, unlockable game modes, and homages to classic 8- and 16-bit games are included.

We’ve included a trailer for Tiny Barbarian DX below. You can also find the full rundown on Nicalis’ E3 lineup after the break.

Cave Story+ was the final Nicalis game featured during Twitch’s E3 2017 live stream. Check out the recording in full below.

Update: Some additional details and footage:

– Mission Mode, Versus Mode, Training Mode, and Online Mode
– Mixes dynamic and speed of Guilty Gear and Street Fighter and easy inputs of Smash Bros.
– Characters were made as 3D models, and turned into 2D sprites
– Story Mode will have cut-scenes, characters clashing, etc.
– Story Mode is sort of like a traditional arcade mode
– Mission Mode has you taking on specific tasks
– Training Mode lets you practice with a dummy
– Announcing more characters later
– Stages from the actual games
– Will get updates after release

Studio Saizensen is working on a brand new fighter for Switch in addition to the PlayStation 4 and PC (plus arcades in Japan). Today, publisher Nicalis unveiled Blade Strangers during Twitch’s official E3 live stream.

Studio Saizensen developed the 3DS game Code of Princess a few years back. Characters from that title are included here, along with several others. Curly from Cave Story and Kawase from the Umihara Kawase series (Yumi’s Odd Odyssey) are also in.

We’ll have more details and first footage shortly.

A new Cave Story+ video is live showing how the new release on Switch compares to the PC version. Have a look at it below.

8 minutes of Cave Story+ footage

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Nicalis will soon be putting out Cave Story+ on Switch. For a look at the game running on Nintendo’s console, view the video below.

Nicalis hasn’t said when Redout will be available on Switch. But going off of GameStop, it could be out within a couple of months. In its weekly ad, the retailer claims that the title is set to launch on July 25.

GameStop isn’t just going out on a limb here. What’s encouraging is that Amazon and Best Buy both have July 25 listed on their websites as well. And with GameStop coming out in its ad with a July 25 release date, hopefully Redout will in fact be out on Switch next month.


Nicalis uploaded a few photos showing the full contents of what consumers can receive when they pick up a physical copy of Cave Story+ on Switch when it launches this month. See the images below.


Nicalis is packing in all sorts of goodies with Cave Story+ on Switch. We already knew about an instruction booklet, and the publisher also revealed today that a Famitracks 3″ music CD will be included as well.

GameStop will have an extra bonus on top of it all. If you reserve Cave Story+ at the retailer, you’ll be given one of three random keychains.

Note that these goodies will only be included with the launch edition of Cave Story+.


Cave Story+ file size

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When Cave Story+ arrives in June, you can pick up the game in one of two ways. Nicalis intends to release the game physically, though it will also be sold on the eShop.

The Switch eShop has now updated with the size for Cave Story+. It’ll take up 137MB of space, which is definitely on the low side.

Cave Story+ launches in North America on June 20.

Source: Switch eShop

Nicalis’ Cave Story+ on Switch has got an interesting release history – it’s being published in all three major territories by three different publishers and each of them seemingly has different plans for a release date and the game’s physical version.

In North America, Nicalis are publishing the game themselves, and it will see both a physical and a digital release in June. In Europe, Nicalis is partnering up with Headup Games to release the game, though at this point we don’t know if the game is getting a physical there, nor do we have a concrete release date.

Today, we learned that Pikii is publishing Cave Story+ in Japan. It will get both a physical and a digital release there; as for the release date, we only have a rough time frame of “2017” at the moment.

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