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Nicalis isn’t finished with Cave Story+. The recently-announced classic graphics option will be available in August, the publisher announced on Twitter. It will be distributed as a free update.

Nicalis passed along the news with the following tweet:


Ittle Dew 2 Switch boxart

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Nicalis has shared the boxart for Ittle Dew 2 on Switch, which is officially confirmed for a physical release. Check it out above.


Nicalis has been a roll with physical versions of Switch games. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ got things going earlier this year. Then Nicalis followed up with Cave Story+ in June.

In the months ahead, Nicalis is planning a number of new Switch games. The End is Nigh and Blade Strangers should be getting physical releases since both boxarts have already been posted. It also looks like Ittle Dew 2+ and Tiny Barbarian DX are receiving the same treatment, based on Amazon listings.

Ittle Dew+ and Tiny Barbarian DX, along with Blade Strangers, can be pre-ordered on Amazon here.

Headup Games is working with Nicalis on the European release of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ in Europe. Earlier today, the game received a new release date of September 7 in PAL regions.

Headup and Nicalis’ relationship will continue beyond The Binding of Isaac. In a new press release, Headup notes that Cave Story+ is one of the “next things we will tackle.” However, the company isn’t ready to share any specifics, and simply noted: “did we mention that good things come to those who wait?”

Source: Headup Games PR

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ has an official, final release date in PAL territories. Headup Games will be publishing the title for Switch on September 7.

Like in North America, The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ will have some special goodies. Sticker sheets and a retro-style manual will be included. Also, pre-orders will come with extra trinkets.

Headup shared today’s news on Twitter:


Nicalis has given us another look at The End is Nigh on Switch with another off-screen video. Have a look at the game running on the system’s screen below.

Nicalis isn’t done with Cave Story+. The company is working on an update for the game, which will let players change the graphics. If you want to play with the original visuals rather than the high-res sprites, doing so will be possible.

Nicalis teased on Twitter:


The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ on Switch has somewhat of a troubled history with regards to its European release, which has suffered several delays. Back in April, publisher Headup Games announced that the game would launch in Europe (and Australia) in Q2 2017 – but since Q2 is ending tomorrow, that clearly isn’t happening. However, it seems like we may finally have a concrete release date now – Just For Games, who are involved with the distribution of the game in Europe, sent out a tweet announcing that manufacturing of the physical version has started and that the game would launch on September 14th.

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Nicalis has a new video up of The End Is Nigh showing what the game looks like on Switch’s screen. Have a look at some off-screen footage below.

Blade Strangers boxart

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Nicalis and Studio Saizensen announced Blade Strangers last week. The game, a fighting title featuring characters from Cave Story, Code of Princess, and Umihara Kawase, will be out later this year on Switch. Get a look at the official boxart above.


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