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The Snack World

Level-5 continues to promote The Snack World with yet another commercial for the game. Have a look at the latest ad below.

The Snack World boxart

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Level-5 has finally shared the boxart for its new 3DS game The Snack World. Have a look at it above.

Level-5 has prepared yet another commercial for its upcoming 3DS game The Snack World, releasing in Japan in a couple of months. View it below.

Level-5 prepared a new commercial today for The Snack World, its upcoming Japanese 3DS game. Watch the advert below.

The Snack World details

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Level-5 first announced The Snack World back in 2015. During this week’s Nintendo Direct, it was finally given a Japanese release date of July 13. More details about the game are shared on the official website.

The basic gist of The Snack World is to find rare items slumbering deep inside dungeons. The protagonist is the player’s avatar whose looks can be customized.

This game will have an original scenario that’s different from the anime. However, anime characters like Chap, Mayone, and Peperon will also appear.

The Snack World commercial

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Yesterday, Level-5 announced that The Snack World is finally releasing in Japan on July 13. The company is now beginning its promotional efforts, starting with the commercial below.

Level-5 has shared a brief update on the anime portion of its plans for The Snack World. The core game is still coming to 3DS, but word has been sent out that the CG anime series is kicking off on April 13.

OLM Digital is handling production while BS Japan is hosting The Snack World anime. New episodes will premiere on Thursdays at 7:25 PM local time. BS Japan will also air the anime on Saturdays at 6:30 AM.


New The Snack World trailer

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Level-5 has released a new trailer for The Snack World, their upcoming cross-media project. A 3DS game is one of the components planned. Watch the trailer below:

Since last year’s announcement in April, Level-5 has only been showing bits and pieces of The Snack World. The big thing we saw during the reveal was a full-on animated preview with an eight-minute video.

The Snack World’s debuted with Yo-kai Watch the Movie 2 last December. Now Level-5 is readying another animated short that will be shown with the third Yo-kai Watch film on December 12, known as “The Snack World: Hitogirai no Lenny” (The Snack World: Lenny the Misanthrope). It features the character Lenny who has a disliking for people.

Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino is the chief director, and also wrote the original story concept and script. Motonori Sakakibara is the director while Takuz? Nagano is designing the characters. Rei Kondoh is acting as composer. The cast list includes Megumi Han as main character Chup, Ayana Taketatsu as the misanthropic dragon Lenny, and Fumiko Orikasa as Lenny’s mother Flam.


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In a recent issue of Famitsu, the magazine had a massive interview with Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino. The discussion covered the company’s Level-5 Vision 2016 event, plus specific games: The Snack World, Lady Layton, Megaton Musashi, and Inazuma Eleven Ares.

It starts out with Famitsu talking about how there’s a theme each time a Level-5 Vision is held. This time around, it’s “New Heroes”. Hino notes that it’s probably just the company’s usual practice of deciding themes and holding announcement events.

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