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If you ordered several limited edition Majora’s Mask New 3DS XLs, it appears that Best Buy will be cancelling all but one. It seems like they’re taking the first steps to stop scalpers! You’ll receive a notice from Best Buy if your order has been cancelled.



Mario was always the character who got to sit in the spotlight. Wanna go karting? Sure, but only if it’s called MARIO Kart. Wanna spend a day playing tennis? Of course you can, but it has to be called MARIO Tennis. Hell, even a social gathering has to be called a Mario Party. So after years of watching his childhood best friend get all the attention while he sat there doing nothing, it didn’t take too long before Wario started thinking of ways to get his own time to shine, and what better way is there to be the star of your own video game series than to have once with your name in it!? So let’s spend today reminiscing the history of Wario’s series, and see what made them so special.

Author:Vincent W.

Nowadays, finding a good couch co-op game to play with a friend isn’t as easy as it seems. In an industry that strives on giving an experience targeted towards online play, enjoyable games that let you sit down with a close friend or sibling in the same room are few and far between. That’s not to say that online gaming is bad or a step in the wrong direction. But there’s a feeling you get when you’re close enough to smack the controller out of their hand after they wreck you in games such as Smash and Mario Kart that feels like no other. Now Frima Studio is ready to take it back to the good old couch co-op days with their puzzle-platformer Chariot.

The people over at Technobubble recently had a chance to interview Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen, and asked him about some pretty interesting subjects! Read on to hear Bill Trinen talk about all things Nintendo!

It appears the Youtube channel “Nintendo Family Channel” have posted the next episode of their ongoing series “How to Win at Smash”! Click the video above to view.

SEGA has no plans to bring SEGA 3D Reprints Archives to North America, as the company has stated on Twitter.

It appears us in North America won’t be able to get these classics in a physical form anytime soon. Keep in mind that you can still purchase some of these games on the eShop with digital downloads, and more are on the way in 2015.


It’s no wonder a game such as Super Smash Bros. has become the big hit it is today. Even after its near 15 year lifespan, it seems that the Smash community only grows larger and larger every day. I mean, a game where you get to mound Sonic the Hedgehog’s smug little face in with Mario’s fire-spouting fists as Mega Man tries to intervene for that one extra kill is already my game of the century based on that scenario alone. While the series is also known for its kick-ass gameplay that’s just simple enough while still providing the necessary elements to begin a huge competitive scene, it’s mainly known for accomplishing a seemingly impossible task and gathering together all of Nintendo’s star players and making it all seem so… right. As expected, there’s a huge roster of characters to select from, boasting characters from huge series’ such as Mario and Legend of Zelda all the way to lesser known series such as Earthbound and Fire Emblem. I thought it would be fun to delve deeper into some of the more unique newcomers’ history and analyze why the characters might’ve been chosen join the battle, so let’s go ahead and do that, shall we?

The creators of Splatoon went to Twitter to update us on how the game keeps track of your points and how much detail they’re putting into the game, and thanks to some folks over at NeoGAF, we have the tweets translated and ready to read!


“Report from the Squid Research Laboratory. In Turf Battles, the amount of area covered by ink becomes your points. The number of times you knocked out enemies and the number of times you were knocked out is counted to, but these don’t contribute to your score. This means that the ones who spread the most ink are the best.”


“Squid lovers may already be aware of this but a squid’s jaw is called a ‘beak’, and is firm and sharp much like a bird’s is. Looking closely, you will notice that the Inkling’s teeth also have an interesting shape. By the way, the meat around the beak on a real squid is crunchy and tasty.”




Previously only a retail title, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D has decided to move itself over to the eShop just in time for the holidays, and even at a cheaper $19.99!


System: Nintendo 3DS
Release Date: October 9th, 2014
Developer: Tom Create
Publisher: Tom Create

Author: Vincent W.

If someone were to write a book on terrible game design, I feel as if Ninja Battle Heroes would be one of the main examples. Aside from its terribly uncreative title, this 3DS eShop game looks pretty appealing on the surface. Boasting a heavily Japanese-inspired universe along with a unique platforming experience, Ninja Battle Heroes seems like it could provide a small but desperately needed breath of fresh air to a genre that’s been long in need of one. Once inside, however, you’ll find a game that takes all of its interesting ideas and executes them poorly.