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The past few months haven’t been kind to Nintendo as far as leaks are concerned. The first incident involved the source code and files for Wii, followed by the source code for the 3DS operating system and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl.

Another leak is now making the rounds today, and it’s sounding pretty massive. We’re hearing about some things that we either knew very little about previously or hadn’t seen before, including

Here’s the full rundown as to what’s leaked:


Sonic the Hedgehog

Paramount has set a release date for its Sonic the Hedgehog movie sequel. It’ll be debuting in theaters on April 8, 2020, the company has announced.

Specifics about the movie have not yet been shared. However, we do know that Jeff Fowler is returning as director while Pat Casey and Josh Miller are writing the script.

Plans for a follow-up to the Sonic movie were announced at the end of May.


Ubisoft will host a second Ubisoft Forward presentation in September, the company announced during a financial call today. Specifics regarding planned content for the show were not detailed.

This month’s Ubisoft Forward was light on new announcements and Nintendo news overall. In fact, the only Switch-related content was relegated to the pre-show, where we found out about DLC for Trials Rising. There was a small update on Just Dance 2020 as well which was only about a few new songs. Fans are still waiting for a status update on Gods & Monsters after it was announced at last year’s E3.

We’ll report back with the final date and time for the second Ubisoft Forward broadcast when we have it.


Nintendo’s annual report provides some interesting information regarding its employees. We have a look at the average age, average salary, and more.

Here’s the full rundown as of March 31, 2020:


Nintendo logo

Earlier today, Nintendo published its annual report for 2020. One section delves into the coronavirus and again touches on how the company has been impacted, including development schedules and release of products.

It reads in full:

A couple of Twitter accounts started to spread online last week after some fans believed they could be connected to Nintendo. By using the social media’s password recovery feature, the possibility was raised that handles for @FZeroJP may have been registered by the company. The email address was never shown, but certain letters and the amount of characters suggested that the email domain could have been associated with Unfortunately though, that wasn’t the case.

The FZeroJP account has now tweeted, and while we won’t share the post here, it clearly indicates that it has no ties to Nintendo. And though this will be disappointing for fans of the series, we didn’t have to wait long to receive clarification that the username is not official.

SuperMario35th is the other Twitter account that was heavily discussed last week. It still doesn’t have any messages associated with it, but there’s definitely a chance that this username is unofficial as well.


The Nintendo Direct format has been going on for many years at this point, but Nintendo did something today that we haven’t really seen before. An entire Nintendo Direct Mini was dedicated to third-parties, and the announcement was made just a few hours before the presentation aired. We’ve seen indie-focused presentations before, but this was something entirely different.

For those that had any doubt, the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase format will continue in the future. Nintendo says it will more details about the next broadcast “will be revealed in the future.” Additional broadcasts will follow later in 2020.

A new Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase will air on July 20, Nintendo has just announced. This new series is “focused on titles from our development and publishing partners”. Tomorrow’s presentation will cover “a few updates on a small group of previously-announced Nintendo Switch games.”

The Nintendo Direct will air at the following times:


Just like Nintendo, SEGA used to produce its own consoles. But after the disappointing performance of the Dreamcast, the company pulled out of the hardware market. It then became a third-party publisher, and was forced to work with Nintendo – something that was unheard of previously due to the rivalry between the two sides.

As part of an interview with Otaquest, SEGA chief creative officer Toshihiro Nagoshi spoke about what it was like creating titles for the GameCube after the company moved on from the console business. Nagoshi told the site that he initially decided to meet with various people from Nintendo, including late president Hiroshi Yamauchi. He was shocked by those conversations as Nagoshi “never encountered a company where everyone held the same stance and desires and worked together in unity”. This was in high contrast to SEGA, since “it was guaranteed to get at least one differing answer”.

Nagoshi’s full words:

Super Nintendo World

The opening timing for Super Nintendo World will be announced around the fall, Universal Studios has confirmed.

Plans to open the theme park alongside the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo were officially delayed late last month. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, it was simply impossible to make Super Nintendo World available to the public. This year’s Olympics were previously delayed to 2021.

Super Nintendo World will initially debut in Japan. However, it will open at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Singapore later on.


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