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Six Additional Tracks from Countries throughout Europe and the James Bond Theme Song Further Add to Guitar Hero World Tour’s Downloadable Content Set List
Wednesday 4th March/… This month, gamers will again be able to expand their virtual set lists with over a dozen new downloadable tracks for Activision Publishing, Inc.’s (Nasdaq: ATVI) Guitar Hero® World Tour. With over 37 million songs downloaded for the franchise to date, Guitar Hero® fans will soon be able to experience more awesome music – from the likes of English rock ‘n’ roll icons Queen, guitar legend Jimi Hendrix, a host of European superstars and more – which will join the more than 550 songs rocking the Guitar Hero catalog already.

On March 5th, Guitar Hero World Tour’s global music library will continue to grow with three additional tracks from some of Europe’s greatest bands. The third European Track Pack, which includes the hit song “Break It Out” by Italian pop punk band Vanilla Sky and “In the Shadows” by one of Finland’s most successful bands, The Rasmus, will also contain “C’est Comme Ça” the top single from French pop rock duo Les Rita Mitsouko’s 1986 album The No Comprendo.

“Don’t be left out in the cold. A chilling tale is coming exclusively to Wii, and Nintendo Power will bring you the scoop.”

I’m going to take a wild guess…Cursed Mountain for Wii.

Thanks to Bidoof for the news tip.

New Fields, New Players and New Gameplay Make

Backyard Baseball ’10 the most exciting Backyard Sports game of all time

New York— February 2009— It’s a whole new ball game as Atari steps up to the plate with its ninth iteration of Backyard Baseball, the best selling kids baseball game of all time, shipping this March on Wii™, Nintendo DS™ and PlayStation®2computer entertainment system. Combining all the elements of a realistic sports title with the thrilling action of a crazy arcade game, Backyard Baseball ’10, is the ultimate kids’ baseball experience with new fields, detailed graphics, precise game controls, and a beefed up MLB roster including David “Big Papi” Ortiz, who is returning for a second season as the game’s cover player.

“Backyard Baseball is a great way to extend the love of baseball from the outside field to the virtual field,” says David Ortiz. “My kids and I always have fun playing Backyard Baseball together. They’ve actually learned a few things about real baseball by playing the video game.”

Information comes straight from Nintendo…

* Little Mac is back! Everyone’s favorite underdog from the 1980s joins the best of the original Punch-Out!! cast in a modern re-imagination of the series. Players will find familiar names like Glass Joe, King Hippo and trainer Doc Louis. These boxers come to life again in cel-shaded 3-D, complete with hilarious fighting animations and back stories that capture all the fun and flair of the original Punch-Out!! games.

* The motion-sensitive controls of the Wii console mean that when players throw punches, Little Mac throws punches as well. Additionally, you can control hooks and jabs by combining motion control with control-stick movement. The motion-sensing Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers turn real-life swings into on-screen punches, so anyone can play. The game can also be played with classic NES-style controls by turning the Wii Remote sideways.

Swords & Soldiers trailers

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SANTA CLARA, Calif., (March 3, 2009) – Leading video games publisher and developer NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc., today announced The Munchables an entertaining romp into a colorful and delicious action adventure for Wii. Exploring rich and vibrant environments, players will devour delectable enemies as they guide their quirky heroes in this zany alien munching mash-up filled with fun and addictive gameplay. The Munchables will chomp its way to stores this May.

“NAMCO BANDAI Games is thrilled to provide such a fun and exciting addition to the vast library of quality Wii titles,” said Todd Thorson, director of marketing and public relations for NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. “With colorful characters and eye-popping worlds, The Munchables will delight players of all ages.”

– It’s a remake
– Visuals are completely 2D
– Looks very good graphically
– Will be a retail game
– WayForward is the developer

Source 1, Source 2

“The original Excite Truck stood out from the crowd because of the unlikeliness of trying crazy tricks with regular trucks that you might see every day. This time, we’re bringing every more insane stunts and tricks. However, when we raced the new tracks with the trucks, we felt that the two elements didn’t match up quite as well as we hoped, and we couldn’t get immersed int he game like we wanted to. So, we really wanted to create an offbeat, unconventional design that no one would find anywhere else and would fit with the wacky action. That’s how we came up with the robot critters.” – Excitebots developers

I don’t really mind that the trucks have been replaced. Based on the information provided thus far, the game is still very similar to its predecessor…Which is great!

Details come from the latest Nintendo Power…

– Monster Games confirmed to be working on the project
– Everything fans loved about the first game returns in Excitebots (except for bikes) and “has been taken to a new level”
– Rank determined by points earned from stunts + finishing position
– Timed boost can send you flying over a good portion of the track
– Execute Air Spins in clouds/drifting and smashing into other bots to earn more points
– Gameplay elements aren’t impacted by change to robots
– Insects + animals: Ladybug, beetle, grasshopper, bat, frog, turtle, mouse, mantis
– Each bot drives differently + have varied weights
– Bots can transform for a short time and run on to legs
– Hold Wii controller sideways, buttons facing up, tilt either side up or down to turn left or right
– Twist Wii remote towards/away from you to angle bot in midair