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We briefly touched on this earlier this week with the Nintendo Voice Chat podcast summary, but I thought this deserved a post of its own.

Hardcore Wii owners can expect a treat next month, as a “totally badass” third-party game is on the way. IGN’s Matt Casamassia was hyping up the game on the latest Nintendo Voice Chat podcast. He says the game is a high-quality title and emphasized that it is “really good.”

“I’ll tell you one thing that’s exciting though. I did see a cool third-party game that’s still top secret. Can’t talk about it. But, I will tell you this – you will learn about it in April and it’s totally badass. It’s really good, really really good, it’s really high quality. It’s going to surprise you how good it is. But in April you’ll see some stuff on it and it’s a third-party game that’s super-high quality and really awesome, and it’s for the hardcore. I kind of do [have demand for that game].”

Nintendo of America’s VP of Corporate Affairs Denise Kaigler revealed a few pieces of interesting information. Kaigler recently noted how Nintendo has always cared and listened to the core gamer and that core gamers have an insatiable appetite.

“We have never stopped listening and caring about the core gamer. Ever. As you know, a year ago when I got to the job and reading your site, reading some of the other sites, and reading most of all the message boards — what folks are saying about it. And they are saying, you know, Nintendo doesn’t care. It’s never been about that, right. So what I think – I am going to answer your question in a second – but how I like to explain it: So, there is the core, who have been so faithful to Nintendo for so many years and we absolutely appreciate it and recognize that. … You guys are still right there dead center, we’ve just brought in more gamers. We’ve shared the fun that you guys (the core) have had to yourselves and enjoyed for so long. We are sharing it with many, many more people. So our focus has never gone off the core, we have expanded our focus to include others. So I want to first say that. We heard you guys and we want you guys to be able to play as many games as you can play, download as many games as you can download, as conveniently as painlessly as easily as possible. So, I hope you guys were satisfied with that solution. We are certainly happy to bring it and the reaction to Mr. Iwata, when he announced it, it certainly was a validation and it was something that the industry has been waiting for.”

“Aha, there is, no, it’s true, it’s an insatiable appetite that core gamers have … and that’s what they love talking about, but we, you know what, it also energizes us, cause I think, we would be having a different conversation right now … Nintendo would be in a different place in the market if we weren’t always being, I suppose, challenged by the different gaming communities out there. But we are, we understand most at Nintendo, there’s a huge population within Nintendo that are core gamers, obviously. But we’re, we try, and I think we’re we’re giving you guys what you want by bringing back these franchises, continuing these franchise, I mean Rhythm Heaven? Rhythm Heaven?!”

Rumors regarding Wii MotionPlus and a wake-boarding title for Wii have popped up from the Game Developer’s Conference which took place last week. The Wii MotionPlus speculation isn’t actually about the peripheral’s technology, but rather, the add-on might release with a jacket that cannot be taken off. Think of it as the Wii controller’s rubber casing, except you would have no choice but to leave the jacket on MotionPlus. As far as the wake-boarding Wii title goes, a conversation was overheard that the game is being built with the Balance Board in mind. Nothing has been confirmed at this point, but it is possible that Disney Interactive could be involved in some way, as the discussion was heard close to an event that the company was holding.

Level-5 sales data

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Dark Cloud – 1,230,000 World Wide
Dark Cloud 2 – 900,000 World Wide
Dragon Quest VIII – 4,880,000 World Wide
Rogue Galaxy (including Director’s Cut) – 760,000 World Wide
Jeanne d’Arc – 220,000 World Wide
Professor Layton series – 2,650,000 Japan only
Professor Layton and the Curious Village – 1,590,000 (US/EU)

Inazuma Eleven – 342,000 Japan only
White Knight Chronicles – 340,000 Japan only


Best Buy

Drawn to Life: SpongeBob Squarepants Edition (DS) – $19.99
SpongeBob vs. The Big One: Beach Party Cook-Off (DS) – $19.99
SpongeBob Squarepants Featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom (DS) – $19.99
MySims Party (DS) – $19.99
Nerf: N-Strike (Wii) – $19.99
Trivial Pursuit (Wii) – $29.99
Sonic and the Black Knight (Wii) – $39.99


Free Wii game when you buy 2 (includes all reg $49.99 and less Wii games)
Guitar Hero World Tour Band Kit (Wii) – $165
Guitar Hero box set (DS) – $59

It has now been confirmed that both achievements and stat-tracking will be present in The Conduit. At the end of a recent gameplay video, it can be seen that pressing the “Z” button the nunchuck will allow you to view player stats. Meanwhile, an entire section is dedicated to achievements and unlockables which will be located in the “Extras” menu. These are all very nice inclusion that will no doubt add to the game’s replay value.

Thanks to Jake for the news tip.

Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America, has delivered a simple but important message to Nintendo fans similar to what has been noted by Denise Kaigler. Speaking recently on an episode of X-Play, when asked where Nintendo is in terms of more traditional content for Wii and DS, Reggie had this to say:

“What I can tell you is, it’s coming. That’s what E3 is for. We’ll be showcasing the back-half of the marketing calender and all of the content that we’ll be launching at that point. What I can tell you is be there. We’ll have some great content to share.”

GDC 09: SD Card Guide

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