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Wii/DS retail release dates

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It looks like all of the recent European news has come from a retailer meeting Nintendo had last week. I’m still not 100% sold on Disaster releasing in Europe on October 24th, but I definitely hope so…That would mean Japan and America would see similar release dates (again, I hope!) Anyway, here’s a bunch of retailer release dates.


Age of Empires Mythologies (THQ) – 28.11.2008 – 39,99 Euro
Call of Duty: World at War (Activision) – 28.11.2008 – 39,99 Euro
Caslevania: Order of Ecclesia (Konami) – 17.11.2008 – 39,99 Euro
Crash: Herrscher der Mutanten (Vivendi) – 16.10.2008 – 39,99 Euro
Drawn to Life: SpongeBob (THQ) – 26.09.2008 – 39,99 Euro
Eledees: The Adventures of Kai and Zero (Konami) – 17.11.2008 – 39,99 Euro
Fifa 09 (EA Sports) – 02.10.2008 – 39,99 Euro
Flower, Sun & Rain – Mord im Paradies (Eidos) – 30.10.2008 – 39,99 Euro

New Skate It video

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“Wii’s unique interface and market-leading hardware sales rates have convinced publishers to deepen support levels for the platform. Cheap development costs have also enabled a number of smaller publishers.” – Screen Digest

Over the past few months, the third-party situation on Wii has looked anything but bleak. Compared to a few years ago with the GameCube, a lot of third-parties are finding success on the system. Companies are supporting the Wii and thus are seeing some great results in some cases. So, in that regard, it really helps to have third-party support behind you and definitely contributes to the amount of original IPs.


Update: A Danish retailer is backing up the release date controversy. See image below.

So much for Nintendo showing all of its cards for the year, huh? Someone appears to have come across some information that points to an October 24th release date in Europe. Although Nintendo has not officially announced this date, a confirmation is supposed to come in the near future. Right now, no one knows whether or not the game will release in America and/or Japan this year albeit anything seems possible.

Note: I’m marking this as a rumor since both the NOA and NOE sites have nothing about a release date on this game. So take the “news” with a grain of salt.

Take a look at the information found by a NeoGAF member below:

Disaster: Day of Crisis

Survive nature’s most devastating catastrophes in Disaster: Day of Crisis, a panic-inducing survival game for Wii. In a devastatingly short period of time, an unprecedented wave of natural disasters has pummeled the United States. On top of this inexplicable series of disasters, a rogue special forces unit has taken advantage of the chaos and seized a nuclear weapon. Only Ray, a former member of an elite rescue task force, has decided to take a stand.
• Cutting-edge physics and gripping visuals re-create the sheer terror of major catastrophes.
• Players race a car down a mountain to escape a roaring pyroclastic flow, dodge toppling buildings during a devastating earthquake and swim for their lives in a raging flood. No matter what happens, fight to survive.

Developer: Monolith Software
Publisher: Nintendo

Revealed at E3 2006 together with many high-profile titles made by Nintendo, Disaster: Day of Crisis was originally planned for a release in 2007. Due to quality issues and a full schedule with games like Super Mario Galaxy or Metroid Prime 3 it was delayed until early 2008. While already sitting on releaselists with a determined July releasedate it was delayed because of on-going quality issues.

Now Disaster: Day of Crisis, developed by the makers of Baten Kaitos and Xenosaga, will finally see a release. Just recently the game got its finishing touches in order to submit a copy to the Australian OFCL (the finished game is needed for their rating). As of today, the game will be released on October 24th in Europe. Let’s hope it will slip again out of our field of vision with Animal Crossing in November and Wii Music in December. An official confirmation will follow soon – together with European releasedates for DS games like Professor Layton, Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir and Rhythm Heaven.

Top WiiWare, VC titles of the week

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Virtual Console

1 (1) – Super Mario Bros. 3
2 (5) – Mega Man
3 (2) – Super Mario Bros.
4 (4) – Super Mario World
5 (3) – Sonic the Hedgehog
6 (8) – Super Mario Bros. 2
7 (6) – Mario Kart 64
8 (10) – The Legend of Zelda
9 (9) – Super Mario 64
10 (7) – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
11 (11) – Punch-Out!!
12 (12) – Donkey Kong Country
13 (14) – Pac-Man
14 (13) – Paper Mario
15 (16) – The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
16 (15) – Donkey Kong
17 (17) – Kirby’s Adventure
18 (18) – Star Fox 64
19 (20) – Double Dragon
20 (19) – Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards


1 (1) – Strong Bad Episode 1
2 (3) – My Pokemon Ranch
3 (2) – Wild West Guns
4 (4) – Dr. Mario Online Rx
5 (6) – Defend your Castle
6 (5) – Pong Toss – Frat Party Games
7 (7) – Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
8 (18) – Midnight Pool
9 (8) – TV Show King
10 (9) – LostWinds
11 (10) – Family Table Tennis
12 (11) – Cocoto Fishing Master
13 (13) – Gyrostarr
14 (14) – Block Breaker Deluxe
15 (12) – Pirates: The Key of Dreams
16 (16) – V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack
17 (N) – Helix
18 (15) – SPOGS Racing
19 (20) – Pop
20 (17) – Major League Eating: The Game

This news comes from the rumors section in EGM…

“Remember earlier this summer when LucasArts finally announced Star Wars: The Clone Wars — Lightsaber Duels, the lightsaber-wielding Wii game that everyone had been waiting for? And then not a month later, when Nintendo announced WiiMotion Plus during E3? Well, apparently LucasArts hadn’t heard anything about this new technology, so Lightsaber Duels will not be implementing it. The understandably ticked-off publisher is already in talks about another Wii lightsaber game that will use MotionPlus for sometime next year, according to our sources.”

Well, at least there will be a plethora of Star Wars games on Wii soon!


“Nintendo had a substantial supply nationwide for launch, though some stores saw spot shortages due to unprecedented demand for this unique product. The consumer response to ‘Wii Fit’ at launch was historically exceptional when compared with peripheral-based video game products. We are providing retailers with a constant supply of ‘Wii Fit,’ so you should see a regular supply of ‘Wii Fit’ on store shelves as we move through the summer and into the holidays.” – Nintendo statement

I know the demand has been crazy with Wii Fit, but shouldn’t Nintendo realize at this point that a lot of its products are in high demand? For a very long time, most consumers couldn’t pick up the Wii just by walking into a store and the same seems to be happening for Wii Fit.


Brain Age sets new record in the UK

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It looks like people in the UK really enjoy training their brains in minutes a day. Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Age has managed to overtake Tomb Raider’s original mark of 79 consecutive weeks as the top game in the UK charts, now one less than Brain Age’s 80 weeks. This is once again excellent news for Nintendo…But it seems as though everything is going Nintendo’s ways these days.


Hudson’s PAX lineup

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Bomberman Blast (WiiWare)
“Bomberman Blast is an all-new Bomberman for digital download for WiiWare on Wii. Retaining the classic features Bomberman fans have come to love such as online multiplayer battles and numerous arenas, Bomberman Blast also incorporates new gameplay elements, including the use of Miis™ and 8-person online multiplayer – the first time for Bomberman on the Wii! Players can battle it out with each other worldwide going solo or as part of a team. By using their Mii character, gamers will have the opportunity to show off their Mii by suiting him or her up into a Bomberman costume, then blowing away the competition! Now who has the best Mii?”

Alien Crush Returns (WiiWare)
“Alien Crush Returns is a sci-fi pinball game based on the classic TurboGrafx-16 Alien Crush series. In extraordinary pinball fashion, the game offers gameplay spanning two screens, providing players a lot of real estate to rack in points, multipliers, and bonuses. The game is played across multiple boards, all of which feature an eerie alien landscape and enemies that try to prevent pinball perfection. For players who are confident in their alien crushing skills, they can go online to play against friends to see who can get the highest score! Alien Crush Returns is the only pinball game for WiiWare that lets gamers compete head to head online. In addition, the game includes online leader boards for score-obsessed pinball players.”

“Coming to North America in Q1 2009, FISHING MASTER WORLD TOUR offers over 200 different types of fish to catch, enabling players to catch fish in their native waters around the world in the first ever global fishing game on Wii. FISHING MASTER WORLD TOUR offers over forty different locations to fish from in seven different regions. Players can fish on Easter Island, under the Golden Gate Bridge, on the Amazon River and many more exotic global locations. Staying true to the first version’s realistic controls, anglers use the Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk™ to battle fish just like in real life. Pull the Wii Remote left and right as the fish fights from the end of the line and adjust the drag to avoid breaking the line. Once players have their skills down, they can compete with friends with four-person multiplayer modes, catch rare fish with exclusive boss battle controls or jump online in Wi-Fi leaderboards tracking the best players in the U.S.”

“DECA SPORTS™, a unique ten-sport game, exclusive to Wii™, is now available at retail for $29.99 SRP. Combining ten sporting events into one game, players can compete in beach volleyball, snowboard cross, badminton, basketball, curling, figure skating, archery, supercross, soccer and kart racing. The game offers a wide variety of sporting events and activities, some rarely seen in a video game. Designed with pick-up-and-play intuitive controls for the Wii Remote™ and in three sports, the Nunchuk, DECA SPORTS also includes advanced controls for power spikes, curls, and mid air tricks for the gamer!”

Family-friendly mini games provide a unique MLB experience

New York, NY– August 26, 2008 – 2K Sports, the sports publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO), today announced that MLB® Superstars, a baseball game that fans of all ages can enjoy, is scheduled to be available for the Wii™ home video game system from Nintendo this fall. MLB Superstars takes America’s favorite pastime into a totally new realm by bringing fans’ favorite players and teams out of their natural environments and showcasing them in over half a dozen different mini games that speak to the kid in all of us.

Fully utilizing the Wii’s motion sensing capabilities and easy pick-up-and-play functionality, MLB Superstars puts a brand new spin on classic games with Baseball Pachinko, Baseball Bocci, and Baseball Golf.