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Time Travelers details

Posted on 9 years ago by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News | 1 Comment

– No release date yet
– Skeleton: Important character, terrorist, knows the future
– Mikoto Shinmichi, girl from the trailer, also knows the future
– “Time travel suspense”
– Set in a world of grand scale
– Game may feature new systems to make it appeal to more people
– Ishii and Hino believe the title will sell well


– Players need to complete puzzles with contradictions
– Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright are in a different world
– Both come to Labyrinth City, a medieval city
– Reality and illusions are intertwined in this world
– City is home to witches who hide in the shadows, magic is real
– Impossible occurrences have happened in the town lately
– City controlled by a villain, Story Teller
– What Story Teller writers with his pen becomes reality as the future of the world
– Layton takes on new puzzles
– Person who wants Phoenix Wright’s help has been accused of witch craft
– “Majo Saiban” (“Witch Trial”) is the trial that takes place in the world
– No release date
– Level-5 publishing


Update: Bumping this to the front page as we’ve added the first screenshots/art/trailer of the game.

Level-5 is currently hosting their annual “Vision” conference in Japan right now. One of the titles featured at the show is Time Travelers. The company finally confirmed which platform the game is in development for, and showed the first trailer. You can check out a few details about the project/the trailer below.

– For 3DS
– Jiro Ishii directing
– Level-5’s first “suspense” game
– Video shown of a girl standing on the train
– Lights flicker in and out, skeleton ghost guy shows up behind her
– He starts to count down, choose whether you wish to turn around or not
– Girl asks, “Why has it become like this?”
– The girl decides to turn out, numbers appear around her
– Girl appears to be transported into the future
– Modern looking buildings shown in the background, but they’ve been destroyed
– Trailer ends as the girl jumps off a building
– Story very important in the game
– This is Ishii’s first CG-based title (most likely means 3D polygonal characters)
– Ishii thinks the story won’t let fans down
– More news to be shared at a later date

Fantasy Life

– Making the jump to 3DS
– Yoshitaka Amano doing the art
– Nobuo Uematsu doing the music
– Co-developed by Brownie Brown

Kyaba Joppi

– Another 3DS title
– Hostess simulation game
– Was for cell phones via Roid
– Guest characters in the 3DS title
– Includes Lupin