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Fixed Cursed Mountain videos

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The other day, IGN posted two new videos of Cursed Mountain. Unfortunately, as some quickly noticed, the footage was so dark that it was difficult to make anything out. The videos have since been fixed though, so here they are…Again!

Thanks to Jake for the news tip.

Mohamed Zeki Mahjoub, who had previously worked for Osama bin Laden’s agricultural business, was forced to stay in a Canadian jail due to the suspicion that he was a terrorist. A judge said that Mahjoub was a threat to Canadian security.

Mahjoub, however, was able to leave the jail after 6 1/2 years. Even though he was allowed to go home though, security restrictions were enforced by the Canadian courts. He was only able to leave his home with his wife and stepson only after seeking permission, he could not stay at home alone with his kids, all of his mail was photocopied, and he could not use the Internet. And as most people know, the Wii has Internet capabilities, including an Opera browser. So, Mahjoub’s Wii was confiscated.

Perhaps due to all of the conditions that have been set in place, Mahjoub now wishes to be taken back to prison. Who knows – It might have been losing the Wii to the courts that lead to Mahjoub’s request.

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Okami sold well on Wii after all?

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This is pretty interesting. In the past, some comments made by Capcom representatives didn’t exactly make it seem as though Okami was doing too well on Wii in terms of sales numbers. However, comments from Capcom Product Manager Colin Ferris indicate that the the game “definitely did well” after all.

This is what Mr. Ferris said about Okami on a recent Inner Party podcast.

“As for the Clover IPs, we did just release Okami on the Wii. And it did have some very good success on the Wii. It definitely did well. So we were excited about that. As for revisiting some of them [Clover IPs], you know, I can’t rule anything out but we don’t have anything planned.”

Thanks to Jake for the news tip!

Major Minor’s Majestic March screenshots

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More Excitebots: Trick Racing details

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– Each bot has a weight, grip, boost power, longevity stat
– Turtle: Heavy, has serious boost
– Frog: All-around bot
– Bat: Light, good boost power/longevity, lacks grip
– Choose from the frog, beetle, ladybug, bat, turtle, grasshopper at beginning of the game
– All vehicles are different
– Each vehicle has four stock colors/seven unlockable ones, one special design
– Can buy the mouse, mantis, hummingbird for a price
– Hummingbird cost 2500 stars
– Very fast
– Rubber band bar hovers in mid-air, can trampoline off it + do front flips (for more stars)
– Question mark boxes lead to morphing the terrain, opening up shortcuts, micro-challenges
– Bottle rocket boosts you into the air, hovering + flying with a short boost
– Can create earthquakes with hammer
– New power-up allows your bot to run – it’s a wrench item – bot can sprint, burst into flames, tear through the track
– Hit ramps to go into the air, go into a glide mode – controls similar to wing cap Mario
– If you collect butterflies in the air then land on huge sunflower, then can gain more points
– Poker Race mode available
– Similar in visual/audio design to Excite Truck
– Can’t play own songs from SD card
– Tracks include Egypt, Scotland, Mexico, China, Kilimanjaro, and Finland


Is this really where Nintendo is heading? If so, the Wii may be in for a new type of casual experience. A Nintendo patent was discovered today and seems to center around one thing: education with Mario and friends with the Wii. The patent harps on titles for a younger audience – toddlers, pre-kindergartners, and those with disabilities. Software would be designed around focusing on number recognition, color identification, reading/writing, and sound recognition. Concepts for games include animal matching, number matching, letter matching, mazes, memory challenges, and more.

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NPD numbers show that the lifetime sales of Wii Fit have surpassed Halo 3’s. More specifically, 6 million units of Nintendo’s balance board game have been sold in the U.S. while lifetime numbers for Halo 3 stand at 5.9 million units. This information accounts for all sales figures until the end of February. NPD sales data, which was released last night, illustrate Wii Fit’s ability to stay in the top 10 software sales chart. The title captured the fourth spot in February. Wii Fit, however, is behind its “brother,” Wii Play, in total sales numbers.

NPD top 20 for February

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1. Wii Fit w/ Balance Board (Nintendo, Wii
2. Street Fighter IV (Capcom, Xbox 360)
3. Street Fighter IV (Capcom, PlayStation 3)
4. Wii Play w/Remote (Nintendo, Wii)
5. Killzone 2 (Sony, PlayStation 3)
6. Mario Kart w/Wheel (Nintendo, Wii)
7. Call Of Duty: World At War (Activision Blizzard, Xbox 360)
8. Mario Kart DS (Nintendo, DS)
9. New Super Mario Bros (Nintendo, DS)
10. Guitar Hero World Tour (Activision Blizzard, Wii)

11. F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin (Warner Interactive, Xbox 360)
12. Skate 2 (Electronic Arts, Xbox 360)
13. Left 4 Dead (Electronic Arts, Xbox 360)
14. NBA 2K9 (Take-Two, Xbox 360)
15. Halo 3 (Microsoft, Xbox 360)
16. Call of Duty: World At War (Activision, PS3)
17. Lego Star Wars: Complete Saga (LucasArts, Wii)
18. Guitar Hero: World Tour (Activision, Xbox 360)
19. My Fitness Coach (Ubisoft, Wii)
20. Fallout 3 (Bethesda Softworks, Xbox 360)


It’s no secret that in Call of Duty: World at War, gamers can take aim at dogs. Being able to do that alone has caused Breanna Lucci, president of the Animal Rights Club at the Academy of Notre Dame in Massachusetts, to rally her fellow classmates. She fears that having the ability to kill dogs in Call of Duty could somehow cause others to kill dogs in real life.

Lucci recently started a petition in her school to make others aware of the dog killings in World at War after watching her brother play the game. So far, the petition has over 100 signatures. Lucci is hoping to send the petition to Activision.

“Killing dogs as a form of entertainment…over and over again. That’s one of the objects of the game. Parents need to know what they are buying their kids. Killing animals should not be a form of entertainment…My little 12-pound Pomeranian, Winnie the Pooh, is sitting next to him [her brother], and I’m thinking, ‘This looks horrible!’ My brother is a sweetheart. He won’t be killing dogs after playing. But some people might.”