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Thanks to Cedrick S for the tip!


Speculation about a potential delay for Call of Duty: Black Ops on Nintendo’s console surfaced late last month after Treyach’s Josh Olin stated on Twitter that the Wii version would be revealed “later this year.” There’s no need to worry, though. Regarding the game’s release, Activision told Nintendo Everything that “nothing has changed.” It is a bit odd that no screenshots or videos have been released yet – Even Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition assets were available at this time last year. Considering the title will be out in a few weeks, it’d be nice if Activision shared a couple of screenshots and trailer!

This information comes from the Super Mario Collection Special Pack, and the images are Shigeru Miyamoto’s design documents…

– Game was described as having big Mario characters and using the “athletic part” of “Junior Mario Bros” (most likely in reference to Donkey Kong Jr.)
– Plans of making Mario bigger, scrolling, gimmicks including lifts
– Control scheme:
Left: Walk Left
Right: Walk Right
Up: Jump
Down: TBA (Duck)
B: Run (Accelerate) (Rocket->Shoot)
A: Attack (Depending on Item) (Bare Hands->Kick; Rifle; Beam Gun)
– Left/right would make Mario walk at two different speeds
– B would make Mario accelerate
– Jump with Up, height based on the length of time of the button press and the speed of left/right movement
– “A” button to use current item or engage in hand-to-hand combat

When Back to the Future: The Game was first announced, numerous sites reported that the project would be released on Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, and iPad. Strangely, though, in Telltale’s latest press release, there was no mention of the game coming to Wii at all. I’m really hoping that whoever wrote the release simply forgot to mention Nintendo’s console, but considering the Wii logo isn’t even on the game’s official website, things aren’t looking good at the moment.

“Telltale Games announced today the platforms, release month and pricing for Back to the Future: The Game. The PC and Mac versions are expected to burst out of the time space continuum in December, followed shortly by the arrival of the game on PlayStation 3 system and iPad.”