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Famitsu recently caught up with SEGA Sammy’s Naoya Tsurumi, who is now acting as the president of Index Corporation. Tsurumi was asked about the status of the Atlus brand as a whole, development structure, and more. Tsurumi’s full comments can be found below.

SEGA’s latest trailer for Puyo Puyo Tetris brings us just a few extra details. The information roundup can be found below.

– When the game swaps your board between a player’s Puyo and Tetris sets, the swapped set will continue to fall
– This results in situations where you could come back to a really messed up game
– Another mode is one in which you bomb the other player
– A bomb tile will appear in your set of tiles that you’ll need to send over to the opponent before it explodes
– February 6 date for Japan reconfirmed