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A new update for Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS, version 1.1.1, is now available to download. Nintendo has since published the official patches notes, which we have below.

Wii U

Ver. 1.1.1 [Released 09/29/15]

  • Users will be able to purchase newly added downloadable content. Click here for more information.
  • Updated features when posting to YouTube and Miiverse.
  • Adjustments have also been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.


Ver. 1.1.1 details (Released on September 29, 2015)

  • Users will be able to purchase newly added downloadable content.¬†Click here for more information.
  • Added the Duck Hunt Stage.
  • Adjustments have also been made for a more pleasant gaming experience.

Today’s update is a 300MB download on Wii U. The 3DS version requires 2,076 blocks of free space.

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Over on Miiverse, Intropy Games shared some news about an upcoming Astral Breakers update.

The patch will introduce anew round of bug fixes as well as graphical updates. Additionally, Black Hole Breaker will be added (presumably a new mode).

Here’s the full Miiverse notice from Intropy:

A new update for Super Mario Maker is now available to download. Not too long ago, Nintendo released version 1.10.

Nintendo says of today’s update: “Adjustments have been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.” To download the patch, you’ll need roughly 223MB of free storage.


Yacht Club Games has just released a new Shovel Knight patch on Steam and Humble. While this update isn’t out on Wii U and 3DS just yet, the studio has confirmed that it will be reaching all platforms “in due time.”

Head past the break for a breakdown of what you can expect in Shovel Knight’s latest version.

A few days ago, HullBreach Studios shared plans regarding a patch for Defense Dome over on Miiverse.

The update will add a few new elements in addition to a bug fix. Players will be able to use an EMP power-up to blow up all missiles on the screen at once, go through Blitz mode for each level, and read up on more story elements. HullBreach Studios is also gauging feedback for ideas such as DLC.

Here’s the full message from Miiverse:

The Wii U version of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth will be patched on Monday, Nicalis’ Tyrone Rodriguez has confirmed via Twitter. This update should address some bugs players have been experiencing.

Rodriguez also recently noted on his Twitter account that another New 3DS update is planned. However, there’s no timetable for its release since Nintendo needs to approve it.


Xenoblade Chronicles X has received its second update in Japan. Given the small increment in the version change (1.0.2), it should come as no surprise that there isn’t a whole lot to the patch.

The new update simply addresses a single glitch within the game. Monolith Soft has fixed things so that players won’t encounter issues obtaining a single Union Point at a time during offline play. That’s all there is to it!


The Plague of Shadows update for file size is now available. On Wii U, the patch weighs in at a little under 100MB.

The 3DS version is slightly different. You’ll need 715 blocks of free space, but that’s from the entire game. Yacht Club Games has brought the overall size down from 1,217 blocks.

Note that on 3DS, you’ll want to grab the update from the 3DS eShop. Don’t use the in-game menu!


Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows is out now. If you’ve already cleared the original campaign, this new mode should be available to you once you apply the update.

Yacht Club Games has also implemented a code that allows players to open up the Plague Knight adventure right away. We’ve attached the instructions above.


The folks over at Kinda Funny Games have posted a bunch of footage from Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows. Take a look at the video below.