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Many years ago, Factor 5 was hoping to release its own Pilotwings game on Wii. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out in the end, and all work was scrapped.

Liam Robertson has managed to unearth a trailer for the project back when it was known as WeFly. You can see the video for yourself below.

Let’s Sing 2018 launch trailer

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Over in Europe, Let’s Sing 2018 is available today for Switch and… Wii. Koch Media decided to prepare the game for Nintendo’s new console, but also the much older system. No Wii U version in sight. Get a look at a launch trailer for Let’s Sing 2018 below.

Today, The Pokemon Company announced that the total shipments of the Pokemon games have surpassed 300 million units worldwide. The latest games, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, gave the franchise another boost when they launched on 3DS last week.

Today’s figure includes 76 Pokemon-related games from February 1996 all the way up until November 2017. Sales from downloads are included.


In 2015, news surfaced about an unreleased Justice League beat ’em up game. Double Helix had been working on the project, which was eventually morphed into Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters. Unseen64 and Did You Know Gaming? shared a new report on the original Justice League project today, officially confirming that it was planned for Wii.

16 characters would have been playable, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern. Story mode would have had players choosing between the five Justice League characters with their own attributes. Versus and training modes were also planned, in addition to a shop where players could purchase more characters and enhance heroes’ stats in the story mode.

Ubisoft is shutting down online services for a number of Wii U / Wii games as of today. In a statement posted on the company’s forums, it was noted that ending services for older games with a smaller audience will allow the IT and service staff to focus on newer and more popular titles.

The lineup of affected Nintendo titles is as follows:

Super Mario Galaxy is celebrating a milestone anniversary today. The game originally debuted on Wii ten years ago in Japan – November 1, 2007 – with the overseas release taking place a couple of weeks later.

I personally have fond memories of Super Mario Galaxy. It was one of the earliest games we covered on the site, and it’s right up there for me as one of my favorite games of all time. I remember going into it without being overly interested, only to end up being completely blown away.

Do you remember what it was like playing Super Mario Galaxy all of those years ago? Let us know!

Factor 5 almost delivered a new Pilotwings game on two separate occasions. The first instance was during the GameCube era, when the studio imagined a title that would have taken place in the real world during the height of the Cold War.

The second time a partnership with Nintendo almost emerged was following Factor 5’s relationship with Sony and after the release of Wii. In contrast to what had been planned for the GameCube, the Wii project had a lighter tone. Factor 5 was interested in creating an open world loosely based on Earth with various aircraft and missions.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild reached a major milestone in Japan this past week. Based on the latest data from Media Create, it has now outsold Twilight Princess.

Media Create has Breath of the Wild selling a total 576,067 units on Switch. You can add another 133,024 copies for the Wii U version. We should also note that Media Create hasn’t provided an update for the Wii U version in quite some time, so the sales there should be even higher.

Japanese magazine Famitsu put out its 1,500th issue this past week. In celebration of that, readers were asked to vote on the top 100 games of all time.

A number of Nintendo games made the list, including the a few in the top ten. These include Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Splatoon, which were selected fifth best and third best respectively.

The full list is as follows:

YouTuber Slippy Slides has stumbled upon an interesting Easter Egg in Resident Evil 4. Some sort of mystery person is hidden away in one of the game’s areas, and he’s pretty tough to see normally.

Slippy Slides messed around with Resident Evil 4 a bit and managed to place the camera in a spot that shows this person in a slightly more clearer light. Yet even after that, the model is rather blurry. After going through the game’s files, Slippy Slides found out that it’s actually a 2D texture. Was it a developer who worked on the project way back in the day? Or something else entirely?

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