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FuRyu has yet another video up for The Alliance Alive showing the Ornithopter, one of the vehicles in the game. Have a look at it below.

After originally releasing on Wii U, Kung Fu FIGHT! is now coming to 3DS. The European release is scheduled for tomorrow and soon in North America. Check out some off-screen footage below.

News has been making the rounds about Russian retailer Game Buy listing Batman: The Telltale Series for Switch. Originally, we were going to skip mentioning this. Game Buy isn’t exactly a well-known retailer after all.

But looking into the listing a bit more shows something interesting. Game Buy isn’t the only retailer with a page for Batman: The Telltale Series on Switch. UK stores ozgameshop and 365games also seem to think that it’s happening.

It goes without saying that retailer listings don’t always correlate to announcements. If Telltale does say anything officially about Batman: The Telltale Series coming to Switch, we’ll pass that along on the site.


We originally posted about Battle Princess Madelyn last month. In February, Casual Bit Games confirmed the project for Switch and Wii U. What we didn’t know at the time though is that a Kickstarter campaign would be involved.

For those interested in Battle Princess Madelyn, the game is seeking $60,000 (CA) in funding. It just opened with a month to go, and already has generated about $7,500. Assuming the goal is met, Battle Princess Madelyn will be on both of Nintendo’s consoles in the future.

The main means of traveling via sailboat in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild requires using a Korok Leaf. As it turns out though, there’s anothe way to go about it.

While we don’t consider this to be particularly spoilish, we’ll be on the safe side here by posting the information and video after the break.

The Official Alola Region Collector’s Edition Pokedex came out earlier this week. With it, new concept art is introduced for the Ultra Beasts featured in Pokemon Sun/Moon. Check out the full set below.


According to a listing on Nintendo’s website, Picross 3D is heading to the North American Wii U Virtual Console tomorrow. A price isn’t listed, but it should cost $9.99.

Here’s an overview:

“Track the numbers to uncover the hidden shape! Tap a chisel to eliminate blocks you think don’t belong or use a paintbrush to mark ones you think should stay. Beginners and Picross veterans alike will love this puzzle game that’s easy to pick up, but hard to put down!”


We previously heard that Tomorrow Corporation was planning local multiplayer for World of Goo on Switch and possibility its other two games. The team decided against having it in Human Resource Machine since “it would be too chaotic for a game that needs such concentration,” though it could possibly be added in the future. However, we can say that Little Inferno will in fact have multiplayer.

Tomorrow Corporation wrote in a new blog update:

“The brand new Switch Edition is the first and only version of Little Inferno to feature multiplayer. Now you can drag a friend through your personal existential crisis! It’s incredibly satisfying to rip things apart and burn it all down with a friend. Also perfect for couples.”

It sounds like, at least in the case of Little Inferno, that local multiplayer will be added in about a week via a title update. That’s because the original game in its single-player form was approved first, followed by multiplayer. We’ll keep you informed about the patch when we hear something new.


Switch stock is tough to come by in various parts of the world, including the UK. But as of this moment, the Nintendo UK store and Amazon UK are both taking “pre-orders”, with systems supposedly shipping at the end of March.

Speaking of Amazon, some customers are receiving refunds – up to £70 – for complaining about connectivity issues with the left Joy-Con. The retailer has initially offered replacement systems, followed by a £40 offer. After refusing that amount as it doesn’t cover the full cost of the Joy-Con, they were then raised to 25 percent, or around £70.

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Three teams from Smosh Games and Game Grumps participated in an event that had them racing across Los Angeles to play various Switch games including Zelda: Breath of the Wild, 1-2-Switch, Arms, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to determine who can earn the most points and be crowned the “Switch rally Champion”.

The first episode from Nintendo is below. In it, the teams complete missions in Zelda: Breath of the Wild and stop by a ranch in Hollywood Hills to play a series of 1-2-Switch games such as Milk.


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