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This quote comes from a Nintendo Channel E3 interview with Tom Hulett, producer on Silent Hill: Shattered Memories…

“Nothing’s been removed from the game to fit into a rating. It’s Silent Hill, it’s a scary franchise, it’s supposed to scare you. I know there are certain things you expect from a Silent Hill title. This game has all of that. We’re big fans. We expect the same thing, so we’ve worked hard to put it all into this game.”

A lot of developers are remaining true to their visions, even when it comes to creating mature titles for Wii. Just because it’s on a slightly more casual system doesn’t mean the team will be holding back.

– The town gate, where you choose a server based on what level of experience you are and what it is you want to do (for example, recruit people for a quest). The gate’s also home to Loklak’s information desk, helpfully telling you about special shop sales and special limited-time events.
– The main square, where you trade items, buy tools/materials, and combine purchased or found materials together to make new things. There’s also an “interior workshop,” an outdoor stand that creates furniture for your guest house (more on that below) if you bring the owner the right items.
– The tavern, where you pick up quests and eat food to power up your hunter before hitting the road. The bar’s also home to the town colosseum, where tournaments are occasionally held.
– The lodging row, where the guest houses are. The size of your guest house depends entirely on your hunter’s rank; the better you get, the more luxurious it becomes. You can also invite friends to your place to hang out if you like.
– The workshop, where you buy and upgrade/modify your weapons.


505 Games Announces Global Alliance with Paramount Digital Entertainment to Develop A Video Game Based on the Iconic “Grease” Film
LOS ANGELES – July 1st 2009 – 505 Games today announced it has secured the global publishing rights for a video game based on the original high school musical, Grease. Working in collaboration with Paramount Digital Entertainment, 505 Games will oversee and publish a Grease video game for the Nintendo Wii™ and Nintendo DS™.

The Grease video game will allow players to sing and dance alongside Danny, Sandy, The Pink Ladies and the T-Birds. The game will take full advantage of the Nintendo Wii’s motion-sensing controls and microphone, and the DS’s touch screen to create exciting gameplay for casual and family gamers eager to experience Grease in a new medium.

A few Rune Factory 3 details

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– Coming out in 2009
– No announcement for North America yet
– Hero is able to use magical belt
– Belt allows you to transform into monsters you collect
– Conversing with people in animal form will influence how they respond to you
– Most of the games takes place in a big tree



You should be receiving one of these emails shortly if you’ve reached Platinum or Gold status, if you haven’t already. Also, remember that Nintendo has reset the status of Club Nintendo members today.


As we previously mentioned, this is Hikari no Yon Senshi: Final Fantasy Gaiden (Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden) for the Nintendo DS.

– Called Hikari no Yon Senshi: Final Fantasy Gaiden (Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden)
– Menu-driven DS RPG
– Play as 14-year-old boy, needs to save a princess
– Starts with your birthday, King summons you
– King’s daughter kidnapped by a witch
– Can have parties up to four
– Battle system doesn’t have MP, has Charge command
– Some customization – type of equipment changes character appearance
– Releasing this Fall in Japan
– No relation to Game Boy’s Final Fantasy Adventure


No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle may very well be the last game in the franchise to be developed for Wii. The latest edition of EDGE features an interview with Goichi Suda, who is the director of the game. In the past, Suda 51 has expressed interest in bringing the series to other platforms, going as far as to say that, “it’d be good to have a chance to release the game on other consoles.” Now Suda has gone even farther with his words and shared with the magazine that No More Heroes will most likely be making a transition to “a new platform.”

“I think this is the last No More Heroes that is going to be developed on Wii. To expand No More Heroes to new possibilities, we need a new platform. Wii is a great platform, but we’ve done everything we can with it now.”

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