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Today, Atlus announced that their upcoming spiritual sequel to the Trauma Center series, Trauma Team, would be delayed from April 20 to May 18. It’s not a huge delay, but it could definitely off-put fans of the series that can’t wait to get their hands on it! In the meantime, Atlus also released a new trailer for the game which highlights the orthopedics in the game. That’s right, setting bones, fixing bones, gluing bones, breaking bones; It’s all here! Well, most of it…


Course: Sherbet Land
Objective: Complete the race
Tournament date: 2/1 – 2/10

This comes from a recent issue of Iwata Aska:

“I thought it was a tradition for working on a Zelda title for it to turn into a kind of exercise in suffering.” – Satoru Iwata

“I remember it was fun working on it (Link’s Awakening), and when it was over, I remember us talking to each other about how fun it was.” – Takashi Tezuka

“I’m certain it was a breakthrough element in the series. If we had proceeded from A Link to the Past straight to Ocarina of Time without Link’s Awakening in between, Ocarina would have been different.” – Eiji Aonuma

Well, that’s interesting to hear! I actually haven’t had the privilege of playing Link’s Awakening, but I’d definitely draw some major similarities between Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past! Maybe it’s about time I grabbed a copy…

Namco Bandai seems to have trademarked another Narikiri related item today, possibly hinting at another “Tales of” series spin off. Recall that the GB spin off to the series, Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon, was followed by two more “Narikiri” titles, so this very well may be yet another entry to the series, or even a new spin-off series altogether!

Format: Nintendo DS™
Launch Date: 03/28/10
ESRB: E (Everyone) Alcohol Reference
Game Type: Cooking Training
Players: 1-6
Developer: Indies Zero
Game Information

More Chefs Mean More Fun
What’s for dinner? Just tap the touch screen to reveal dozens of possibilities, then gather a team of friends or family members to help prepare it. 300 recipes have been tested and perfected by the three dozen test cooks at America’s Test Kitchen, a 2,500-square foot kitchen that is home to Cook’s Illustrated and Cook’s Country magazines as well as the popular America’s Test Kitchen public television show. Now their culinary expertise promises to give everyone the tools and knowhow to prepare spectacular meals – together.

Format: Nintendo DS™
Launch Date: 03/28/10
ESRB: E (Everyone): Comic Mischief, Mild Cartoon Violence
Game Type: Game Creation
Players: 1
Developer: Intelligent Systems

Game Information

Through the years, Nintendo has created hundreds of microgames for the WarioWare™ series. Now we want to see what you’ve got. The WarioWare D.I.Y. game lets players create the same kind of microgames that are the hallmark of the WarioWare series. Players design every aspect of their creations, including graphics, animation, music and rules.

Monster Hunter 3 trailer

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Format: Nintendo DS™
Launch Date: 03/14/10
ESRB: E (Everyone): Mild Cartoon Violence
Game Type: Role-Playing Game
Players: 1, 2-5 in wireless multiplayer mode
Developer: GAME FREAK inc.
Unique Features: Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
Game Information

Return to the beloved Johto region first introduced in the Pokémon Gold and Silver Version games for the portable Game Boy™ system. Several new enhancements for the series, such as updated graphics and touch screen features, enrich these timeless adventures, and the new Pokéwalker™ accessory allows players to take their favorite Pokémon with them wherever they go. Both games feature detailed graphics that spotlight the unique environments and hundreds of Pokémon that players can encounter and catch. Players can even see and interact with their favorite Pokémon outside of battle, selecting one from their team to follow behind them as they travel through the Johto region.