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Dragon Quest XI

Square Enix has shared quite a few new screenshots and some info about the upcoming Dragon Quest XI.

3D mode and 2D mode

When displaying both modes the top screen will be 3D mode with more modern designs while the bottom will be 2D mode with the more classic 16-bit art. Dialogues are displayed on the top screens the upper-screen using the slide pad and the bottom screen with the d-pad. At some point in the game you will choose which mode you prefer and then be able to switch back and forth at the church.

In 3D mode monsters will attack on the overworld if they see the player and can surround the player, while in 2D mode battles will occur randomly while walking like the original games.

Memories of your journey
In this mode you are able to look back at your quest and replay important events that have happened during your adventure. You are able to replay these memories in 2D or 3D regardless of which mode you saw them in so that your able to see both versions no matter what.

Labyrinth Beyond Time

There is a village where a special tribe among the Incarnations of Time known as Yoochi. You will use your StreetPass feature here. You will discover a dungeon that only Yoochi can enter named the Labyrinth Beyond Time where you will use the Yoochi you have gathered through StreetPass to explore. You will fight boss battles against enemies known as gate keepers and you can earn items throughout the exploration.

If you are able to find Adventure Log Passwords you will be able to take them to The Altar in the and visit areas from previous Dragon Quest games. Jorocchi, the Yoochi elder, will go in more depth of the Adventure Logs in the game.

You can check out all the screenshots below.


A special Dragon Quest XI Direct was held earlier today. The presentation covered what the 3DS version of the game specifically offers. Although we were treated to quite a bit of recap, new features were revealed as well, including the ability to take on various quests in which you visit the worlds of past Dragon Quest games.

Here’s the full recap, courtesy of Gematsu:

Following today’s Nintendo Direct, Dragon Quest XI has been made available for pre-load on the Japanese 3DS eShop. The game requires 20,486 blocks of free space. In case you’re curious, that amounts to 2.5GB.


The full Dragon Quest XI Direct has now been posted on Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube page. If you missed the presentation, you can now watch it below.

Dragon Quest XI Direct live stream

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Today’s Dragon Quest XI Direct is beginning in just a few minutes. It will mainly focus on 3DS, and will last about 14 minutes. Watch the presentation as it happens below.

Nintendo has announced a new Japanese Nintendo Direct, which will air on Wednesday, June 21st, at 8 PM local time. The Direct, which will be 14 minutes long, will be all about Dragon Quest XI. According to the announcement, the Direct will be mainly about the 3DS version of the game and its exclusive features. It’s possible that the Switch version will also be shown off for the first time, though that’s not exactly a safe bet. Either way, we’ll know for sure in about 48 hours.


Square Enix updated the official Dragon Quest XI website with new content pertaining to two specific aspects: the character Silvia and Samadhi Kingdom. Gematsu has the translated details and screenshots, which we’ve rounded up below.


– Traveling entertainer
– Lives a freewheeling life
– Always cheerful and positive
– Is the mood maker of the party
– He uses various weapons and skills that utilize the acrobatics he cultivated as a traveling entertainer
– His dream is to make people around the world smile through his own performances
– Silvia uses his versatility as a traveling entertainer
– Can equip one-handed swords, daggers, and whips, allowing him to change how he fights depending on the situation
– Can learn many spells and special skills that support his allies in various situations, making him as both an attacker and supporter
– Whip Weapon Special Skill: “Whip of Love”
– Dagger Weapon Special Skill: “Viper Fang”
– Silvia Spell: “Oomph”
– One-Handed Sword Weapon Special Skill: “Miracle Sword”
– Acrobatic Special Skill: “Killer Juggling”
– Feminine Special Skill: “Hustle Dance”

Samadhi Kingdom, the Country of Knights

– A kingdom that reigns over the desert
– Known as a historic country that values its chivalry, where many knights push themselves in training day in and day out in the castle
– Above all, it is common gossip that this country’s young prince is an exceptional knight
– In the town around the castle, there is a circus performance, horse races, and many people hustling and bustling about
– Inside the castle, which is built like a temple, many knights push themselves in training, and in the town around the castle, a large crowd can be seen around the circus tent

Square Enix held a “mini-stage” at the Dragon Quest XI “Countdown Carnival” in Fukuoka today. During the event, director Takeshi Uchikawa mentioned that the game will take roughly 50 hours to complete. Those who intend to experience everything the game has to offer incluing all of the side elements can expect 100 hours, according to Uchikawa.

Source, Via

Another Dragon Quest XI Countdown Carnival hands-on event was held in Fukuoka today. At the event, the latest gameplay was shown, including the start of the game in 3D and 2D play styles on 3DS. We also know that the “Restricted Play” mode (play the game with certain features disabled for a greater challenge) makes it impossible to run away from battle.


Another week, another new round of Dragon Quest XI details from Weekly Jump magazine. This time, we learn more about Silvia, what he can do in battle and the Samadhi Kingdom. Full credit to Gematsu for the translation.

Silvia is a traveling entertainer who lives a freewheeling life and has the wonderful dream of “making people around the world smile through his own performance.” He is always cheerful and positive, and is the top mood maker among the party. He has magnificent poses and seems to get instinctively entranced. He can participate in battle through attacks, support, and recovery, and can equip one-handed swords, whips, and daggers.

Spells he can use include:

  • “Oomph” – Raises an ally’s attack power. A spell useful in boss battles and such.

His special skills include:

  • “Hustle Dance” – An lively dance that restores HP to all members of the party.
  • “Miracle Sword” – A one-handed sword skill that can recover HP while dealing damage.
  • “Whip of Love” – A whip skill that deals great damage to multiple enemies.
  • “Viper Fang” – A dagger skill that targets a single enemy and occasionally induces poison.

The Samadhi Kingdom is a country of knights surrounded by a desert. It is a historic kingdom that reigns over the desert and values its chivalry. It is rumored that the young prince is himself an outstanding knight. Horse races are also carried out there.


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