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Nintendo announced a whole bunch of news on Monday, including release dates, the Mega Yarn Yoshi amiibo, and more. Daan and I talked about it all on the latest episode of Just a Chat, which you can listen to below. I was a bit exhausted while we were recording, but that’s okay!


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Let’s Talk #20: What do you want from the next mainline Pokemon?

Pokemon is taking a slight break this year. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is due out in a few months, and we even have Pokken Tournament to look forward to on Wii U next spring. But in terms of the next core entry in the Pokemon franchise, there’s nothing planned for 2015.

One thing to note is that this isn’t out of the ordinary as there tends to be at least a one-year absence for new Pokemon RPGs. For instance, after Pokemon Black/White came out in 2010 in Japan, Black 2/White 2 weren’t ready until 2012.

It’s very likely that we’ll end up seeing the next core Pokemon game next year. What do The Pokemon Company, Nintendo, and Game Freak have planned? That’s anybody’s guess. Chances are though that it will be on 3DS. One theory floating around is that “Pokemon Z” is in the works, and it will launch next year.

Let’s just say that you had control over the Pokemon RPGs. Are there any particular gameplay elements that you would want to include? Would you try changing up the visual style? What sort of direction do you want to see the series take? Let us know in the comments below!

Highlights from last week’s topic: Thoughts thus far about Super Mario Maker


As someone who hasn’t enjoyed a Mario game until Super Mario 3D World (Seriously!), I cannot believe how excited I am for Mario Maker. I’m even worried about not being creative enough to make full use of the level editor itself. But I’m very excited to try other players creative output (Not necessarily high difficulty, although if that goes hand-in-hand with a very creative stage I’m all for it)! It’s comprehensive, it’s simple, it just looks like it’s going to be a blast to make and share stages with my friends. The online setup looks to be solid, its just a very good make. Although I don’t like to see such blatant copies in the industry, it makes me crave things like a Sonic (the Hedgehog) Maker that lets you make games in Sonic 1/3/4/Advance (?) styles, but that comes more from the childhood fan in me.


I can’t be more excited about it! My friends and I do Game Tournaments every couple months, and ever since we’ve heard about Super Mario Maker, we already knew that was going to be one of our tournaments entries. After watching the Nintendo World Championship, I knew it was the perfect game to play!

Recently, N++ came out on the PS4, and I am addicted to that right now. I love excruciatingly difficult platformers, and N++ is about as top-notch as you can get in this category.

However, Super Mario games aren’t normally that hard. Even the most difficult levels in Super Mario games are doable for the average gamer. But with Super Mario Maker, that casual nature for Super Mario is gone, and the ability to bring chaos into the Super Mario world is finally upon us! I cannot wait to make and play the “worst” of levels. And knowing how creative the Wii U community is, I can’t wait to see what everyone brings to the table. This is my most anticipated game of 2015! Already pre-ordered and patiently waiting.


While I won’t get the game day 1 (darn school!), I will definitely be picking it up very soon. I have never been this excited for a new 2D Mario game. I can imagine spending hours creating a level, while watching TV or concentrating on the big screen performance, making sure that every piece is in the best spot. Some levels will be mean, and some will be challenging, while others will be just fun! And the best part, limit-less Mario levels! A never ending game. What is not to get excited about?!

And though I might be in the minority, I don’t mind the 9-day system. It will give me time to play the other modes, experiment and discover what I can do with each new block and fine tune my creation skills to make great levels. And, there are “dozens” of pre-made levels to play on disc, so I’ll need some time to play those, right?!

All I need is a Nintendo Direct to give me some more info on this game and Star Fox, and Zelda, and Xeno, and I need Yoshi. R.I.P. my Wallet!

A late, late episode of Here’s a Podcast as a weary Austin tries to find the time to edit this dang thing. He didn’t really succeed this week, but the episode is here anyway, without chapters, but still with all the gaming goodness that your grandma grabbed from McGrady’s Grape Gastle.

Games discussed this week: Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, Axiom Verge, Xenoblade Chronicles, Fantasy Life.

Listener Questions Mail Topics: Favorite game soundtracks, the future of the Mother franchise, Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and more.

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After a bit of a hiatus with Just a Chat, Daan are I are back to discuss the latest week of Nintendo news. That includes Super Mario Maker, Splatoon, Runbow, and more.


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Let’s Talk #19: Thoughts thus far about Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker is very close to launch. In just four weeks, it will finally release around the world.

Despite being just a month away, we’re still learning new things about the game. Earlier this week Nintendo revealed that players can create their own sound effects. We also received confirmation that Super Mario Maker will be compatible with over 50 amiibo. You have to wonder if there are any other surprises in store, even if they’re on the small side.

Based on everything we know about Super Mario Maker, how are you feeling about it at this point? Are you planning on picking it up on day one? Has your mindset at all changed since the initial reveal? Let us know in the comments below!

Highlights from last week’s topic: What are you playing? – August 2015

James Parry

I’m currently working through my backlog before we’re hit with 2 games per month for the rest of the year. Right now I am playing Spirit Tracks (such an underrated game) and after that probably Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box (Diabolical Box in the US).

That should occupy me to the end of my holiday, which afterwards I’ll pick up Splatoon again and anticipate Nintendo’s September releases (Mario Maker, Happy Home Designer and many, many Amiibos). RIP my wallet!


Been so busy with work stuff, that I haven’t been playing much. Or at least nothing that requires too much commitment. Like, I’ve been playing a fair bit of Pokemon Shuffle, Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Dragon Fantasy, and the occasional Smash Bros 3DS, mostly because they’re all easier for me to play in relatively short stints.

I’m also like halfway through Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (for the first time). I’m loving it too, but I feel like it requires longer play sessions, so I haven’t been playing it AS frequently as the others I mentioned.


Bought Child Of Light during its sale, so I’ll be playing that if I can get my wife away from it. Also plan on getting Wind Waker HD as a gift for my wife on her birthday. So I’ll start that, if I can get my wife away from it…

It’s been a long time coming, but Nintendo Everything’s longest-running feature with the lowest number of updates is back and ready to cover a whole new platform of import games. I not so recently bought a Japanese New 3DS while overseas so now I can actually write about games that came out during this decade. And now six months later I’m finally taking some time out from managing my Girls Mode 3 store and decorating my home menu with badges of Waluigi in a train to review my favourite Japan-exclusive 3DS title I’ve played so far – Daigasso! Band Brothers P. This game mixes rhythm gameplay with the ability to create and share your own composition to create a unique experience that’s unlike anything else on the 3DS. There aren’t many other games that do such a great job of making players feel like they’re part of a band – and without a single plastic instrument, too!

Let’s Talk #18: What are you playing – August 2015

It’s the first Friday of a new month! That being said, what games are you playing at the moment?

I’m still busy with Mario Tennis from the 3DS Virtual Console. Things have been busy here, so I’ve been playing through it slowly. Based on what I remember from completing the game many years ago, I’m on the last part of the game (Mario Tour). It’s definitely a lot of fun. I did mention this last time, but I still feel like the actual tennis mechanics are very solid. The RPG-esque elements in the campaign add a nice touch as well!

Highlights from last week’s topic: Thoughts on the latest Smash Bros. update/DLC


I haven’t had the chance to try out the new stages yet, but I did give tournament mode a whirl the other day, and while it’s great that we have an online mode like this finally, it could definitely use some improvements. There should be more customization with tournament rulesets, like a 1v1 mode and bracket mode. There should also be more standard public tournaments than there are now, I found it quite difficult to get into one at all, and the only open tournaments were all for fun. I also think there should have been an offline mode tourney function, since it’s been in previous games. All complaints aside, however, the tournament mode came out pretty well.

As for the mii costumes, I think it’s really cool that we’re getting a wider selection for costumes, although I totally understand the sentiment of dlc character hopes being dashed away (Megaman.EXE for smash!). I also believe that not every character can be suitable enough for their own place in the roster, and the mii costumes are a neat workaround for those characters to get their foot in the door. It’s also very possible that just because a character got a mii costume doesn’t mean it won’t come as a full fledged character, so who knows, maybe you K. Rool hopefuls will still get your wish?


As much as everyone’s going to talk about K. Rool, the real problem with the latest update is the tourney system. I was greatly looking forward to just a menu option for Tourney, but no. The tourney system is online-only and requires you to wait an upwards of 20 minutes before the match starts. This combined with the fact that you can lose the first match and have nothing to do within 2 minutes makes it a real problem. Alternately, you can use the Mario Kart 8 tournament system, which is a little nicer, but it certainly isn’t what I wanted from Smash.

Ugh… Now that that’s over. The new DLC makes me smile, especially the Lloyd and Black Knight costumes. And as much as I think K. Rool would make a great character, I don’t think he’d be even close to ready by now, so I think the costume could be a nice holdover for now if you choose to see it that way.

José Pedrero

I only own the 3DS version so I will only talk about its new content . I was so excited to know we were getting Hyrule Castle back and I already bought it and I love it :). I am mildly interested in the Mii Costumes. Ive already bought most of the character based ones. I don’t really find myself buying the animal inspired ones, though. I think Mii costumes are cool if you like messing around with them, taking quirky screenshots or whatever. I’m really looking forward for other series representation through them and I’m hoping more stages get released aswell (specially Saffron City)

Damon Baker is Nintendo of America’s Senior Marketing Manager of Publisher and Developer Relations. He’s also the new face of the company’s indie efforts.

Over the past few months, Baker has led the way on a couple of surprising and interesting eShop programs from Nintendo. The Humble Nindie Bundle was made available in late May, and just a few weeks later, Nintendo introduced [email protected]. Along with providing Wii U owners with the opportunity to try out new indie titles well before their release during E3 week, [email protected] had the added bonus of giving those who downloaded the demos a 15 percent discount when the full games launch.

We recently had a chat with Damon Baker to go more in depth regarding [email protected] Our discussion included talk about how the idea came to be, the challenges of bringing it to fruition, and the possibility of seeing it again in the future. Head past the break to read our full interview.

As part of its E3 2015 plans, Nintendo launched [email protected] in June. This was a special one-week promotional period in which Wii U owners were given the opportunity to download and play demos from upcoming indie titles. For gamers who couldn’t make it to E3, it allowed them to experience some of the excitement of being at the expo.

We reached out to five developers who were involved with [email protected] to share some thoughts about participating in the program. Below you’ll find some musings from 13AM Games (Runbow), Brainseed Factory (Typoman), MixedBag Games (forma.8), Ripstone (Extreme Exorcism), and Wales Interactive (Soul Axiom). What was it like for these studios to participate in Nintendo’s newest eShop initiative? How was it getting the demos up in time for E3? How do they feel about the program as a whole? These were just some of the topics the developers we reached out to touched upon, and each team shared some very interesting insight about the process of being included in [email protected] Continue on below for their thoughts.

Let’s Talk #17: Thoughts on the latest Smash Bros. update/DLC

Nintendo gave Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS a whole bunch of content last night. While there weren’t any new characters, we do have access to a number of new things.

Both versions of Smash Bros. added two classic levels: Hyrule Castle and Peach’s Castle. Several new Mii Fighter outfits came out as well.

On Wii U, Nintendo finally launched the game’s Tournament Mode. Uploading replays to YouTube is also now possible.

The latest Smash Bros. content has only been out for about a day, but I still wanted to have this week’s discussion focused on what’s new in both games. Have you been able to give the new stages a whirl? What are your thoughts on the Tournament modes? I’m also curious: how many of you are actually interested in the Mii Fighter costumes? Sound off in the comments below!

Highlights from last week’s topic: Most anticipated Wii U games

My most anticipated announced games for Wii U would be (in no particular order):

Xenoblade Chronicles X
Lego Dimensions
Guitar Hero Live
Star Fox
Shin Megami Tensei X FE
Fatal Frame
Devil’s Third
Zelda U

For 3DS (I know it’s not part of the survey, but just to include): Fire Emblem Fates and Monster Hunter X

while I’m interested in Yoshi’s Wooly World and Mario Maker, they’re not on top of my list.


Fatal Frame V, Rodea: The Sky Soldier and Star Fox Zero are the games I’m looking forward to, I’lI probably add Devil’s Third and that’s it for this year. Zelda and SMT x FF so far for 2016

David Arkema
The wii u games I looking forward the most are

Skylanders superchargers, because I love the amiibo support, this will ve my first skylanders game and the gameplay looks really fun.

Devil’s third, because I need an action game next to bayonetta and singlepalyer gameplay looks amazing and what you can do the online multiplayer looks funny like hell, but may need some patches.

Xenoblade chronicles x, because I loved the first one the wii and I love wandering in a massive openworld with gorgeous enemies and you can ride in a mechsuit.

Pokken Tournament, because I need a (wii u) pokemon game that isn’t a mainstream pokemon game (fire red/emerald/y) and I really love fighting game, especially street fighter and ssb. graphical it looks amazing, but the cast (playable characters) needs to be expanded.


Super Mario Maker – As someone who really enjoys level design and wants to go into the field of game design after graduating college, Super Mario Maker’s creation tools seem like a godsend to me. I will get to make levels with what looks like to be a very easy and intuitive interface, practice my skills and creativity with designing levels, and get inspiration from other creators while enjoying playing the levels as well.

Yoshi’s Woolly World – It pained me to see the North American release date of Yoshi’s Woolly World be so far away in comparison to the European, Oceania, and Japanese launches. The game looks like what many have been wanting from the Yoshi series since Yoshi’s Island. Throw in some awesome looking levels, hidden goodies, and a reported challenge, and I can’t wait to be able to play this game.

Star Fox Zero – I’ve waited a long time for a new Star Fox game that I really enjoy. I did love Assault, and of course I greatly was enamored with 64. Command was okay, but now we have another traditional Star Fox game to look forward to. I trust Nintendo and Platinum Games to create a compelling and engaging campaign to blow me and other players away.

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