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Nintendo has a long history of sticking out in the video game business and in the tech space as a whole thanks to unique ideas that more often than not bring in new and innovative experiences. Whether it’s the design of odd controllers such as the N64, the motion and remote-like controls of Wii, or the hybrid nature of Switch, these ideas and philosophies have been a core part of what makes the company exciting generation after generation. More often than not, Nintendo’s games, while somewhat gimmicky, end up standing out and leaving behind a legacy in the medium’s history that we typically look back fondly at. Some if not most will dismiss Nintendo’s ideals whenever a new generation arrives with games that take advantage of showing off the new technology and hardware, but it more often than not works out. At the same time, even though the Big N has done well to come up with new ideas time and time again, the company tends to get ahead of itself by focusing on making everything a unique “experience”, even if it’s not something built around game design. This is arguably one of the most frustrating parts of Nintendo’s culture that brings this sort of yin and yang feeling of what works and what doesn’t.

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Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising review

System: Switch
Release date: May 10, 2022
Developer: Natsume Atari
Publisher: 505 Games

CJ is on a coming-of-age quest handed down to her from her family’s storied history as treasure hunters. Seeking out fabled riches in the recently booming adventurer destination, New Neveah, she finds out that the town is in a bit of a pinch. Using her talent for fighting and exploring, CJ begins to chase not only treasure, but the sense of community in helping the town rebuild after a recent quake. Mending the town’s ties between the villagers and the newly-arrived adventurers, a story unfolds that introduces us to the Eiyuden Chronicle universe, which is set to feature a turn-based RPG, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes from a legendary development team featuring Yoshitaka Murayama (Suikoden I, II) and Junko Kawano (Suikoden I, IV,) of Rabbit & Bear Studios. While this is not the main feature, they do have a lot of fans picking up this smaller companion game. So how does Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising reveal to us this new frontier of adventure?

The season for summer gaming reveals is upon us, but what will Nintendo have to show in their summer Nintendo Direct? Join your hosts Nick, Nicholas and Luiz as they try and predict what Nintendo might announce and showcase at its inevitable upcoming presentation, as well as their pie-in-the-sky dream game reveals. Then, stick around for some news about Sonic Frontiers, Fall Guys on Switch and more!

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The Centennial Case A Shijima Story review

System: Switch
Release Date: May 12, 2022
Developer: h.a.n.d.
Publisher: Square Enix

Say what you will about Square Enix, but it’s impossible to deny that they’ve got a knack for publishing offbeat experiences that few other major publishers would touch. Their latest oddity, ­the lengthily named The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story, is an ambitious interactive detective story framed almost entirely through full-motion video (or FMV) – a style of presentation that really thrived in the 90’s but is only now experiencing a small resurgence in popularity. Despite its niche presentation, the game delivers an intimate and intelligent mystery that is well worth seeing through to the end, if players can endure its slow pacing and only moderately interesting characters.

june 2022 nintendo direct lets talk

E3 might be dead – at least this year – but June is still primed to be a big month for gaming news, announcements, and presentations. Summer Game Fest will be back in action and at least some companies are expected to host events.

The big question is whether we’ll see a new Nintendo Direct next month. Generally speaking, we get three of these events each year: in Q1, then in June, and finally September. The June presentation always ties in with E3. But even though there’s no E3 in 2022, there’s nothing stopping a Nintendo Direct from happening.

Assuming a Nintendo Direct is on track for June, what are you hopes and dreams? What sort of announcements would get you excited for the future of Switch? And which titles do you think would be realistically shown? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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Twenty games were featured in last week’s Indie World showcase, but which ones stood tall above the rest? Join your hosts Nick, Nicholas and Dennis as they discuss their favorite reveals from Nintendo’s latest showcase, in which fists and insults will fly vehemently, leaving none of them the same ever again. (Just kidding!) Then, stick around for their thoughts about the recent Monster Hunter presentation, some insight into the latest Nintendo sales data, and even more news and game impressions!

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lets talk indie world may 2022

After nearly half a year, Nintendo returned with a new Indie World Showcase this week. Close to twenty games saw some sort of screen time.

Some titles were announced previously, but were confirmed for Switch during the presentation like Ooblets and Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. There were also a handful of brand new announcements such as Another Crab’s Treasure and Gunbrella. On top of that, we saw the surprise releases of Mini Motorways, Soundfall, OPUS: Echo of Starsong – Full Bloom Edition, and Gibbon: Beyond the Trees. We have a complete recap here.

With that in mind, which games stood out to you during this week’s Indie World Showcase? What’s your personal highlight? Let us know in the comments below.

Nintendo Everything recently had the chance to speak with Max Wrighton, director and studio co-lead at Half Past Yellow, about the upcoming game Time on Frog Island. We touched on a variety of topics, including the art style, gameplay, Switch version, and more.

Our full discussion can be found below. 

Former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé released his new book last week, and it’s filled with all kinds of juicy behind-the-scenes glimpses at how Nintendo operates! In this week’s episode of Nintendo Everything Refresh, we discuss our favorite fun facts revealed in the book, as well as discuss  the recent Square Enix sale and how it could affect their output on the Switch. We’ll also talk about the recent new gameplay trailer for Mario Strikers: Battle League, plus a fun bonus topic towards the end of the episode!

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xenoblade spoiler discussion

Here we are again talking about Xenoblade Chronicles – this time with something a little bit different. Instead of the usual ten-minute video we usually share on Sunday, this is more of a discussion. I’ve had a desire to talk more in-depth about the franchise because there’s so much to discuss about these complex games.

To help me on this task, our reporter Nicolas joined me in an hour-long Xenoblade discussion where we talk about our experiences with the series, specific plot points and what we expect from the future third game in the franchise. If you are interested, feel free to check it out in the video down below.

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