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In case you’ve already forgotten, the 3DS version is indeed being developed by n-Space! You might also be interested to know that the 3DS version will be rated “M” by the ESRB while the Wii version will be rated “T”. I wonder what type of violence sets the 3DS game apart…


What: Cubic Ninja™

Platform: Nintendo 3DS™ system

Where: Available at retailers throughout North America

When: June 14, 2011

Price: $39.99

Details: Ubisoft is happy to announce that Cubic Ninja™, the Nintendo 3DS™ title that lets you play without ever touching a button, is now available at retail in North America. The video game is rated “E” for Everyone by the ESRB.

Reggie Fils-Aime has commented on why Nintendo is introducing a new console to the gaming world. The Nintendo executive told Kotaku that the company readies new hardware when developers begin to create ideas that can’t be realized on existing platforms. Interestingly, Fils-Aime told the publication that teams were actually creating ideas involving two-screens.

“The way we approach hardware development is that when there are experiences that our internal development teams bring to bear that can’t be executed with the current systems, that’s a signal to us that it’s time for exploration of new systems. And, Stephen, specifically in this case, our development teams were bringing forward two-screen ideas, two-separate-screen ideas. Ideas that leveraged the big 10-feet-away interface and the one-foot-away smaller-screen interface. That was the signal for not only a new system but one that took advantage of two separate screens.”


A couple of Nintendo franchises were represented on Wii U at E3 last week. New Super Mario Bros. Mii was available to play in prototype form while Zelda was on display in full HD glory. Metroid, however, was absent, aside from a few nods in Battle Mii.

But just because Samus wasn’t in action at the show doesn’t mean that she won’t be starring in an adventure on Wii U. Nintendo’s Katsuya Eguchi seems quite confident that the franchise will show up on the console.

Eguchi told Kotaku:

“I can’t give you any details now, but I’m sure there will be a new Metroid release making use of the new controller, not just to control Samus and her ship but also to give the player a new source of information. Maybe the player is looking at the screen but has the information that they need to defeat the enemy in their hands.”

It’s kind of strange to hear Eguchi talking about Metroid since he hasn’t really been involved with the series. If Yoshio Sakamoto was at E3, perhaps he would have provided more insight!


This information comes from Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter…

“They were particularly unclear about whether the console would support more than one of their tablet-like controllers; Mr. Miyamoto said no, but Reggie said yes (to me in a meeting), Obviously, they intend to ship the console with only one of these controllers, so it is unlikely that anyone will develop games that require two, but they were not clear whether the capability exists.”

In the end, I have a feeling the Wii U will use at least two controllers. Anything beyond that is probably a stretch due to how much it’ll cost. I personally do most of my multiplayer gaming with two controllers anyway, so I’d be fine with just two Wii U controllers. Also remember that numerous Wiimotes can be used as well!


ESRB updates (6/14)

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Wii Play Motion (Wii) – E10+
Anima: Ark of Sinners (Wii) – T
Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns (3DS/DS) – E
Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure (Wii) – E10+
Madden NFL 12 (Wii) – E

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