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Last month, NPD sales data revealed that MadWorld was off to a disappointing start and this month there are reports that both Excitebots: Trick Racing and Klonoa have choked in their respective U.S. debuts. Excitebots, which is a Nintendo-published title, managed to sell only 13,000 units in April. The game launched towards the end of the month, yet that figure is disappointing nonetheless. The edition of Excitebots with the Wii wheel sold about 4,000 units which puts the standalone game at approximately 9,000 units. As far as Klonoa goes, estimates put the title at an underwhelming 1,000 units sold. More concrete data on that title should be available next month.

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Innex Secures Exclusive Komodo Adapter in Time for E3 Launch. Old School is Now the New Cool.

City of Industry, Calif., (May, 2009) -Backwards compatibility has reached a new level of cool with the launch of the 3-in-1 Virtual Retro Adaptor that allows gamers to connect NES®, SNES®, and N64® controllers directly to the Nintendo Wii™ video game console.

By accessing the GameCube® port that is built in to the Wii™ system, the 3-in-1 Virtual Retro Adaptor allows gamers to enjoy older, “retro” games using the original controllers for NES®, SNES®, and N64®.

DSi 55,382
PSP 43,009
Wii 24,397
PS3 18,483
DS Lite 7,821
PS2 5,137
Xbox 360 5,068


First day sales in Japan

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Bleach: Heat the Soul 6 (PSP) – 20,000 (40%)
Winning Eleven Playmaker 2009 (Wii) – 8,500 (20%)
Growlanser (PSP) – 19,000 (50%)
Rakushou! Pachi-Slot Sengen 6: Rio 2 Cruising Vanadis (PS2) – 5,000 (30%)
Arcobaleno! (PS2) – SE 1,000 (40%), LE 700 (40%)

Punch-Out!! (Wii) – 85%
Boom Blox Bash Party (Wii) – 88%
Rune Factory Frontier (Wii) – 88%
Guitar Hero Metallica (Wii) – 90%
Night at the Museum (Wii) – 34%
Sports Island 2 (Wii) – 61%
Virtua Tennis 2009 (Wii) – 89%
Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Wii) – 89%
Major Minor’s Majestic March (Wii) – 55%
Excitebots: Trick Racing (Wii) – 68%
PCD World Championship Darts 2009 (Wii) – 64%
Coraline (Wii) – 52%
Skate City Heroes (Wii) – 43%
Minon Everyday Hero (Wii) – 42%
Horrible Histories Ruthless Romans (Wii) – 31%
We Rock: Drum King (Wii) – 18%
Gardening Mama (DS) – 61%
Rhythm Paradise (DS) – 79%
Steel Princess (DS) – 63%
Jewel Quest Solitaire (DS) – 62%
Lifesigns Hospital Affairs (DS) – 65%
Mind, Body, Soul: Mindstorm 2 (DS) – 10%
Love is…In Bloom (DS) – 9%
Mind Body Soul: Big Word Puzzle Book (DS) – 45%
Touch Mechanic (DS) – 59%
Sherlock Holmes DS: The Mystery of the Mummy (DS) – 60%
The Dark Side (DS) – 40%

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Swords and Soldiers


A Little Bit of…Magic Made Fun: Shuffle Games


Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure

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Swords & Soldiers is now available on WiiWare in Europe and Australia.

UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS – May 8, 2009 – Grow a beard, sharpen your steak knife and pick up your axe! As Vikings, Aztecs and Chinese battle for world domination, prepare for an encounter with a freakishly large pepper: Swords & Soldiers is out!

At long last Ronimo Games released their highly anticipated game, Swords & Soldiers. The game is available in Europe and Australia for WiiWare on May the 15th 2009. 1000 Wii Points will get you a fresh and innovative side scrolling realtime strategy game with lots and lots of strategy, action and content.

Factor 5 announced today that San Rafael-based studio has been closed. Factor 5 has been rumored for many months now to have been working on Kid Icarus for the Wii and/or a Pilotwings title. A rumor has popped up regarding a “Flight Project” that the company was working on. Players would be allowed to fly all over the world with a number of airplanes and spacecrafts. It’s possible that the title was built around the foundation of the Wii Lair Engine. For now, it’s up in the air if this project is truly something that Factor 5 was/is working on. But it’ll be interesting to see how the next few months unfold, especially with E3 right around the corner.