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The first ever Retweet event for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was a success and all players can now claim 50 Leaf Tickets as a Special Log-in Bonus. You have until January 13th to claim these tickets.

Miitomo has been updated with new content. Players can nab the latest items in the Miitomo Drop stage, “Feast from the East! Japanese Food #2”.

Available items include:

– Ramen bowl hat
– Ramen tee
– Ramen bowl print shirt
– Whirlpool-print shorts

Users can select Miitomo Drop stages from the Shop tab. Miitomo coins or game tickets are needed to play.

Nintendo’s mobile games haven’t exactly come out on time. The most recent title, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, was originally planned for 2016. As we know, that didn’t happen, and the official launch took place last month.

As a way of increasing and improving its mobile output, The Wall Street Journal reports that Nintendo is looking to cooperate with additional developers. Doing so would allow the company to release games on a more frequent basis for smart devices.

The Wall Street Journal adds that Nintendo has spoken with Puzzle & Dragons maker GungHo Online Entertainment. This would be a partnership and not anything extra. The Wall Street Journal says that Nintendo isn’t pursuing ownership stakes.


When Nintendo started the retweet event for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp last week, the company was seeking a total of 100,000. That goal was quickly smashed.

To celebrate the success, Nintendo has significantly increased the reward. Originally, 20 Leaf Tickets were going to be given to players. It will now be 50 instead.


Firstly the Enduring Love voting gauntlet has just ended with Tharja taking victory over Sigurd. Next, as 2017 comes to an end the developers of Fire Emblem Heroes would like to thank everyone for playing and are putting out some special maps and limited-time special quests to be completed.

Nintendo has just announced that the first major update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be coming soon to the game. The update will add two new feature which are Gardening and Clothes Crafting.

The first new feature is Gardening, which will allow you to grow different types of flowers in a brand new area that will be added to your campsite. Any friends that you have added to your friend’s list, can help you water your garden and you can do the same vice versa.

The second new feature coming is Clothes Crafting. Now you may have seen in your crafting menu that Clothes Crafting would be coming to the game soon but how does it work in this new update? It looks like you be able to call the Able Sisters and they can craft you tops, pants, shoes, and more.

Finally the update will including a certain character to encounter in the game. Can you Animal Crossing fans guess who it might be?

A number of new items have been added to Miitomo. Among the selection you’ll find in the app, the following are now available:

– Masquerade mask
– Suspenders + plaid pants
– Layered draped skirt
– Mismatched tights

These items can be obtained by using Miitomo coins in Miitomo Shop.


Miitomo has been updated with more content. Users will find returning stages with more items.

“Louc and in your face! Decourageous Fashion” is the returning theme. The stages provide the following:


Niantic is still continuing its plans to update Pokemon GO. 50 new Pokemon are due out soon, and a dynamic weather system is being implemented.

Some much-requested features are still missing in action, however. Since the beginning of Pokemon GO, fans have wanted to trade, but that isn’t currently possible. Player versus player battles also aren’t supported.

The new Pokemon GO content announced by Niantic earlier this week is now live. This includes 50 new Pokemon and the dynamic weather system.

In other news, we have updated patch notes for version 1.55.1 / 0.85.2. Niantic has increased the maximum Pokemon Storage to 1,500 and more.

Below are the patch notes: