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If you have a European 3DS system, you can download a demo for The Denpa Men 3 as of today. Unfortunately, it’s not yet available in North America as a result of “technical issues.”

The official Facebook page for The Denpa Men confirms that the demo will now launch in the states next Thursday.


3DS owners in Europe are getting a demo for Mario Golf: World Tour today. The same download is also planned for North America, though it’s coming next week instead. Nintendo’s Mario Golf: World Tour press release issued today confirms that the demo will be available on April 24.

A demo may be in store for Mario Golf: World Tour. On Nintendo Europe’s site, a notice states, “Nintendo Network ID registration required to download demos from Nintendo eShop.” Another page on the site, which lists all available demos, includes Mario Golf: World Tour. That’s not a confirmation, but it could be a sign of things to come.

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Atlus will let fans sample Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars through a demo being made available later this month. The trial, which allows progress to be transferred to the final version, will launch on March 25. Those who complete it will earn a set of bonus goodies to help them out in the game.