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Inti Creates

It’s taken awhile, but Mighty No. 9 will finally be launching this month. Things unfortunately did not go smooth for the game, as it was pushed back quite a few times.

Creator Keiji Inafune once again apologized for the delays while speaking with 4Gamer. He told the site:

“We deeply apologize to the fans and backers for having taken much longer than expected. I learned again how difficult it can be to make a game. (The reason of delay) was not because we were shorthanded, but due to how we were going to sell it, and then biting more than we can chew after declaring that it will be released for all the hardware. But it was a good [learning] experience.”

Comcept has prepared its own new trailer for Mighty No. 9 that is intended to focus on the character Ray. Check it out below.

If you want to learn more about Ray, visit Comcept’s blog here. A new post on the site goes in-depth with the character, including the design and more.

Update: Added two more battles after the break.

Copies of Mighty No. 9 are now in the hands of the media, and that means new footage is starting to surface. Check out a boss fight video with Battalion below.

It isn’t too much, but some brand new Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has popped up online. We’ve posted it below.

The gameplay shown is from the first stage. Miriam is on the Galleon Minerva as she heads toward the castle.

Here are some new images by the way:

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will be at E3 2016 next week. A preview demo is coming to $60+ backers, which is based on the E3 build. More information can be found here.


IGN’s posted a few minutes of Mighty No. 9 footage to highlight the game’s opening stage. Check it out below.

The deadline for the Mighty No. 9 platform survey, which lets backers select their platform of choice, originally was supposed to end yesterday. However, comcept have decided to extend the deadline until June 1st, 11:59 PM (PDT) since over 13,000 backers have not taken part in the survey yet.

If you haven’t filled out the survey yet, check your e-mail and do so now! Backers who don’t select a platform in time will receive a Steam key by default.


Mighty No. 9 was showcased during Inti Creates’ live stream on Niconico just a short while ago. We now have a recording of the segment below. Unfortunately, the quality is on the low side due to the nature of the stream.

Azure Striker Gunvolt has managed to reach another sales milestone. Through Twitter, Inti Creates announced that the game’s downloads are past the 160,000 mark on 3DS. The news was celebrated with a special piece of art, pictured above.

Inti Creates has been announcing sales milestones for Azure Striker Gunvolt at 10,000 intervals. The most recent accomplishment was in March, when the game topped 150,000 downloads.


Mighty No. 9 publisher Deep Silver uploaded a new trailer for the game yesterday. To say that it wasn’t received well might be an understatement. Have a look at the YouTube page here, and you’ll truly understand how fans have responded to the video.

Inti Creates CEO Takuya Aizu is none too pleased with the new Mighty No. 9 trailer either. Aizu recently put up the message shown above on his Twitter page yesterday. Perhaps Deep Silver should have consulted with Inti Creates, as they were behind the project’s development.


Mighty No. 9 publisher Deep Silver has readied a new trailer for the game ahead of its launch next month. See the new video titled “Masterclass” below.

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