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A few hours ago, Comcept uploaded a new Mighty No. 9 video. This one has lead composer Manami Matsumae trying out the Challenge Mode. We have it below.

Comcept, Inti Creates, and Deep Silver announced a new release date for Mighty No. 9 today. The game is now confirmed to be shipping on February 9, 2016 in North America and February 12, 2016 in Europe. On 3DS, Mighty No. 9 will be shipping at a later date.

Today’s news was announced at TwitchCon. It’s also worth mentioning that the PC demo is live on Humble Bundle for Kickstarter backers.

Mighty No. 9 was most recently planned for September 15. However, the release date was shifted at the beginning of August.

Earlier this month, Inti Creates announced that Azure Striker Gunvolt has racked up 130,000 downloads on 3DS. The news was shared in the following tweet:

Azure Striker Gunvolt reached 100,000 downloads in March. The previous milestone, 120,000 downloads, was accomplished at the end of June.


Although though Mighty No. 9 has yet to launch, Comcept is already thinking about the IP’s future. That could include a sequel or even a spinoff.

Speaking with Prankster101, Comcept producer Nick Yu said that it’s only natural to think about a sequel when creating a game. And given the attention surrounding Mighty No. 9 thus far, it makes sense for the team to expand on its project.

Yu said:

“I’m calling Inafune-san here, but when a game creator makes a new game, or makes any game for example, they always think about the sequel. Always thinking about what they can do with the IP. So naturally for us, for Comcept, we are already thinking about the next step for Mighty No. 9. Whether it’s gonna be a sequel or a spinoff, we don’t know yet. But since we already have this much attention, and a decent amount of feedback from the people who play the game, there’s just no reason not for us to not expand on the title.”


Comcept’s promised PC demo for Mighty No. 9 is now being made available to backers. Check out some gameplay from the download below.

Mighty No. 9 was shown on the GameStop Expo 2015 live stream earlier today. Take a look at the full recording below.

At PAX Prime 2015, Inti Creates said that Azure Striker Gunvolt would be getting a Japanese Voice Mode. This will be added to the 3DS game via an update at some point in the future.

On its official website, Inti Creates has shared more details about the mode. Here’s the lowdown straight from the studio:

* The entire script of the game has been re-translated to fit with the original Japanese voices. This means that the script is how it would be in the Japanese version, but translated into English. Japanese references to things like takoyaki and tokusatsu shows, just to name a few, are kept as-is.

* All of the dialogue from the Japanese version is intact in this mode, from the mid-stage conversations to all of your chats with Joule.

* Despite the fact that the presence of mid-stage conversations with English text are one of the main reasons for having this mode, you can still disable/enable these at any time with the push of a button.

* To play the game in Japanese Voice Mode, select it from the Language Settings menu before starting the game.

Koji Igarashi and Inti Creates president Takuya Aizu unveiled a new piece of art created for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night at a PAX Prime 2015 panel today. You can check it out above.

The art above highlights the gameplay element of customization. You’ll be able to switch our different head gear such as hats. Based on what you’re wearing, the parameters will change, and the character will be given different boosts.

It’s also possible to change the color of accessories. Moreover, it will be possible to change main character Miriam’s hair color.

During a panel at PAX Prime 2015 today, Inti Creates made an announcement about Azure Striker Gunvolt. The company revealed that an update is planned to add Japanese voices to the game.

The Inti Creates Twitter account also shared the news:

At this time, it’s unknown when the update will be made available.

Most recently, Mighty No. 9’s was on track for a September 15 launch. But the game was pushed back a few weeks ago, and will now ship in Q1 2016 instead.

The team behind Mighty No. 9 is hoping to make up for the delay to its backers with a special trial on PC. All backers will have access to the download starting on September 15, and it will run for a full month. Included are four stages, relevant cut-scenes, a variety of voice and subtitle options, and Challenge Mode stages 1-6.

Head past the break for the full notice from Comcept and Inti Creates about today’s news.

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