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BLOK DROP U’s first update is almost completed, RCMADIAX has said.

The developer plans to test the patch tomorrow. Assuming everything goes as planned, it will then be submitted to Nintendo on Monday.

RCMADIAX wrote on Twitter:


Retro City Rampage: DX’s first update will launch tomorrow, Vblank Entertainment has confirmed. A trailer for the patch can be found above.


Earlier today, RCMADIAX posted yet another screenshot from BLOK DROP U’s upcoming update. We’re given a look at the new level select menu this time around.

Today’s screenshot is of the new level select menu. You will notice that a yellow star is given to the stages that you have completed and SAVED! That’s right, a save feature is also being added to the game. As always, feedback and comments are welcome! Thanks for the continued support.


Miiverse has received another small update today. Two small changes have been first.

First, users will now be directed to the Communities screen when logging in to Miiverse on the web. Second, those without Nintendo Network IDs can now view all popular posts as well as comments on those posts.

Here’s the official update news from Miiverse’s Marty:

Update: Fixes a bug within the game:

Fixes an issue where, upon completing level 3-3 – Frantic Fields, the path to level 3-4 – Scorch ‘n’ Torch would not open up, preventing players from proceeding with the game

Original: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze has received a new update: version 1.1.0. Thing is, we’re not quite sure what it does at present! If we obtain any information, we’ll update this post.


BLOK DROP U creator Michael Aschenbrenner has shared a new look at the game’s upcoming update on Miiverse. As shown in the shot above, it’ll bring about an upgraded art style, including slight shadow effects.

Aschenbrenner’s full Miiverse message reads:

Today is day 1 of my 3 day reveal for the new BLOK DROP U update. Today’s screenshot is of stage 11 and shows off the new art style. Also, you will notice that I added a slight shadow effect to the bloks and blades to give the game a dimensional look. Let me know what you think in the comments and check back tomorrow for another screenshot reveal!


Renegade Kid is still hard at work on the upcoming Mutant Mudds 3DS update. Studio co-founder Jools Watsham estimates that the patch will be submitted within the next two weeks.

Watsham wrote on Twitter earlier today:

When Mutant Mudds’ 3DS update is made available, the game will add content from the Deluxe version.


RCMADIAX has shared a few bits about BLOK DROP U’s upcoming update on Miiverse.

As relayed by creator Michael Aschenbrenner, the first update “will address a few items that users requested.” That includes “a cleaner art style, save option, and stage select screen.” No new content will be added for this particular update.

Aschenbrenner’s message in full reads:

Starting March 31st, over the course of a few days, I will be showing off screenshots of the new BLOK DROP U update that is currently in development. This first update will not add any additional content, but will address a few items that users requested. This includes a cleaner art style, save option, and stage select screen. I hope you enjoy what I have worked to build.


Unepic has a new patch available and Europe, and it should be available very soon in North America too. Wondering what’s new? Then check out the full update notes below.

– Zoom on TV
– Play with both Left Stick and D-PAD.
– Change language within the game.
– English Voices can be enabled in other languages.
– A new “stick and poo” wand included.
– Two new pets that can be obtained completing challenges.

One other note: in the North American version, there is new support for Italian, German, and Portuguese. The European release now supports Portuguese.

Nintendo of America has approved Unepic’s new update. Given that, it should be available for download soon.

EnjoyUp Games shared the update news on Twitter earlier today: