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With Leuvision’s Kickstarter for Twisted Fusion launching today, we caught up with creator Lewis Pugh to talk a bit more about the game.

Pugh shared more details about the Wii U eShop-exclusive, including a Kid Icarus-like difficulty system, additional weapons, enemies, and importance of the Kickstarter campaign. He also discussed the possibility of bringing Leuvision’s mobile titles to Wii U and working with the Nintendo Web Framework.

Head past the break for our mini interview!

We were recently given the opportunity to interview Nic Watt, founder/creative director for Nnooo. Watt tackled questions about Blast ‘Em Bunnies, escapeVektor, the eShop, and more.

Head past the break for our full interview.

A couple of weeks ago, Stick it to the Man was confirmed for Wii U. We caught up with Zoink founder Klaus Lyngeled following publisher Ripstone’s announcement to find out more about the game. We also asked about WeeWaa, interest in the 3DS, and more.

You’ll find our full interview with Lyngeled after the break.

With Yumi’s Odd Odyssey’s North American launch just on the horizon, we spoke with Natsume’s Graham Markay and Kiyoshi Sakai, one of the series’ original developers. Topics include the game’s digital-only release, returning to the franchise after it had been dormant for so many years, and more. We also asked Natsume about a few other things such as Virtual Console and Wii U support.

We’ve split up the interview into a couple of pages – you’ll find Markay’s comments below and Sakai’s remarks on page two.

Circle Entertainment recently revealed to Nintendo Everything that the publisher will be bringing Quell Reflect to the eShop. The company’s Chris Chau (producer) as well as FK Digital developers Mickey Lin (director) and Aloner Chiu (assistant director/planner) shared more details about the game in a recent interview. 

Head past the break for our full discussion. Along with Quell Reflect, we asked about Wii U, interest in retail, and the Chinese market.

Muteki Corporation recently revealed to Nintendo Everything that it will soon be bringing Dragon Fantasy: Book I (as well as Book II) to the 3DS eShop. We spoke with creative director Adam Rippon to learn about what’s new in the 3DS release, whether or not we can expect more 3DS support from the studio in the future, and a whole lot more. Continue on below for our full discussion.

Jack and I recently had the opportunity to interview Manabu Yamana, the president and representative director of Genius Sonority. The Denpa Men, EarthBound creator Shigesato Itoi, and former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi were among the topics discussed. Head past the break for our full interview with Yamana.

With Coaster Crazy Deluxe having been released just recently, there’s no better time then now to learn more about Frontier’s under-the-radar Wii U eShop title.

We spoke with producer Adam Woods who shared some information about the game, such as why the team decided to bring Deluxe to Wii U. Woods also commented on general topics including the possibility of returning to LostWinds, 3DS support, and more.

You can find the entire interview after the break.

Despite only releasing a single off-screen image from the project thus far, VD-Dev is already turning heads with IronFall. The new 3DS eShop game, a brand new third-person shooter with Gears of War-styled gameplay, has caught the attention of many for its seemingly-impressive visuals. The attention thus far is deserved – VD-Dev is the same team which managed to bring a full open world to the DS (see C.O.P. The Recruit).

We recently caught up with VD-Dev co-founder Fernando Velez to learn more about IronFall. For our full interview, read on below.


How to Survive was confirmed for Wii U in August, which came as a bit of a surprise. We’ve now followed up with director and “survivalist handyman” Jules Benjamin to learn more about the downloadable title. Benjamin was able to share additional game details, new information about the Wii U version, and more.

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