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Marriott and Nintendo Bring the Fun Back to Business Travel and Pilot New In-Room Entertainment Options for All Generations

BETHESDA, Md. & REDMOND, Wash.–The Wii™ experience is just beginning for Marriott and Renaissance guests, who can now choose from 20 games, including the popular Mario Kart™ Wii, Super Mario Galaxy™, and Wii Sports™ as well as the revolutionary fitness game, Wii Fit™. In a lodging industry first, Marriott International, Inc. is piloting a new specially built Wii hotel game system from Nintendo in select guest rooms and lounges. Wii systems are available at six Marriott and Renaissance properties:

New York Marriott Marquis
Renaissance New York Hotel Times Square
Boston Marriott Cambridge
Bethesda (Md.) Marriott Suites
Annapolis (Md.) Marriott Waterfront
JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa, Phoenix (Lounge only)
Wii has been a hit with every age group. The intuitive, motion-sensitive controls of the Wii Remote™ controller make the games easy to play, whether alone or in groups, making it an excellent fit for hotels and their guests. With Wii Fit, guests can even burn calories while having fun, all in the comfort of their hotel rooms.

It seems as though these days, any movie that can have a video game tied into it will be released. Twentieth Century Fox has appointed Gary Rosenfeld as the Senior Vice President of New Media Licensing. One of Rosenfeld’s new duties includes looking into possible movies that could be turned into games. And yup – Dragonball is one of the movies that will be considered.

“Rosenfeld will explore opportunities in the growing PC online game space and investigate new business models and partnerships in the console publishing area. A handful of Fox properties will make it to the top of his list as he begins this new endeavor, starting with the studio’s major upcoming film releases and television brands, including Avatar, Night at the Museum – The Battle Of The Smithsonian, Ice Age 3, Dragonball, The Simpsons and Family Guy.”

Is it time you made a few new additions to your music library? With so many top tracks out there that are worthy of a place on your personal playlist, it’s essential to have easy access to the songs you want, when you want them.

From today, there’s a new way to download music that lets you trade in your Club Nintendo Stars for songs. Nintendo has teamed up with EMI to offer music downloads in exchange for your Stars through the Music Voucher Shop.

By using Stars to purchase vouchers for a single track, two tracks or a whole album, you can convert your Club Nintendo credit into the music you love and download it to enjoy whenever you like.

Click here to visit the Music Voucher Shop and start swapping your Stars for songs!

Nintendo works in very mysterious ways. Half the time, fans are lucky if they even get one bit of “hidden” details through interviews with Nintendo employees. It is for this reason that Animal Crossing producer Katsuya Eguchi’s latest words are no surprise. “There are things that I’d like to say but I don’t think I can reveal anything right now,” he said.

Eguchi continued, discussing the possibility of a future DS. “As you know, Nintendo are always working on new hardware and looking to the future. If, say, we were working on a new handheld, one of the things that would happen is that we’d talk to the hardware teams and they’d tell us the sort of things that we’d be able to do in our games, then we can include some of those elements in our software. And conversely it works the other way too. We come up with ideas for things that we’d like to put in a game and say to the hardware people ‘it’d be great if we could do this’. It’s a back and forth relationship.”

A live-action Professor Layton movie was announced awhile back, but at Level 5’s Vision Conference, another movie was discussed. An animated film also appears to be in the works while the live-action film still seems to be in production.

Quite honestly, I see the animated feature working out much better than a live-action flick. The cut-scenes in Professor Layton and the Curious Village were actually pretty entertaining and had a great style to them. If you ask me, this is the best way to approach a Professor Layton film.


“Oh, that would be incredible, and it’s not impossible. Never say never. George [Lucas] has looked to tell new Star Wars stories through the games and with the entire Star Wars Expanded Universe, and then he has also shown a willingness to let the characters come into the films. Look at Aayla Secura, a creation in the comic books who became part of the theatrical films.” – Haden Blackman, project lead on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

If there’s one standout quality about The Force Unleashed, it would be the title’s story. I know that a number of people actually thought the story from the game should be featured in a movie. Would you guys pay money to see a Star Wars movie based on The Force Unleashed?


Matthew Pyke, a 20 year-old Advance Wars fanatic, was found dead on Friday. Pyke ran an Advance Wars website under the alias of “Shade.” Police have been investigating the incident and have began to surmise that there is a possibility that another person Pyke had come into contact with through Advance Wars – or other video games – may have attacked him. “A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said officers were investigating his links with other online gamers but stressed it was just one of a number of leads being pursued.”

1 Wii Sports
2 Braid
3 Halo 3
4 Fallout 3
5 Rock Band

Wii Sports is an innovative game, but I definitely would not label it as the best game ever. I can think of copious titles that have revolutionized the gaming industry or are classics.


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