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This comes from the same German Miyamoto interview from our last post. Again, this is somewhat of a rough translation…

Miyamoto on how many ideas not realized in Galaxy 1 were realized in Galaxy 2…

“We have developed two Super Mario Galaxy games for Wii, though we rarely produce two episodes of a series for the same console. Nevertheless, Super Mario Galaxy 2 was developed for Wii. The Galaxy series works with 3D animation, which offers many new game options and makes the game more user friendly. Since not all ideas could be realized after Super Mario Galaxy 1, version 1.5 was produced. But we added so many ideas that it was better to have a completely new version to develop. The result was Super Mario Galaxy 2.”

Miyamoto on whether the awards he has received puts pressure on him…

“The many awards given to me give me the feeling that I am older. Of course, an award comes with some pressure connected to be allowed to make mistakes, because I want to be a role model be for the next generation.”

– 75,000 square feet of plants blanketing the roof
– Has a drainage system which filters pollutants from the rain
– Seven electric-vehicle recharging stations in the parking garage
– Nintendo World store for employees
– Cafe Mario restaurant
– Directional system divides buildings into Mario, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Wario quadrants based on color
– Master Sword conference room the top floor
– Energy-efficient data center, network operations center
– Amphitheater outside
– Four-story parking garage
– Three full stories, partial fourth floor with conference rooms/gathering areas/auditorium which features stadium-style bench seats that go into the third floor
– 300,00 square feet
– Roughly 650 employees



The nonprofit American Heart Association is recognized as the largest voluntary health organization dedicated to building healthier lives, free of heart disease and stroke. Nintendo is a worldwide pioneer in interactive entertainment, known for revolutionizing the video game industry with its top-selling Wii™ system and video games such as Wii Fit™ Plus and Wii Sports Resort™. On May 17, the two organizations will make a special joint announcement.

Top executives from the American Heart Association and Nintendo of America Inc.

The following information comes from the Q&A session of Nintendo’s investors briefing last week…

“When I spoke in January, I said that we should not think that we have to do everything with only internal resources and that I’d like to realize more speedy operations by smartly cooperating with people outside the company. My thought has not changed at all, and it is true that we are starting to share such an idea with various people, but I cannot share any concrete example here today because such a talk always involve someone outside the company and because we should publicly confirm any such alliance only after the necessary preparations are done. Hopefully, we will be able to share with you some ideas in a year or two, when you will be able to understand that it is something I was referring to today. We are making some progresses as time goes by.” – Satoru Iwata

Nintendo expressed similar sentiments following the Metroid: Other M announcement at last year’s E3. It doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing anything soon, however, seeing as how Iwata said that the company might have some ideas to share in a year or two.

Thanks to Robert for the tip!

The following information comes from the Q&A session of Nintendo’s investors briefing last week…

“We have not announced all the software that are going to be launched within this fiscal year, and will make further relevant announcements in the future, so it is not true that we are limiting the software developments for Wii now.”

This makes perfect sense, and Nintendo will undoubtedly announce some of their upcoming titles at E3. It’s possible that they’ll have random reveals as well later this year similar to how they handled Wii Party.

We’ve basically covered the Q&A portion of Nintendo’s most recent financial report to death and we’ve already posted the most interesting points on the site. However, you can read the complete English transcript right here.

This year’s E3 floor map

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West Hall

South Hall

Nintendo has a big area to showcase their upcoming games once again. Let’s hope Zelda Wii will be playable!


EA’s E3 2010 lineup

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Madden NFL 11
NHL 11
NBA Live 11
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
New EA Sports Active
New Sony and Microsoft Motion Control Games
New Harry Potter Game
New Hasbro Titles
Sims 3 On Consoles
Sims 3 PC Expansion Packs
New Need for Speed
Dead Space 2
Medal of Honor
Crysis 2
Star Wars: The Old Republic.
3D title


“[The game was] mad genius horror. [Suda51’s designs were] really, really creative. It absolutely still exists. It has been named, which I can’t reveal yet. But they are still absolutely working on it – they’re probably about halfway through the game. How would I describe it? I mean, if you follow Suda at all, you won’t be surprised to hear it’s mad genius in the horror genre. And hopefully we can continue to build on his reputation such that his games get appreciated by more and more people. I think sometimes when sometimes when someone gets a reputation for developing games that are a little bit out there, the interest in their specific games is smaller than it should be – it gets labelled as ‘niche’. His designs are really, really creative and he thinks differently. In this world of making games we need more people who think differently.” – EA Partners boss David DeMartini

It’s been forever since we’ve heard a peep about the game Suda51/Shinji Mikami are working on. The only thing we know is that it is in the horror genre and that it’s a “multiplatform” title. Hopefully we’ll hear about this project at E3!


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