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Back in February, it was announced that Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai would be opening up a new first-party team, Project Sora, in conjunction with Nintendo. It’s still unclear what title Project Sora is working on, although Satoru Iwata stated awhile back that it will be “an experience that’s different from anything [you’ve played] up until now.” While we continue to wait for more concrete news concerning the new game, you can check out the first pictures of the dev studio.


It’s settled: There has to be at least one person working for Google who is either a fan of the triforce specifically or Zelda in general. Nikola Tesla’s birthday was yesterday and the company changed their typical logo image into a Tesla Coil to celebrate his birthday. But more important to Zelda fans is that deep in the picture is a hidden logo of the triforce. Interestingly, that’s not the first time that this is happened, as many will remember that the same thing happened on Earth day. You can also see someone wearing a Link costume at the Google headquarters.


“In the wake of this year’s fantastic E3, we’ll take a closer look at some of the big Wii and DS titles slated for the rest of 2009. That includes an in-depth investigation of the long-awaited Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. We’ll also review Wii Sports Resort and maybe even unveil a couple of cool surprises. Not every cat was let out of the bag at E3…”

Nintendo Power has been absolutely great with unveiling new games over the past few months. We don’t have much to go on, but does anyone want to start guessing which game(s) they’ll feature next month?

– NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe Completes Purchase of Worldwide PAL Distribution Operation from Atari –

LYON, FRANCE – 7 July 2009 – NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe S.A.S. today announced the completion of its purchase of Atari’s global PAL distribution operation, with the entity re-named NAMCO BANDAI Partners with immediate effect. The company distributes titles worldwide, excluding Japan and North America, from NAMCO BANDAI Games, Atari and other major international video game publishers, representing one of the industry’s strongest international retail distribution networks.

“We are very excited about working with all our valued partners in retail, media and publishing to grow what is already a successful distribution business even further as part of the NAMCO BANDAI Games family,” said Jackie Fromion, CEO of NAMCO BANDAI Partners. “With our committed and experienced teams of professionals around the world we provide a first class distribution solution, and we very much hope to see a growing number of publishers taking advantage of this. Our vision is to be a successful, attractive and profitable company as well as a great place to work.”

Province supports Ubisoft in development of first Ontario-based studio

LONDON, UK – JULY 7, 2009 – Ubisoft announced plans today to open a full development studio in Toronto, Ontario – a first for the company in the province. This significant announcement is expected to result in the creation of 800 net new jobs within the province over the next decade. The government of Ontario is investing CA$263 million over ten years in the company and Ubisoft’s net investment will be over half a billion CAD in the new studio, which will begin operations in late 2009.

“Today’s announcement marks a strategic move for Ubisoft as we continue to expand our internal development force,” said Yves Guillemot, president and chief executive officer at Ubisoft. “We are in an excellent position to grow and after extensive analysis we are thrilled to have reached an agreement with the government of Ontario to found our new studio in Toronto. The city is one of North America’s economic and cultural epicenters and our expectations are high. We’re excited to be able to count on the exceptional local talent, who will contribute to our accelerated growth and will have a profound impact on the video game industry with the excellence of their creativity.”

Capcom launched a mystery site a few days ago, which led to much speculation over which title the company was teasing. But finally, the game has been revealed. It’s actually not Onimusha as many were predicting. Rather, it’s Sengoku Basara 3. Capcom hosted a press conference just a few short hours ago and Famitsu has confirmed the news. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much discussion about actual gameplay details, but the game will launch next year. There were no announcements in terms of which platform Sengoku Basara 3 will hit either. For now, Capcom has released a few images of character art and a logo (see above).


You should be receiving one of these emails shortly if you’ve reached Platinum or Gold status, if you haven’t already. Also, remember that Nintendo has reset the status of Club Nintendo members today.

I think in the spirit of your question, I think we launched too many new IPs all at once in Q3. I would have spread them out and found better windows for them. I would have had longer marketing for them. The marketing cycles were fairly short. We didn’t have enough assets to really build the fanbase, build the community, and get that long lead demand built.” – EA’s Frank Gibeau

From a marketing standpoint I can certainly understand, but for us gamers, more IPs means more great games to play! What are your thoughts on this?

We exist as a fundraising group dedicated to raising money for various organizations through the medium of video game marathons streamed live over the Internet. We provide entertainment for our viewers, including a live commentary feed so that they can interact with the members of our group and a method to actively donate. We strive to provide a suitable and courteous environment in which to show that video games are not always as bad as the media might otherwise suggest and to provide people with a place they can come together to watch something they might enjoy while being able to donate to worthy causes and help out the community while enjoying themselves.

This July 10th, beginning at 5:00pm CST time we are going to be hosting a 72 hour gaming marathon streamed live from our website, to raise money for Child’s Play. Our donation period begins on the 6th and ends on the 20th of July. All donations go directly to Child’s Play without us seeing even one cent of the money raised. Either a credit card or a PayPal account is necessary to donate but assuming people cannot donate they can continue to help us out by spreading the word about the marathon.

This marathon is going to deal with RPGs from the Nintendo 64 era and back. As such no recent games are going to be played during the marathon. Our current roster of games consists of Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Super Mario RPG, Final Fantasy IV, and Final Fantasy IX. Other games may well be added to this list as the time of the marathon grows closer.

Charity here (July 10)

We will have 5 TV’s playing Nintendo World Championships and 5 playing Nintedo Campus Challenge. Gamers
will compete to get the highest scores on these two rare Nintendo cartridges. The high scores will get $200 gift cards to plus other attendees will receive free t-shirts and the reproduction cartridges we will be using for the event (worth $55 for NWC and $85 NCC).

When: Saturday July 18th
Where: Denver, CO | JJGames Store | 7975 E Harvard Ave, Ste G | 80231
Games: Nintendo World Championships & Nintendo Campus Challenge
Prizes: $200 JJGames gift cards, free t-shirts, and NWC and NCC reproduction cartridges

Competition page here (July 18)

Thanks to Steven and JJ for the news tips!

Anywhere Wii Room
Corporation Room
Travel Room
Gourmet Room
Real Estate Room
Fashion Room
Financial Credit Room
Movie Room
Enterprise Room
Living Room
Playing Room
Medical Room
Nemrem (ArtStyle game)
Zengage (Possible ArtStyle game)
Precipice (Possible ArtStyle game)

There’s a good chance that we may never see any of these trademarks translate to future Wii channels, games, or products. Nintendo might have just decided to take a few protective measures.


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