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NPD’s top 10 best-selling games

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This information accounts for all data since 1995…

Wii Play
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Wii Fit
Mario Kart w/ Wheel

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Madden NFL ’07
Call of Duty: World at War
Namco Museum

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The Last Story now has been trademarked in three territories – Japan, Europe, and the United States. The common consensus seems to be that The Last Story is actually Last Window and the trademarks may point to a global release of the game. I know some of you would be very happy about that!

Legends of Exidia trailer

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Famitsu software sales (1/11 – 1/17)

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1. [PSP] Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
2. [WII] New Super Mario Bros. Wii
3. [WII] Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles
4. [DS] Tomodachi Collection
5. [WII] Wii Fit Plus

6. [PSP] Tekken 6
7. [WII] Wii Sports Resort
8. [DS] The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
9. [DS] Last Window
10. [DS] Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver

Nintendo Voice Chat podcast summary

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Daemon’s recent article

– Said ‘Splosion Man isn’t getting as much attention as Mario
– Sort of saying that Nintendo “phoned it in” with Mario Bros. Wii
– He thinks ‘Splosion Man is a better game


– Is coming to Wii
– Need a disc
– Most movies are in SD
– Reggie defended SD
– Craig doesn’t think he’ll have a problem watching SD videos on the Wii

Zangeki no Reginleiv trailer

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Famitsu review scores

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Small update: The PS3/360 versions of SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 were reviewed, but it should give you a decent idea of how the Wii version turned out.

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 – 9/9/9/9
End of Eternity – 9/8/9/8
Livlely Garden (DS) – 8/8/7/8
Ar tonelico 3 – 8/7/7/6
Mirai Nikki: 13 Hitome no Nikki Shoyuusha – 7/7/6/7
Fight Night Round 4 – 7/7/7/5
Stoked 6/7/7/6
Last Rebellion – 7/6/6/5
Machi-Ing Maker 3 x Tousouchuu – 6/6/6/6

This information comes from SEGA’s official Twitter…

“Nothing concrete is really known about the game yet is it? It could be on anything!…Nothing is ever confirmed until we confirmed it.”

SEGA wouldn’t say if Project Needlemouse will be coming to Wii last year and, as you can see, they’re still not ready to talk. Hopefully we’ll hear something from the company soon.