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Updates to the Nintendo Channel

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Wii Music: Shigeru Miyamoto Goes to a Kindergarten
Wii Music: This week’s Instruments 3
Wii Music: Teaser
Wii Music: Arrangement
The Incredible Maze info Video
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Video 4
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows DS Info Video
Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party Video 3
NBA Live 09 All-Play Video 3
America Ferrera Plays Brian Age
Strong Bad: Behind the Bad Part 1
Digest Video

Demos (Expire 10/26)

Crosswords DS-Wordsearch Demo
Ninjatown Demo
Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs
Brain Quest: Grades 3&4 and Grades 5&6
MySims Kingdom

LTD console sales in Japan

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Xbox 360: 748,992
PS3: 2,369,484
DS: 6,449,206
DS Lite: 17,080,747

Wii: 6,826,612
PSP: 10,181,888
PS2: 21,454,325


“We are always looking into continuing the development of our popular franchises, so my advice would be to wait and see!” – Takahiro Harada/Nobuo Matsumiya

“‘Wario Land DS’ – oh I just want to develop it! Maybe, if many of your readers’ opinions are gathered and sent to us, it might be an idea that will be realised in the not too distant future. Everyone, do you want to play ‘Wario Land DS?'” – Takahiro Harada/Nobuo Matsumiya

Wario Land on the DS could work out pretty well if you ask me. If the game were to take some of the elements that made previous titles successful, there’s no doubt that a DS game would suit Wario perfectly.


Monolith Soft, best known for their work Disaster: Day of Crisis and the Xenosaga series have confirmed that the company is developing a new RPG title. It was previously hinted that the producer of Disaster would want to create another RPG, as Monolith is known for making those types of games. No further details are known at this time, though at least we know that Monolith has returned to their natural roots: The RPG scene.

Suikoden: Tierkreis details

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– Game starts with a fully animated cut-scene which shows the defeat of the 108 Stars of Destiny by the One King
– Take control of a young male
– Hero is a member of the Citro Village Defense Corps
– Masayuki Saruta, producer says the development team has “stayed true to the design philosophy of Suikoden”
– Move with control pad or stylus
– Menu selections with tap or A button
– Most battles are random, fought through a menu-driven interface
– Battle-party size has been dropped to four instead of six, but a support character can be added. Can execute co-op attacks.
– “Various types of ethnic and creature groups”
– Game progression is mission based now
– Buy new weapons instead of upgrading gear you already have, no True Runes, no one-on-one battles or strategy battles
– No recurring characters
– No locations/stages from previous Suikoden games, instead there is a parallel-worlds concept
– Share characters locally or over Wi-Fi, then can use a character that has been sent to you to complete missions
– 3D character models with 2D backgrounds
– Full voice-acting for most important scenes
– One of the composers from previous Suikoden titles working on this title

Mart Racer heading to WiiWare

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– Upcoming game for WiiWare
– “Compete against your friends to see who gets all the items in their list and runs to the cashiers before anyone else does”
– Supports 4 player local multiplayer
– Can play online



Tetris Party – 244 blocks
The Incredible Maze – 127 blocks


Digital Champ Battle Boxing – 22
Gradius II Gofer No Yabou – 221

Wii Music trailer

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Tom Clancy’s EndWar details

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– Funatics is developing the game
– Take charge of US, European, Russian forces
– Three campaigns to choose from with 30 scenarios for each
– London, Paris, some of the locations
– Can make your own missions for two-player bouts
– Turn-based with stylus controls
– No release date yet