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Mighty No. 9 was one of Kickstarter’s most successful campaigns having raised nearly $4 million. However, Comcept announced last night that the company is opening a second funding campaign. This will be handled through PayPal.

Funds raised through Kickstarter last year will be used to complete development on the entire game. But with this new crowdfunding opportunity, the team is “looking to add new content to the game that we did not or could not add to the stretch goals during the original funding campaign”.

The first goal, set at $100,000, will add full English voice acting.

You can find more information in an official FAQ here.


Siliconera has translated a new round of details about Azure Striker Gunvolt. You can find them rounded up below.

– Make new equipment with materials you collect
– Get rewards with materials based on your score and rank
– You’ll earn rewards at the Results Screen after every mission
– Use materials at the Store Screen to make items
– Over 70 equippable items
– 5 ranks at the end of each mission
– C, B, A, S and SS ranks
– Each rank depends on your score
– Each one also comes with a certain amount of materials and credits
– In order to get a higher score, you’ll need to keep an eye on your Kudos and your completion time
– Get a 50% score bonus by setting a new completion time record for a mission
– Equipment examples:

Ring of Flight: Allows GV to jump once in mid-air at the cost of 150 EP
Ring of Double Flight: Allow GV to jump twice in mid-air using 100 EP
Ring of Airwalking: Allows GV to dash in mid-air for 150 EP

Feather Pendant: You start with this item. It allows the use of Afterimage
Pendant of Stoicism: Prevents stun when hit
Pendant of Wrath: Increases Lightning Ring damage, but raises EP cost

Vitality Lenses: Healing and recovery items restore more than usual
Control Lenses: Lightning Ring costs less EP
Prodigy Lenses: Recover SP (Skill Points) faster
Cobra Lenses: Reduces time needed to charge “King Cobra” attacks

– Equip/remove equipment at any time from the Pause Menu
– Game has optional quests that you can complete in each mission
– Doing these will reward you with additional materials and credits
– Can accept up to 3 quests at a time
– All quests are optional
– Won’t be penalized for failing a quest
– Each mission has Medals hidden throughout
– Each Medal you find will give you more materials and credits at the end of the mission


Last week, Inti Creates announced that Azure Striker Gunvolt will be hitting Japan in mid-August. News regarding the game’s North American release date apparently isn’t too far behind.

The official Azure Striker Gunvolt teaesd on Twitter just a short while ago:

Azure Striker Gunvolt details

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Another round of Azure Striker Gunvolt are now available. You can find them all in our summary below.

– Game has a leveling up system
– Raise Gunvolt’s level, increase his HP, and get new skills
– Learn skills at certain levels
– Defeat enemies to level up
– At certain levels, Gunvolt will learn a new Attack or Support skill
– Skills are used by touching a Skill icon on the Nintendo 3DS touch screen
– Equip up to four skills at a time
– Need SP to use skills
– Gunvolt can has up to 3 SP at any point

Skill examples

– Lightning Sphere (SP Cost: 1) – Spheres of electricity appear around Gunvolt and deliver consecutive damage to enemies
– Electrocaliber (SP Cost: 2) – GV summons a giant blade of electricity that thrusts forward
– Voltic Chain (SP Cost: 3) – Numerous giant chains crisscross the screen and get charged with electricity; the more enemies there are in the area, the more effective the attack
– Healing Voltage (SP Cost: 1) – Gunvolt boosts his body’s electrical system to recover HP

– Gunvolt can also use Psychic Abilities
– Ex: “Afterimage” – activates when GV is hit by an enemy attack, and automatically allows him to dodge attacks for as long as the ability remains active
– Afterimage can’t be used while Gunvolt is using his Lightning Ring attack
– This is another Psychic Ability
– Afterimage and other Psychic Abilities cost Energy Points (EP) to use
– The EP bar is the curved gauge you see underneath GV himself, and if it reaches zero, he overheats
– Recover EP by quickly tapping down on the d-pad twice
– Can also recover with the Recharge skill
– This completely restores EP lost from using Psychic Abilities such as Lightning Ring and Afterimage
– The skill allows Gunvolt to recover immediately from overheating


Inti Creates has revealed that Azure Striker Gunvolt will be hitting Japan in mid-August – hopefully a western release will follow soon after. Along with the announcement, the company released a game systems introduction video that you can find above.

E3 might have wrapped up for the day, but the fine folks at Inti-Creates have a couple of Mighty No. 9 updates for us via Kickstarter! First off a new level has been revealed, it’s a stage focusing around ice and water and is home to Mighty No. 2.


Second, the documentary on Inafune and the team has had it’s first trailer, which you can check out below:

You can check out the full update over on the Kickstarter page

More Azure Striker Gunvolt have come in pertaining to three stages in the game. For the latest information, check out our summary below.

Mission: Inferno (Boss: Daytona)

– Asimov orders Gunvolt to conduct an attack on a Sumeragi chemical plant
– GV infiltrates a freight train to make his way to the destination
– While on board, he runs into a “Spider”
– This is a tenth-generation battle tank prototype developed by Sumeragi
– Gunvolt heads to the chemical plant after the Spider encounter
– Piled containers are destructible, and can be used strategically to make progress smoother
– Enemies in the area need to be defeated if an alarm is tripped
– Plasma lifters can be controlled with GV’s Lightning Ring
– Use it to avoid falling into lava and tripping alarms

Mission: Restless Spirits (Boss: Elise)

– Reports of a ghost appearing every night at a Sumeragi warehouse reach the ears of QUILL.
– Gino is investigation the situation and reports that the basement of the warehouse has turned into a completely alien environment
– Gunvolt is asked by Gino to investigate the underground facility
– Here he discovers the ruins of a laboratory
– This is where he runs into Elise, who has been left behind in the wreckage
– Locking onto devices and directing lightning at them causes the emergency power to come on and disable beam barriers
– Defeated zombies will spurt out bodily fluids that will reduce visibility
– GV’s Lightning Ring Shield offers some light in dark areas
– Locking onto light mechanisms and directing lightning at them will make things a lot brighter

Mission: The Flowers of Evil (Boss: Stratos)

– Sumeragi has a monopoly on a drug named S.E.E.D.
– S.E.E.D. was initially created to combat a mysterious illness called “jamming”
– It’s now being used to brainwash psychics
– S.E.E.D. is also used to keep Stratos’ powers in check
– Gunvolt encounters him while on a mission to destroy the laboratory containing the plan from which S.E.E.D. is extracted
– The flies produced by Stratos will indiscriminately attack friend and foe alike
– Need to fight the mid-stage boss ViVid on unstable platforms that disappear when touched by the Lightning Ring
– The creepers growing around the area are sensitive to GV’s Lightning Ring and will attack in its presence


Inti Creates has shared new details about Azure Striker Gunvolt. This time around, we have information about the game’s Swordsmen.

You can find today’s details rounded up below:

– Individuals with special powers are called “psychics”
– Normally, psychics possess psychic elements within their bodies that allow them to use their powers
– The Sumeragi Corporation has taken seven powerful psychics and extracted their psychic elements into sword-shaped devices
– These 7 psychics are known as “Swordsmen”
– They serve as Azure Striker Gunvolt’s bosses
– Their swords allow them to stay out of trouble and live ordinary lives
– These swords can be used remotely to control any unwanted bursts of powers
– In cases of emergency, Sumeragi’s monitoring facility gives them access to these swords and they fuse with them, triggering a transformation dubbed “weaponization”

Here’s a look at three of these Swordsmen you’ll fight in Azure Striker Gunvolt:


– Patrols Sumeragi’s chemical plant complex
– Has the psychic power “Explosion”
– He was originally a notorious gang leader, but fell in love with Lumen’s voice and enlisted as part of Sumeragi’s private army
– Daytona can compress thermal energy into small spheres called Angry Bombs that explode on impact
– He can also enflame his legs and his sword of choice is “Lord of Fire”
– Performs a leg sweep with explosive velocity
– Daytona fires shells in three directions
– He uses wall jumps to climb up a pillar of flames while scattering shells all over the ground to immobilize GV, then performs a drop kick
– Daytona slams GV with an axe kick engulfed in flames
– Daytona performs a sudden direction shift in midair during a Unicorn Drop, then kicks the air to produces a barrage of small energy projectiles
– Special Ability: Daytona fires blazing projectiles across the screen while enjoying a temporary defense boost


– Elise was being held prisoner by Sumeragi
– Has the ultimate psychic power known as “Rebirth”
– Rebirth: manipulate the soul into spinning out life for eternity
– Sumeragi were attempting to implant Eise’s brain with a more aggressive persona that ended up taking control of her original, weak-willed persona
– Sumeragi wasn’t able to contain her power
– This resulted in a rampage that leveled the research facility she was being held at
– Uses the “Living Blade” sword
– Controls “vipers” that she can shape into daggers
– After being thrown, she can make them come back to life as zombies
– Elise wraps her whip around a pole and travels rapidly around the screen
– Elise throws a dagger. If it hits the ground, it turns into a viper that attacks GV
– Elise emits a petrifying gaze. While petrified, GV is unable to move and suffers much greater damage than usual. The effect can be broken by wiggling around the Circle Pad
– Elise’s two personas attack GV together using both whips and daggers
– Special Ability: Destroying one of Elise’s personas will cause the other persona to resurrect her


– Swordsman
– Was held prisoner by Sumeragi
– Before being captured, he was a handsome, popular man
– No trace of this man remains today
– Can use the “Fly” ability
– He can also turn his flesh into fly-shaped particles of energy that can dismantle any matter and incorporate it into his body
– Repeated experimentation on Stratos has caused his powers to become too powerful for even his Sword, “Lizardslayer” to control
– S.E.E.D. drug keeps him in check
– This is extracted from the experimental plant ViVid
– Stratos, in fly form, turns into a ball and charges at GV
– Stratos lays eggs in the ground. Flies hatch from the eggs and attack GV at once
– Stratos transforms into a giant mouth that sprouts from the ground and chases GV, repeatedly trying to swallow him whole
– Stratos’ body splits in two and deploys flies against GV. The fly attacks can be blocked with the Lightning Ring Shield, but the two Stratoses will be charging at GV the whole time.
– Special Ability: Stratos gathers flies from devices on the right and left sides of the screen to turn into a giant and deliver a single devastating attack
– Either Stratos needs to be defeated or the devices need to be destroyed before the transformation is complete


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