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During the Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary stream, series creator Yuji Horii announced that Dragon Quest III is being remade in HD-2D. He explained that this was due to the popularity of the game. However, it seems that Horii’s plans go past just a Dragon Quest III remake and on to also remaking the first and second games in the HD-2D style.

He started talking about this during the 35th anniversary live stream after announcing the Dragon Quest III Remake and saying that “Maybe afterwards, we maybe make [Dragon Quest] 1 and 2.” He continued by saying “So, we’re thinking maybe 3 we can start, and then maybe 1 and 2 there would be some kind of unexpected surprise.”

Eventually, the other presenter flat-out asked if Horii was planning on remaking the first 2 games in HD-2D as well, and he answered with “Well, we want too.” 

So, while these remakes are not official, it seems pretty likely that the Dragon Quest team has plans to bring the first 2 games to HD-2D after Dragon Quest III. This whole exchange was translated by an official translator on the live stream, so if you’d like to take a look at the original clip, check it out below (starts at 50:00)!

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity has received an update that will now allow players to purchase the expansion pass within the game menu. The only other changes in this update include slight modifications to the English and Dutch narrations during the game.

The full patch notes are included below.

Miitopia is out today on Switch and since it is now May 21 in some regions, the Day One updates have gone live. These updates fix a small list of bugs that can be seen below in the official patch notes.


The Fire-Type egg event is live now in Pokemon Masters EX, meaning players can get special eggs from Professor Bellis. These eggs have the chance of hatching into the Pokemon:

  • Magby (shiny possible)
  • Charmander (shiny possible)
  • Vulpix
  • Ponyta
  • Growlithe

A lot of new details have emerged about the thriller game Shin Hayarigami 3, which releases for Switch on July 29. Nippon Ichi Software has released information about the first 2 chapters of the game and included character descriptions, screenshots, and gameplay explanations. 

All of these details can be found below (compiled and translated by Gematsu):

A new software version for Rocket League has been released (version 1.97). This update has been deployed to fix a few bugs seen in the game. The bugs it affects can be seen below in the official patch notes. 

Dragon Star Varnir’s Switch port was announced earlier this year with a release window of Spring 2021. Well, now the release date has been confirmed as May 27, 2021 for Japan. 

The game will be coming out on the Japanese eShop for 4,800 yen. It is not confirmed if the port will support English language options, but given that the previously released Steam and PS4 versions support English, it is likely that the worldwide release will also.


The upcoming 2-D platformer Wicce has been delayed. The game was previously expected to release on Switch in May, but publisher CFK has announced that the release date will be pushed to June 3, 2021 (and it will be a digital release). 

The game originally released in 2016 and the Switch version was recently revealed in April 2021. But, players will have to wait a little longer to get it on a portable system. The game will support English language options as well as German, French, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese (simplified and traditional).


The shooter Wing of Darkness recently got delayed until June 3 on the Switch. Now that the release is approaching, publisher Clouded Leopard Entertainment has put out a launch trailer for the game. This video shows off quite a bit of gameplay and story in quick minute and a half. 

Feel free to check out the full trailer below.

Wing of Darkness launches on the Switch digitally on June 3, 2021 for $29.99.



The Pokemon Company has started a new program called “Project Piplup.” This project is cryptic in nature but seems to have to do with promotional activities featuring the Pokemon Piplup.

To mark the start of this campaign, the official Pokemon YouTube channel has uploaded a Japanese promo video for this project. In the short description for this video, it mentions (in Japanese) that the project is meant to “spread the charm of Piplup to the world.”

How exactly the Pokemon Company will do that is unknown at this time. But there is an official website, Twitter page, and Instagram to follow for Project Piplup and apparently more videos will be shown soon on the Pokemon YouTube channel.