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Were you concerned that Nintendo showed most of its big cards with last week’s Switch announcement video? Well, don’t worry: the company may still have a surprise or two in store for its new system. A Nintendo spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal, “We haven’t shown everything.”

Switch’s debut trailer did reveal several important aspects. Rumors of it being a hybrid device are confirmed, and we also know that it features cartridges and detachable controllers. In terms of the known quantities, Nintendo will need to talk about Switch’s launch lineup, price, and details about how the system works before March.

Unfortunately, it sounds like we’ll need to wait until the beginning of next year for the next big news update. This is something that the Nintendo spokesperson reconfirmed to the Wall Street Journal.

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Nintendo is going back to Zelda’s roots with Breath of the Wild. Today, the company issued a new post on its Japanese website to show how its new Switch / Wii U game compares in some aspects to the original.

Nintendo prepared four different comparisons. They’re as follows:

– Old man: found right away in the original game and in Breath of the Wild; gives you a sword in the original Zelda, but nothing in Breath of the Wild; in Breath of the Wild you have to manage weapons yourself such as by stealing them from enemies
– Spectacle Rock: two rocks form the shape of glasses in both games, but it now looks more like a mountain than just a rock in Breath of the Wild
– Raft: used to navigate water in the original Zelda, also in Breath of the Wild by using the Korok Leaf; it’s an important tool in very cold rivers that you can’t swim in
– Skull shape: shape of a skull appears in Zelda’s final dungeon and in a certain enemy hideout in Breath of the Wild; in Breath of the Wild, you can even use the skull shape to your advantage by having the lantern inside one of the skull eyes to fall, cause an explosion, and instantly wipe out the enemies inside

Here are the four comparison shots:


LetsPlayVideoGames is again reporting on a nugget of information about Switch after reaching out to one of its sources.

Having spoken with someone “close to the production of the Switch reveal trailer,” the site claims that the Switch Pro Controller lacks a headset port – either proprietary or standardized. The information “is based on the hardware model shown during the Switch reveal, and based on the assumption that the hardware used in that trailer is representative of final design.”

If this is true and the hardware is final, the controller wouldn’t have an area where you could connect a headset. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers do offer that functionality in case you’re wondering.

Laura Kate Dale, who shared the report, added on Twitter that it’s unclear as to whether there will be support for Bluetooth headsets or other wireless solutions with Switch.


Just Dance 2017 is out today on most systems, including Wii U and Wii. As many of you know though, a Switch version is also in the works.

In a press release announcing Just Dance 2017’s launch, Ubisoft said that the game will be available on Switch in March. With Nintendo’s new platform debuting during that month, we can pretty much say Just Dance 2017 will be a launch title. Most had probably expected that anyway, but this is an official indication. Ubisoft previously confirmed a vague 2017 window for the Switch version.

Here’s the Just Dance 2017 launch trailer by the way:

Source: Ubisoft PR

Laura Kate Dale is back with another brief report about Switch on LetsPlayVideoGames.

Speaking with a source with Nintendo who has provided accurate information in the past, the Dock will be included with all packages for Switch in every region. Nintendo is said to focusing on the system’s hybrid nature as part of its marketing efforts. Including the Dock is the company’s way of ensuring that there won’t be brand confusion.

Apparently, Nintendo considered selling the handheld unit as a standalone product, but ultimately decided against doing so. There were some concerns that consumers who purchased the portable device without the Dock may still think they could connect it to a television. Also unsurprisingly, Nintendo has no plans for the Switch handheld to be able to connect to a TV without the Dock.



After rumors claimed Nvida was working with Nintendo to provide a processor on what was then known as the NX, it has recently been confirmed that Nvidia is indeed the partner responsible for creating the processor for the Switch and stands to make $320 million annually from the partnership.

Jefferies & Co.’s Mark Lipacis shared his analysis of Nvidia stock today. On the subject of what the partnership between Nvidia and Nintendo could result in, Lipacis had this to say:

While Nintendo has been largely uncompetitive against the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox, we think the Switch has the potential to see more shipments. There are very few details on the price point, but we think the Wii and Wii U case studies are instructive. In the first 12 months of launch, Wii shipped 13m units and the Wii U shipped 4m units. Assuming 5-8 million units at a $40 ASP for Tegra translates to $200-320m in revenues and $0.11-0.16 in EPS.


Alongside Switch’s preview trailer last week, a number of games were shown on both the television and the device itself. However, it’s important to note that this footage wasn’t running in real time. Nintendo simply added in the gameplay post-production.

Twitch streamer Dickhiskhan, who was one of the actors in the trailer, said he as well as others merely held dummy units. We also have the shot above clearing indicating that footage was added on to the Switch unit.

Nintendo had this to say about how it handled the Switch trailer:


A few days ago, FDG Entertainment confirmed two Switch games for the first half of 2017. The first was widely assumed to be Oceanhorn as the company recently said earlier this month that the Zelda-inspired title would be released on an unspecified Nintendo title. Now we have further evidence of Oceanhorn making the jump to Switch as well as an indication of the second title.

Take a look at these two tweets:

Notice anything special? That’s right: both have Switch included in the hashtags. If those games weren’t bound for the new system, it wouldn’t make much sense including Switch!


On Saturday, we reported on a curious feature of the Switch’s right-hand Joy-Con controller – a sort of glossy panel on its bottom. Laura Kate Dale, who has delivered many correct reports and leaks about the Switch so far, has been digging into this and apparently found out that that glossy panel is indeed an infrared (IR) pointer. The purpose of this IR pointer has to do with the Switch’s supposed touchscreen functionality.

Whether or not the Switch has touchscreen functionality has so far not been confirmed (or denied) by Nintendo. However, multiple reports prior to the Switch’s launch, which so far have been correct, have all said that the console will indeed have a multi-touch screen. Of course, that seems to clash with what we officially know of the Switch so far – if you’re playing it on your TV, then the console (with the supposed touchscreen) rests inside its dock, making it impossible to actually use the touchscreen.

According to Laura Kate Dale, who has spoken with sources at Ubisoft, the Joy-Con’s IR pointer will be used to circumvent that problem – the IR pointer will essentially be used to replicate touchscreen functionality while you’re playing the Switch in “TV mode”. Dale believes that the top of the Switch screen, which is visible even when it’s inside the dock, will serve as a sensor bar – essentially working the same as the Wii Sensor Bar, with the Joy-Con being used like a Wii Remote.

As always, these are just unconfirmed rumors at this point, but it’s quite interesting to think about. What’s your take on this – do you believe the Switch has a touchscreen? And will this be the way to play touchscreen games on the TV?


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With Nintendo having sent out the first Switch trailer for all to see a few days ago, one of the video’s actors has come forward to discuss his filing experience. He spoke about how he got the gig, when he realized that his role was likely for the new system, and more. Head past the break for the full Twitch archive.