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A Wii HD has been rumored for quite some time, but speculation recently increased when analyst Michael Pachter said that he is “absolutely convinced” that a Wii HD system was on the way and after John Davison seemed positive that it would launch in 2011. Shigeru Miyamoto was recently interviewed by 3sat, and of course, one of the topics which was discussed are the Wii HD rumors.

Miyamoto explained, “…I’m afraid we cannot confirm what we are doing today. But the fact of the matter is that technology is evolving all the time and in Japan, for example…All the analog broadcast will be stopped and shifted into the digital broadcasting. So many things are taking place and we are working in terms of the changes of the technologies all the time.”

Weekly savings

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Overturn gameplay videos

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Super Famicom
– Densetsu no Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen (Square Enix)

PC Engine
– Cadash (Taito)


Resident Evil 5 producer Juntake Uchi already expressed sentiments that the Wii would not be able to even handle the title screen of the game, but another RE5 producer is offering his opinion on porting the game to the Wii. Jun Takeuchi noted, “Honestly speaking, we’re kind of pushing the 360 and PS3 to their limits right now, so it would probably be pretty difficult to create a Wii version of RE5.” This explanation isn’t surprising after Mr. Uchi’s comment about the title screen. It looks as though Wii owners will simply have to wait a few years for another Resident Evil experience.

Skate It trailer

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A new mod allows Link to replace Leon as the controlling character in Resident Evil 4. Pretty neat, huh?

1/1 – New Years
1/17 – Fishing Tournament
1/25 – Flea Market

2/3 – Setsubun
2/14 – Fishing Tournament
2/22 – Flea Market
2/23 – Carnival

3/3 – Hinamatsuri
3/21 – Fishing Tournament
3/22 – Flea Market

Castlevania Judgment hasn’t been released just yet, but Koji Igarashi, head honcho on the game, is already willing to discuss a sequel. Igarashi said, “If this proves to be highly successful, a sequel is highly possible. It’ll be a shame to quit after just one try? A DS version might be possible, too.” A DS version could be interesting, no doubt, but the first game will need to sell well.

Igarashi also explored the idea of a 2D Wii/WiiWare Castlevania title, noting “I am very interested in the option. I truly hope that the 2D market will be revitalised. I need your support to do that.”