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Grand Slam Tennis trailer

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-Family Table Tennis (800 points instead of 500)
-Jungle Speed (1000)


Believe it or not, there are some schools in Japan that actually require their students to own a Nintendo DS. It is being reported that the school board in Osaka will be start distributing systems to ten or so elementary schools in January. Plans are in motion to use the DS as a learning tool.

When you think about it, the DS has a wide variety of software to help people learn. There are plenty of titles that will help you to learn languages, read books, and brush up on academics. While it does seem odd that students will be required to have DSs, this does give a pretty good idea of just how much Nintendo’s impact has spread outside of traditional gaming.

Thanks to Jake for the news tip.

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Though president of digital media for Lionsgate Curt Marvis does not have much evidence to back up his claims, he believes that the Wii movie streaming service will “be a big marketplace for digital distribution.”

Marvis is also predicting that streaming movies on Wii will be on the way this year.

“The thing that is clearly a force in digital are the game devices. I think when we see the Wii come into the market with the ability to stream movies, which I think is maybe going to happen as soon as this year, I think that’s going to be a big marketplace for digital distribution.”

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New GTA: Chinatown Wars video

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– 1 button to break
– 2 for gas
– Hold down control pad for continuous boost
– Pressing control pad too long can cause bot to overheat and slowdown
– Tilt Wiimote in quick seesaw motions to make bot go faster when it’s running on two legs
– Can play with the Wii Wheel
– There is a difference in how the bots handle compared to the trucks from Excite Truck
“We wanted to find a way for a wider audience to enjoy mind-boggling action without having to worry about the difficulty of controlling the bots. When we worked on Excite Truck, we thought that steering the trucks was very easy and that everyone would be able eto play the game with ease. But some of our fans thought that it was difficult to control the trucks, or that it took some time to get used to. Based on this feedback, we were able to create something that allowed everyone to experience ths ame thrill but with even greater control. Overall, controlling the vehicle is much more intuitive and easier to handle, and the tilting and steering of the Wii Remote translates seamlessly to the movements of the vehicle. We also think that the Turbo is more straightforward than in Excite Truck. When we go back and play Excite Truck these days, we are surprised with how challenging it is.” – Hiro Yamada, Supervisor at Nintendo and Richard Garcia, Team Lead and President of Monster Games


CommanderVideo has been sending the above message out to a few folks. Looks like the game will be ready for release this coming Monday.

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– Original series from Star Blazers creator Leiji Matsumoto
– Set in the year 2099
– Follows adventures of You Haguro and Hajime Umino who go through space and time to saving mankind from extinction
– First download = 500 points, comes with viewing software
– More downloads = 200 points – need first download to view
– Comes with English subtitles – could be hinting at NA release
– Sunsoft hopes to make the manga download service international


Dragon Quest IX details

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# To the east lies the country of Beckseria, and within it is the town of Beckseria, which is surrounded by a somber mood. Upon entering the town, the group is warned that the town is doomed. It seems like the townspeople are suffering from a mysterious illness. S
# At Dharma temple, where people come from all around the world to change their class, it seems that the high priest has mysteriously disappeared.
# On the coast, there is a small village called Tso. At first glance, it seems like a peaceful fishing village, but it’s actually protected by a Guardian Spirit. Thanks to the Guardian Spirit, the townspeople no longer have to work, and can live an easy life. Some people aren’t so content with this, however, and find this “Guardian Spirit” to be suspect. There’s a screenshot in the corner showing the village elder saying something like, “Nonsense! Do you expect the villagers to believe a stupid story like that?”
# The Forest of Ruin has long been considered a dangerous place, forever shrouded in darkness. At the center lies a strange castle… it lies in ruins, surrounded by poisonous swamps. There’s no trace of people, and it’s teeming with monsters.