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Kirby’s Epic Yarn details

Posted 7 years ago by in News, Wii | 1 Comment

Snowy Fields level

– Wintery landscape
– White hills and snow covered landscapes
– Enemies will throw giant snowballs at you
– The snowballs are actually big wads of cotton
– Snowballs can scoop Kirby up
– Kirby and his partner might roll off the hillside if they get caught in the snowball

Dolphin transformation

– Kirby can transform into a dolphin (as see in previous videos)
– Swim underwater
– Leap up into the air
– Execute air tricks through hoops
– Will need to grab a couple of floating balls with your snout and fling them into big basketball hoops before you can proceed

Another new level

– Somewhat similar to Disney’s Space Mountain
– Has a roller coaster that you need to stay on
– Kirby can transform into a hovering UFO (as seen in previous videos)
– Power up the UFO by abducting enemies
– Abducting three enemies will allow you to execute a powerful energy attack
– The attacks can take down all enemies and destructible objects on screen

King Dedede/Metaknight

– Both characters in the game
– Fight Dedede in a boss battle
– Dedede is being controlled by puppet strings


New Okamiden footage

Posted 7 years ago by in DS, Videos | 3 Comments

This information comes directly from Hideo Kojima, who spoke about Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater during Nintendo’s conference last week…

“When I first heard about its 3D function, I naturally wanted to make something which looks great in 3D. In Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater, camouflage is an important gimmick. To avoid being detected, you need to change your camouflage in accordance with the backgrounds. You need to adjust your speed in order to increase the effect of the camouflage and now because this time it’s going to be 3D, you have a real sense that your hiding behind something and the camouflage becomes even more effective in 3D. And I’ve been waiting for the arrival of this new communication capability. Even when the players are not playing the game, we can make some tricks for them. A number of new ideas for taking advantage of the gimmicks are popping up in my brain. We have the story for Snake Eater, which is now becoming 3D. What kind of new hide and seek can be made? Snake Eater to be played on a portable game machine, Snake Eater to take advantage of the communication capability. Please look forward to a number of new ideas that we are preparing for you.”

Many developers appear to be interested in the 3DS’ SpotPass and StreetPass abilities. Not only can you automatically communicate with players who are nearby, but new content can also be pushed to the player via the Internet. I have a feeling we’re going to see many unique ideas for those two functions.

Social Gaming Leaps Off the Screen and Into Players’ Homes with Wii Party

REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Nintendo’s Wii™ system continues to offer millions of Americans a fun way to come together for fun times. Now, with the Oct. 3 launch of the game Wii Party™, Nintendo is kicking the revelry into overdrive with a wild new set of party games, minigames and group activities that instantly turn any social gathering into a laugh-filled celebration. Wii Party gives players new ways to interact with the Wii Remote™ controller and their personalized Mii™ characters, featuring unique activities that spread the action from the TV into the living room. Whether you’re planning a Halloween party or a New Year’s bash, this season’s hottest party game is Wii Party.

There’s never been a game quite like Wii Party. In addition to fresh takes on favorites such as bingo and board games, players can experience interactive challenges that leap right off the screen. For example, Animal Tracker asks players to grab the Wii Remote controller that is emitting the correct animal sound, while Hide ‘n’ Hunt will have them hiding controllers around the room and scrambling to find them before time runs out. A total of 13 party games and more than 80 minigames are included for limitless social entertainment, and no matter what the occasion, Wii Party keeps players in the spotlight by putting their customized Mii characters at the center of the action. (Some activities require more than one Wii Remote controller; additional controllers are sold separately.)

New The Last Story details

Posted 7 years ago by in News, Wii | 3 Comments

It looks like The Last Story was playable at Nintendo’s conference last week, and the Japanese press are beginning to release some of their impressions. Here are a few Google-translated details taken from a preview…

– 1st half of dungeon is with only Elza and Yuris
– Use the C button to gather a spell
– Spell casting will be interrupted if an enemy hits the person
– Switch between Elza’s bow and her sword anytime you want
– Elza’s bow was used to defeat an enemy witch who was hiding behind a wall and was healing all enemy characters
– Yuris can use a magic spell to blow up the bridge over the enemies
– You’ll get killed if you’re under the bridge when it’s destroyed
– – Sieren and Quark available for the second part of the demo
– Melee gameplay crisp/refreshing
– Use control stick and A to dodge enemy attacks
– Normal attacks executed automatically when you press the control stick towards an enemy when you have a sword equipped and are in range
– At the end of the demo with the boss, many normal enemies fight alongside it