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Parents of a five-year old boy claim that a Nintendo video game caused their son to experience “severe pain” in addition to a panic attack.

Michael was playing a video game, presumably on the Wii. After thirty minutes, however, the boy began experiencing a panic attack. His mother says that he “began to complain and cry, saying he was experiencing pain in his hand and that he wasn’t feeling well.” She additionally stated that Michael began to scream and was experiencing motion sickness.

This episode was enough for Michael’s mother – She’s returning the boy’s “Nintendo” to the store. “I can’t recommend this game to any parent. It’s not a substitute for reading a book or doing an outdoor activity with your child.”

This really does appear to be an unfortunate case of one boy who was affected by video games. Still, keep in mind that this does not happen very often and Nintendo attempts to make heath/safety warnings available and obvious to the player.

We are pleased to inform you that the Wii DLC store is now up and running. We are launching with 50 songs which includes the 20 free songs. In the coming weeks and months we will be adding more songs from the back catalog to catch Wii users up with other systems. All tracks (that aren’t the bolded free ones below) are 200 points.

30 Seconds to Mars
The Kill

All-American Rejects
Move Along

Avenged Sevenfold

Black Tide

All the Small Things

Call Me

The site has been down a few minutes here and there today, as some of you probably already know. Basically, Nintendo Everything is just going through some behind-the-scenes maintenance. Also, there probably will not be more site downtime today. So, nothing to worry about!

Kid Icarus’ speculated debut on the Wii has gone down a long and winding road. Art of what apparently was a new entry in the series for Wii was leaked quite a few months ago, and rumor after rumor kept piling up. Now word has it that Kid Icarus was scheduled to be present at E3 2008, which isn’t entirely too difficult to believe.

Though, internal problems with Factor 5 – who has been tied to the developed of the new Kid Icarus game – prevented any sort of appearance from happening. Nintendo planned on releasing the title a few months after it was revealed at E3, but that fell through as well. These issues allegedly left Nintendo of America feeling “pretty bummed.”

As of now, the game’s status is in jeopardy considering the trouble that the company has been going through lately. IGN’s Matt Casamassina suggested in the latest Nintendo Voice Chat podcast that the state of Factor 5 could lead Nintendo to purchase the company. Who knows – Perhaps doing so will be the only way that gamers will be able to see Kid Icarus from Factor 5 on the Wii.


(Rockville, MD) – Vir2L® Studios, a ZeniMax Media company, announced today Medieval Games™ for the Wii™ home video game system from Nintendo. Medieval Games allows you to experience the excitement of days of old with up to three of your friends.

From battling dragons and storming the castle, to catapulting and archery contests, Medieval Games offers hours of fun for the entire family. Choose from a variety of colorful characters, such as the knight, princess, bard, or wizard as you compete in a variety of game modes. Tournaments and jousting await in this rich fantasy world!

No More Heroes enjoys a good end to 2008 with a slew of awards and nominations.
January 13th 2009 – The votes have been cast and the results are in. Rising Star Games is proud to announce that No More Heroes has received consistent recognition in the annual game of the year round-ups. Winning several awards for game design, story and visuals in the Nintendo Wii™ category of several awards, No More Heroes also made the top ten in many publications’ “Games of 2008” and was nominated for many more, including Nintendo Game of the Year at the Golden Joysticks.

The top UK awards are as follows:

Best Game Character (Travis Touchdown) – NGamer Golden Mario Awards
Best Action Game (Wii) – IGN
Best Story (Wii) – IGN
Winner ‘When We Were You’ Award (Travis Touchdown) – MTV Games Awards
Winner ‘You Got the Style’ Award – MTV Games Awards
#2 Best Wii Game – GamesMaster
#8 in Top 50 Games of 2008 – The Daily Telegraph
#10 in Top 25 Games of the Year – Official Nintendo Magazine
Top 10 finalist for Game of the Year – GameSpot
Highly Recommended shortlist for Ultimate Wii Game of the Year – NGamer Golden Mario Awards

Mario & Luigi 3 screenshots

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“What’s driving the Wii sales is the use of Wii by women, girls and families. It’s a really female-driven platform.” – Ann Hamilton, senior brand manager with game publisher Ubisoft

Women definitely play a big role in the sales of Wii and even DS. However, I’m not entirely positive that the console is driven by women to the extent that Hamilton is implying.

, Source 2

– Project started in May
– Over the Top Games has 4 devs
– Game has been designed with Wiimote in mind
– Been happy with the relationship with Nintendo
– Those who have played LostWinds will be happy with Icarian
– Devs have been trying to make the game look nice
– Reconfirmed that a second player can join
– There will be variety in levels – flying to avoid obstacles/enemies, puzzles, etc
– No release date yet – want to wait until it’s polished and perfectly finished
– Need to finish Icarian before working/speaking about new projects