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VD-Dev has prepared a new patch for IronFall Invasion that can be downloaded in Europe. Version 1.1 makes improvements to the single-player/multiplayer, and there are a few new multiplayer-specific features as well. When the update goes live in North America, we’ll be sure to let you know.


Nintendo has released the update for Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker in Europe, which weighs about 20MB. Once the patch is applied, players can try out the new amiibo functionality. We’ll let you know when the update goes live in North America.


Pokemon Shuffle has received another new update. You can nab version 1.1.4 by heading over to the “Check In” section of the game. We’ll let you know what the update encompasses as soon as we obtain more information.


An update for Paper Monsters Recut has gone live in Europe. The patch should be coming to North America soon, and we’ll update this post when that happens. Developer Mobot Studios says the update mainly addresses bugs.


It may not be much, but we have a little bit of footage from Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows, the game’s upcoming expansion. You can check it out above.


Inti Creates shared official details about Azure Striker Gunvolt’s 1.2 update, which is now confirmed for release in North America on March 5.

As previously mentioned, the patch adds New 3DS functionality and the Sakura Efflorescence song from Lumen. There’s also a new Boss Rush mission, support to transfer demo save data to the full game, and bug fixes.

Read up on the full patch notes below.

As for the version update, Azure Striker Gunvolt has been recharged and loaded up with brand new features for Ver. 1.2!

No. 1: Boss Rush Mission

Beat the game to unlock the new Boss Rush mission! Get 1000+ Kudos during Boss Rush to hear the English version of Beyond the Blue!

No. 2: Brand New Lumen Song

Lumen’s brand new song “Sakura Efflorescence” now plays during normal mission playthroughs!

No. 3: Support for New Nintendo 3DSTM

Use the ZL Button and ZR Button to change your weapon on the fly! Enjoy higher CPU power and shorter loading times too!

Nintendo’s update for The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D should now be live in all major regions. The patch is officially available in North America, so you can go ahead and download it. Head past the break for Nintendo’s patch notes, details on how to update, and other information below.

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