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By the time this year is over, Nintendo will have launched three key releases: Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit Plus, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata recently commented about sales for the holiday at the first quarter financial results briefing and seems to believe that making these games available in a short amount of time will lead to success. Moreover, he hopes people people will say that “Holiday 2009 was the best one ever for Nintendo.”

“In September, which people overseas call ‘back-to-school,’ people start to pay more attention to home consoles. If we can convey the appeal of Wii Sports Resort to existing customers then, it will surely contribute to the sales of hardware and generate good momentum toward the holiday season. So we feel that Wii Sports Resort will drive hardware sales mainly in Q3 from October to December. Last year, we had some internal discussions about the close launch period of Mario Kart Wii and Wii Fit but we ended up launching them with the hypothesis that several major title launches in close proximity can produce a synergetic effect. As a result, it went very well. This year we hope to do well again as we will be launching three ten-million class titles consecutively, and would love to hear that ‘Holiday 2009 was the best one ever for Nintendo!'”

This is yet another snippet from the same Radio-Blodec podcast we’ve been mentioning this week, with High Voltage’s Joshusa Olson and SEGA’s German Fritsch. The possibility of High Voltage and SEGA working together again was discussed and we’ve translated the response below.

“…Well, we are all talking amongst ourselves. High Voltage is satisfied with SEGA and SEGA is satisfied with High Voltage. We have worked very well together. Whether we would like to end our relationship or not is a matter of numbers, but for now we will wait for sales…It depends on how everything works out but we would be happy to work together again without a doubt.”


There are plenty of ways to quit a job, but one former Ubisoft staffer took it upon himself to go out in one of the more unconventional ways. Now ex-developer William David designed a flash game in order to – as he explains – “tell my co-workers I was leaving and why.” Like the way in which he left Ubisoft, the flash creation itself isn’t your typical game. You can choose to only move forward, jump, and listen to the characters. But it’s still worth a playing, as the atmosphere is excellent and is capped off off with music from Frank Sinatra. And hey, it’s not so often that someone is willing to take this kind of approach when leaving his/her job.


Perhaps Nintendo of America is readying so new Club Nintendo prizes? I certainly hope so! Make sure you keep an eye out on the website!

Club Nintendo site here

Thanks to Blue paratroopa for the news tip!

Christian Svensson, Capcom’s Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development recently answered a question regarding the chances of seeing a new Mega Man Legends game over at Capcom-Unity…

“I can’t really speak on behalf of Inafune, but I do know that MM is near and dear to his heart. And if Inafune wants something badly enough, he is rarely denied in our greenlight/CS management meetings.”

We haven’t seen a true Mega Man Legends game in quite awhile. It’d be interesting to see what a new game would be like on the latest console hardware.

In a recent interview, head of SEGA West, Mike Hayes, told Kotaku that SEGA is “very keen” on bringing old Dreamcast games to players this gen.

“I can’t give you any details. Suffice to say, there’s a lot of technical issues, a lot of licensing issues. But we are very keen to bring [them] to players in the way we’ve done with Genesis games. We want to do it, but it’s hard work to get there. Hopefully we can build on that quite soon.” – Mike Hayes

I don’t know about any of you guys, but I loved the Dreamcast and would be immeasurably happy if SEGA was able to bring any of the fantastic games on that system to new gamers. I personally would like to see Rez on the Wii, Jet Grind Radio and Virtua Tennis come to current gen consoles. What about you guys? What Dreamcast games do you want to see ported to newer systems?


This information comes from the Capcom-Unity forums…

“Corporately, they were dissolved… in actually, people and projects were absorbed. The reality is, Okami and Godhand had shipped and the headcount transition began after those games were completed. There were no new projects initiated after that point that I’m aware of.” – Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development

I’m still pretty saddened that Clover is no more. Platinum Games is sort of like the rebirth of Clover, but that company brought us Okami – That’s still one of my favorite games of all time!

“You will see more — I wouldn’t say Mature as in M — but you will see more definitely more hardcore games from us on the Wii platform.” -Mike Hayes

I couldn’t care less if games were M rated or not. The terms “hardcore” and “mature” get used so interchangeably sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference, but I’m glad to see that SEGA isn’t stuck in the mindset of “M rating = Quality”.

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Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, Zack and Wiki, Resident Evil 4, Monster Hunter 3; All of these are great Wii titles released by Capcom, and it looks as if the Wii-love from the company won’t stop there. Not only has the next Devil Kings game been confirmed to be on Wii, but an article on Nihon Keizai Shimbun today revealed that Nintendo and Capcom are going to begin working closer together than every to bring anything from fantastic game launches (like the one we saw in Japan for Monster Hunter 3) to game demos and much more. No word on how Nintendo is going to be helping out with all of this, but you can be sure that with their tendency to do fantastic game launches and promotions for their own games, whatever they have cooking is something big.

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During a recent Investors Q&A session, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has discussed his feelings on the negative reaction to the Wii Vitality Sensor, outlining that it’s a good sign, contrary to popular belief.

“When we make some new announcement and if there is no positive initial reaction from the market, I try to think of it as a good sign because that can be interpreted as people reacting to something groundbreaking.”

He goes on to say that “if the employees were always minding themselves to do whatever the market is requiring at any moment, and if they were always focusing on something we can sell right now for the short term, it would be very limiting. We are trying to think outside the box.”

Nintendo gets a lot of hate for doing just this, and I can’t help but feel it’s entirely undeserved. In the second statement especially, Iwata brings up a fantastic point: Nintendo is doing something groundbreaking that reaches many more people than video game have ever done in the past. They’re thinking outside the box and delivering in areas that other game developers haven’t even begun to think about yet, and they’re doing all of this while still delivering their core franchises to the gamers that have been with them for so long. I can’t think of any other company that has done that, nor of any other company that could.

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