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Hyrule Warriors Legends news teased for next week

hyrule-warriors-legends-boxart-jp Posted 3 hours ago
By (@NE_Brian)

The next news update on Hyrule Warriors Legends should be coming next week. That’s based on a message from the game’s official Japanese Twitter account, which teased the reveal of additional information.

Toon Link was confirmed as a playable character last month, and we also received the first information and footage pertaining to the new Wind Waker content. Perhaps we’ll hear about at least one new character next week? If so, expect the news to leak via Famitsu in a couple of days.



Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer has Totaka’s Song

dj-kk-card Posted 18 hours ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Update (10/3): Bumped to the top. Have a listen to Totaka’s Song in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer below.

Original (9/26): Totaka’s Song has become a well-known Easter egg in Nintendo games. The 19 note tune, created by sound designer Kazumi Totaka, is often hidden in game’s like The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Luigi’s Mansion, and Mario Kart 8. It’s been going on for about 25 years.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is the latest Nintendo title to feature Totaka’s Song. When you use the DJ KK amiibo card and use the turntable for the first time, you should be able to hear the melody.



Super Mario Maker, Animal Crossing: HHD, Devil’s Third maintenance set for early next week

Super Mario Maker Posted 20 hours ago
By (@NE_Brian)

A trio of Nintendo-published titles will be undergoing maintenance early next week. Super Mario Maker, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, and Devil’s Third will be affected.

If you’re in North America, the maintenance is happening on Monday. In Europe, this will be taking place on Tuesday.

Here’s the full maintenance roundup:

Super Mario Maker

– 5 PM PT (Monday) – 7 PM PT (Monday)
– 8 PM (Monday) – 10 PM ET (Monday)
– 1 AM in the UK (Tuesday) – 3 AM in the UK (Tuesday)
– 2 AM in Europe (Tuesday) – 4 AM in Europe (Tuesday)

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

– 4 PM PT (Monday) – 5 PM PT (Monday)
– 7 PM ET (Monday) – 8 PM ET (Monday)
– 12 AM in the UK (Tuesday) – 1 AM in the UK (Tuesday)
– 1 AM in Europe (Tuesday) – 2 AM in Europe (Tuesday)

Devil’s Third

– 5 PM PT (Monday) – 8 PM PT (Monday)
– 8 PM ET (Monday) – 11 PM ET (Monday)
– 1 AM in the UK (Tuesday) – 4 AM in the UK (Tuesday)
– 2 AM in Europe (Tuesday) – 5 AM in Europe (Tuesday)



Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden – Super Butoden 2 pre-order bonus trailer

dbz-pre-order Posted 1 day ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Bandai Namco is offering a special pre-order bonus for Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden. By reserving it on Amazon, you’ll receive a code for the Super Famicom game Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden 2. This offer is also valid at various retailers and on the eShop in Europe.

Bandai Namco has now published a trailer for the pre-order promotion. We’ve gone ahead and posted it below.


Zelda: Tri Force Heroes only lets you play with people in the same region online

zelda-tri-force-heroes-51 Posted 1 day ago
By (@NE_Brian)

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes contains a few multiplayer options. There’s Download Play which only requires a single copy of the game, local multiplayer with both players owning the title, and online.

We do have to point out one important detail regarding Internet play. Unfortunately, it seems that you can only play with people in the same region. If you’re in the United States and your friend is in Europe for example, it doesn’t sound like you’ll be able to pair up.



Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon sold through 61% of its initial Japanese shipment

pokemon-super-mystery-dungeon Posted 1 day ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon debuted in Japan on September 17. During its first few days on the market (about half a week), the game sold 152,000 copies. Sales tracker Media Create reports that Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon saw a sell-through rate of 61.09 percent.

Compared to previous Mystery Dungeon titles, the new 3DS game performed better than Gates to Infinity. That game released in November 2012, and sold 121,000 copies for a 34.31 sell-through of initial stock.

Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon had 94,000 pre-orders, which was around the same range as the previous entry (95,000 pre-orders), showing the series has the loyal support of long time fans. Also, judging by the lack of growth in 3DS sales, Media Create believes it can be assumed that the majority of the userbase already had the system before the game came out as opposed to buying it for the game.


Media Create software sales (9/21 – 9/27) – Top 50

super-mario-maker-1 Posted 1 day ago
By (@NE_Brian)

This week’s expanded Japanese software sales are as follows:

01./02. [WIU] Super Mario Maker # (Nintendo) {2015.09.10} (¥6.156) – 52.396 / 245.182 (-4%)
02./01. [3DS] Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon (Nintendo) {2015.09.17} (¥5.076) – 44.555 / 196.379 (-71%)
03./03. [3DS] Yo-Kai Watch Busters: Red Cat Team / White Dog Squad (Level 5) {2015.07.11} (¥4.968) – 39.468 / 1.566.740 (+7%)
04./00. [PSV] Utawareru Mono: Itsuwari no Kamen # (Aqua Plus) {2015.09.24} (¥7.344) – 26.252 / NEW
05./07. [3DS] Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer # (Nintendo) {2015.07.30} (¥4.320) – 21.785 / 1.050.673 (+19%)
06./08. [WIU] Splatoon (Nintendo) {2015.05.28} (¥6.156) – 20.736 / 681.495 (+24%)
07./00. [PSV] Genkai Tokki: Moero Crystal # (Compile Heart) {2015.09.25} (¥7.344) – 18.721 / NEW
08./00. [PS4] Utawareru Mono: Itsuwari no Kamen #
(Aqua Plus) {2015.09.24} (¥7.344) – 18.635 / NEW
09./04. [3DS] Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King
(Square Enix) {2015.08.27} (¥6.458) – 17.790 / 776.665 (-28%)
10./06. [PS4] Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain # (Konami) {2015.09.02} (¥9.072) – 15.158 / 372.233 (-27%)
11./00. [PS3] TV Anime Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls G4U! Pack Vol.5 (Bandai Namco Games) {2015.09.25} (¥10.778) – 13.287 / NEW
12./09. [PS3] Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain # (Konami) {2015.09.02} (¥9.072) – 11.217 / 167.691 (-31%)
13./16. [PSV] Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition
(Sony Computer Entertainment) {2015.03.19} (¥2.592) – 10.770 / 343.434 (+31%)
14./00. [PS3] Utawareru Mono: Itsuwari no Kamen # (Aqua Plus) {2015.09.24} (¥7.344) – 10.693 / NEW
15./12. [3DS] Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airu Village DX (Capcom) {2015.09.10} (¥4.309) – 10.197 / 83.687 (-27%)
16./00. [PSV] Hakuoki: Shinkai – Furi no Shou # (Idea Factory) {2015.09.25} (¥6.804) – 10.064 / NEW
17./00. [PS4] The Witch and the Hundred Knights Revival # (Nippon Ichi Software) {2015.09.25} (¥7.344) – 8.902 / NEW
18./00. [PS4] Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul (Bandai Namco Games) {2015.09.25} (¥7.690) – 6.938 / NEW
19./18. [3DS] Rhythm Heaven: The Best+
(Nintendo) {2015.06.11} (¥5.076) – 6.830 / 475.059 (+16%)
20./10. [PSV] Resident Evil: Revelations 2 (Capcom) {2015.09.17} (¥5.389) – 5.765 / 21.698 (-64%)



Nintendo UK store giving out free Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer code due to delay

animal-crossing-happy Posted 1 day ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer launched in Europe today. Quite a number of fans pre-ordered the game from Nintendo UK’s store, but haven’t received their copy yet.

Nintendo is at least trying to make up for the situation by offering those who reserved the title a free download code. Of course, they’ll still be receiving the physical copy as well.

Here’s the message from Nintendo:

Thank you for pre-ordering Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer with the Nintendo Official UK Store.

Regrettably there has been a delay in the dispatch of your order which means this is unlikely to be arriving with you today.

We fully appreciate that this must be very disappointing; as a gesture of goodwill we would like to provide you with a code to allow you to download the game from the Nintendo eShop so you begin creating stylish new homes for your Animal Crossing friends as soon as possible.

The physical product will be on the way today if not already, keep an eye out for the dispatch notification email for further details.

Your download code is: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

As an additional gesture you can redeem the code below at the Nintendo Official UK store for a free pack of the Animal Crossing amiibo cards, just add them to your basket then enter the code at checkout.

Your amiibo card code is: XXXXXXXXXXXX