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Super Smash Bros. for 3DS Screenshots (09/02/14)

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Today Sakurai talks a little bit about All-Star mode for the 3DS, which looks like it will be a little bit more dynamic than in previous entries:

He continues:


In these battles, multiple opponents appear in one stage, and you clear the battle by defeating a number of them. The rest area that appears between battles displays the next opponents and the year the characters made their first appearances, and it also holds recovery items and an occasional reward. The characters you fight against appear pretty much in chronological order. Behold, the history of Nintendo games!!


Another round of Final Fantasy Explorers details

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Final Fantasy Explorers director Atsushi Hashimoto and project manager Takahiro Abe shared more details about the game during a live stream event last week. Read on below for a summary of what was revealed (as translated by Siliconera).

- When you’re not in combat and the battle theme isn’t playing, your health will regenerate rapidly
- This means you’ll only need to worry about using potions in battle
-In addition to the Provoke move that comes in handy for managing hate as a tank, they’ll also have the Flash ability
- This will work similarly as the way it does in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
- Can pick between auto-saves and manual saves
- Acquire Abilities at the crystal in the middle of town
- Purchase abilities with CP points earned while going on quests
- You won’t be able to learn too many at once, as Abilities will be something you’ll work on over time
- Regarding Abilities that you can learn from other classes, or cross-class skills, you won’t be able to use every single skill from all the Jobs
- For the most part, you’ll be able to learn them as long as they make sense for your Job in some way
- Ex: Dark Knights will be able to learn various Black Mage spells
- Can have White Mages that don’t really heal as much, instead but specialize in damaging opponents
- Clearing quests takes about 20 minutes on average
- During the fight against Ifrit, the Ranger used her Trance mode, then followed by the “Legend Character” transformation and turned into Cloud, who used a bow instead of his regular Buster Sword
- Trance mode and transforming into a Legendary Character aren’t exactly the same thing
- Trance more is more of a power-up
- In order to go Trance mode, there’s an indicator on the top-left part of the screen that will show you when it will be possible to transform, which happens after defeating a certain amount of enemies
- Game has a system that lets you break parts off boss monsters to acquire material to create gear, or something else



Activision releasing a Duck Dynasty game on 3DS

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Activision is bringing a Duck Dynasty game to the 3DS, PlayStation 4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360, according to listings on Newegg and the ESRB.

The ESRB’s description is as follows:

This is a simulation game in which players assume the role of the “new guy” at Duck HQ with the Duck Dynasty clan. Players explore the town of Duckville, perform tasks for various characters, and engage in fetching and hunting mini-games. Some “cartoony” hunting games involve shooting various animals: targeting flying ducks from a first-person perspective; shooting armadillos, rats, and roaches.

Newegg lists a mid-October release date for Duck Dynasty. At this time, Activision has yet to officially announce the game.



Square Enix open to localizing more Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime games

dq-rocket-slime-3ds Posted 12 hours ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Square Enix has some doubts about localizing Dragon Quest VII for 3DS due to concerns about how it would sell and the high amount of text that would need to be translated. However, the company seems to be much more open to the idea of bringing the Rocket Slime games over.

Dragon Quest mobile producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto told Siliconera:

“You know, it’s funny, when we made Rocket Slime, we were targeting the game towards 8, 9, and 10-year-olds in Japan—but in the west, the average age of the person who bought Rocket Slime was 25! It seems like the grown-ups enjoyed the game and we were pleasantly surprised.”

“In terms of the Rocket Slime game… in Japan, there wasn’t a lot of feedback saying they wanted iteration, but in the western regions, especially North America, there are a lot of requests to see another Rocket Slime game. We’re curious to know, there are a lot of joking elements in it; did you enjoy the humor and the joke elements in it?”

“In Japan, we actually have a total of three titles in the Rocket Slime series. The western version was the second game. Compared to, say, a game like Dragon Quest VII, it’s less text to translate, so that’s not an impossible amount… so if [Rocket Slime 1] or [Rocket Slime 2] might be a great candidate…?”


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