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Two unnamed men attempted to rob a GameStop store in Solon, Ohio an hour before closing time last night. The incident involved a one hour standoff. Fortunately, no deaths or injuries have been reported and police were able to diffuse the situation without firing a single shot.

According to reports, the manager of this particular GameStop was speaking with another manager in Macedonia at approximately 8 p.m. when the two men tried to rob it. Cops came rushing to the scene with members of the SWAT team after they were notified that the store in Solon was being robbed. Police were told that one suspect was inside of GameStop while another was trying to escape by climbing through the ceiling and crawling out of a Mitchell’s ice cream shop.

Eventually, the suspect still inside the store gave himself up, followed soon after by the second suspect. Both men were arrested.

This is not the first time that GameStop in Solon has been robbed. This most recent event marks the second/third time that robbers have targeted the store in the past year.

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Arc Rise Fantasia info

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– Team making game composed of TOS’ game designer, cg director, scenario writer, main battle programmer and other people from TOS.
– The game will have Tales-like optional Skits, opened by pressing 2 button
– Weapons used in battle get level ups
– Their abilities pop off in form of geometric pieces-think tetris. Trade pieces among party or put em tetris style into frames of future weapons.
– Magical abilities are based on each character’s ‘cage’ ,they can be leveled in special shops and fit with gems allowing casting of various elemental spells.
– Game has a brisk pacing-30 house long.
– Sidequests-guild, casino. Casino has minigames that’ll use ir/motion sensing capabilities of the Wii.
-Characters- NP only did the first four characters that were revealed a long time ago.
L’arc Bright Lagoon- mc, merc supports sick mom, and lecherous uncle.
Ryfia-mystery girl
Alphonse ‘Arth’ Zena Meridia- meridia prince, older bro is the king, L’arc’s friend
Adelle Nevanlina- childhood friend/neighbor of L’arc, magic teacher


The actions of Robert Pelloni, the creator of Bob’s Game, have been well-documented for the last few months. Sure, his behavior has been questionable, but he has not pulled a stunt like he did at the Nintendo World Store most recently. Robert and a few cohorts posted signs on the edifice and inside of the building, placed fake cases on shelves, and threw some business cards on the floor.

Robert was asked to leave a few times, but he claimed he simply wanted to purchase a DS and play his game. All of this comes on the 50th day of his apparently 100-day protest. This is, of course, not a smart way to persuade Nintendo to give in and supply Robert with a development kit. If anything, Bob’s Game has taken quite a few steps back in regards to arriving on the DS.

Dragon Quest IX screenshots

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Weekly savings (2/1 – 2/7)

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Best Buy

AMF Bowling Pinbusters! (Wii) – $9.99
Build-A-Bear Workshop: A Friend For All Seasons (Wii) – $19.99
Rubik’s WOrld (Wii) – $19.99
Ultimate Band (Wii) – $39.99
Nerf: N-Strike (Wii) – $39.99
Imagine: Fashion Designer: New York (DS) – $19.99
Petz: Dogz Pack (DS) – $19.99


Nerf-N-Strike Bundle (Wii) – $37
New Super Mario Bros. (DS) – Free $5 gift card with purchase
SimAnimals (DS) – Free $5 gift card with purchase

Reel Fishing: Angler’s Dream is a fishing game like no other! Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and even feel of fishing as you experience the most realistic fishing game ever!

Reel Fishing: Angler’s Dream offers beautiful, picturesque fishing locales, from calm, tranquil lakes to the beaches of tropical paradises. You’ll feel like you’re really in nature as you listen to the gentle lapping of waves, the call of distant birds, and the splash of hungry fish ready to be hooked. You’ll battle more than forty different types of fresh and saltwater fish in your quest to become a master angler. Each fish looks, moves, and fights just like the real thing; they’ll flee, dive, and jump out of the water in an effort to dislodge your hook or break your line. Using the Wii™ Remote and Nunchuk™, you’ll believe you’re really fishing as you cast, reel, and move your rod.

The latest rumor surrounding Kid Icarus is that the character model from the game has been leaked. Before anyone starts going crazy, let me point out that this is just a rumor. We don’t know if this is really a possible character model Factor 5 would have used/is using for Kid Icarus on the Wii, nor do we know that this is even real – Hence why I marked this as a rumor. With that said, I personally have mixed feelings about the character model. I’m not really loving it, but it’s not the worst thing I’ve seen either.

I’m about 90% sure these videos are Spyborgs pre-overhaul. When we see official videos from Capcom, chances are the next footage will be different than the early footage below.

Kate Winslet is just one of the many celebrities who have shown interest in the Wii besides the likes of Queen Elizabeth II and Miley Cyrus. Winslet says she was playing Wii Sports Tennis with her son when her husband told her that she received a few Oscar nominations. She also loves to watch her son play Wii Sports Boxing.

“It was extraordinary (hearing news of Oscar nominations). I was playing Wii Tennis with my son…It is fantastic. I’ve gotta tell you, it is so fantastic. And the boxing. The boxing is the funniest thing of all because you’re boxing the air…I’m watching my little five year old go like this [Winslet makes boxing motions] over and over and over. It’s hysterical…”

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