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Numerous celebrities have expressed their interest in Nintendo’s white console before, but at the opposite end of the spectrum, some stars simply aren’t interested. Two members of G-Unit – Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks admitted today that they don’t own a Wii.

Tony Yayo said, “I got an Xbox 360, I got the regular green Xbox, I got PlayStation 3. I had a Wii, but I gave it away. No disrespect, it just wasn’t my thing…I had one game on the Wii where you had a motorcycle and one hand was the steering and the other hand was, like, two guns or something. But I really wasn’t into the graphics. I think a lot of people like to play it, but I just don’t like the graphics. The graphics is everything to me! It’s like when we used to play Nintendo and Genesis. You see the difference between, like, Duck Hunt and now. I mean, come on, bro. I’m sorry…I love good graphics, I really do. With that said, someone that says that graphics are the end-all-be-all doesn’t really understand the industry, or the point of gaming. I am glad they partake in some of what the industry has to offer, and I respect their choices. I just can’t agree with them 100%.”

Yayo’s justification is fairly understandable I suppose (if you care about graphics that much). I even admit that graphics are a very important aspect about a game, but it does not ultimately determine a game purchase for me. Besides, Super Mario Galaxy doesn’t look that terrible.

And what about Lloyd Banks? He said, “Man, I ain’t got no Wii either.” I just wonder if it’s for the same reason that Yayo mentions.

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On Saturday, we reported that, according to The Sun, 10 people were being hospitalized from Wii play. However, the initial doctor mentioned in The Sun article has clarified his words and mentions that “the quote about 10 people admitted to hospital” is not actually true.

“I have seen a few injuries related to patients using the Wii. I do NOT think its anything to do with the Wii itself, but rather the player over using the device. There is no epidemic- I used to see 3 or 4 injuries and over the last few months there have been 7 to 10. The quote about 10 people admitted to hospital is INCORRECT. 10 people have been seen recently in hospital clinics is the fact. Broomfield (hospital) doesn’t keep specific Wii stats, but we do have soft tissue rheumatism stats under which this type of injury belongs, and we haven’t seen a great rise.” – Dr. Dev Mukerjee, of Broomfield Hospital


Boom Blox cheat codes

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BOOM BLOX is fresh off its win for “Best Wii Game” at the 2008 Spike Video Game Awards. With these codes, you can unlock all the props, toys and characters in the game’s Create Mode, and you can unlock all the levels in the game for even more action-packed destruction!!

Directions: At the BOOM BLOX title screen, hit up, right, down, left on the D-pad button. Type in the codes below using the keyboard


Note: Cheats are case-sensitive

“One of the main reasons why we’re back on Wii is because of the controller. When we released the first one on Wii, you had this feeling just finished with moving the controller; it was really good. So, if we released it on Xbox 360, for example, we’d have to rethink this feeling. I wanted to keep the game’s controller gimmick, so that’s why the fighting was more fitting on Wii, rather than on other platforms.” – Suda51

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When titles in the Mario and Zelda series are being developed, one can bet that Shigeru Miyamoto oversees a great deal of the production process each day. However, that can’t be said about every Nintendo title. Miyamoto has stated that sometime he might only check in on a product “once a week or even once a month.”

“Our department has so many people working on different projects. Some titles I’m deeply involved in and others I’m not so deeply involved in. Sometimes there is software I check on just once a week or even once a month. But I’m always getting reports on how games are going, then I make comments or decide to change aspects of the game. When games are nearing completion I usually get more deeply involved.”

You might also be interested to know that Miyamoto regularly eats lunch with Satoru Iwata, swims at least once a week, and believe it or not, Miyamoto is often late to work.

Wallace & Gromit has been rumored to be heading to Wii, but it looks like it’s confirmed at this point – Well, according to GamesPress it is!

“Chinatown Wars is much bigger than anything we have ever done before [in terms of scope]: more odd jobs, deeper missions, and more moments of over-the-top action. We have a huge interaction with the Rockstar Social Club, a massive [narcotics trafficking] game that would stand alone on its own. The list goes on and on; this thing is huge. We are very proud of all of the PSP games we have made, especially the two GTA games, but this game is far bigger.” – Rockstar Leeds president Gordon Hall

Rockstar Leeds definitely seems to be a capable of replicating the GTA experience on the DS, even though this is their first experience with the system. Still, I’m a bit shocked that Mr. Hall has stated that Chinatown Wars is bigger than the company’s work on the PSP titles.

Source: Nintendo Power