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The Seattle Times has put up a massive interview with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime. There’s quite a lot of important topics, so we’ve included a good part of the interview below. You can find The Seattle Times’ full article here.

Check out this exchange between IGN and Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto and Shinya Takahashi…

IGN: What are some high level applications for that you both have in mind for amiibo?

Takahashi: “I think the biggest distinction for the amiibo figures is first, we’re releasing them with Smash Bros. and there will be figures for the different characters in the game. You can take the Mario amiibo and use it in Smash Bros., but then you’ll be able to use it across different games that Mario appears in. For example, you can use the Smash Bros. Mario figure and use it in Mario Kart 8 when that functionality releases. You can also use that same Mario figure in Mario Party 10. So for the amiibo project in general, we’re looking at having all of the figures be useable across a lot of Nintendo titles and not just the one game the figure was [visually] designed for.

To get technical, the amiibo is able to store data, and within the full data set you have this much data (mimics a large space with his pointer finger and thumb) which is reserved for Smash Bros. But then you have a subset of data (mimics roughly half of the space from the previous example) that says this is the Mario figure. Smash Bros will use the big chunk of data in the Smash Bros. amiibo, but the other games are able to read that this is a Mario figure through this other set of data that identifies the character, and that is how the characters are able to interact with the Mario amiibo.

When you use the Smash Bros. Mario amiibo in Smash Bros., it’s able to do all of the different things designed for that game. When you take that amiibo and you use it in different games, it’s not the Smash Bros. Mario, it’s just a Mario. It’s a more simple use for [amiibo functionality] but it’s able to do those two things.”

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Nintendo has detailed “Amiibo”, its new NFC figurine line for Wii U and 3DS. As part of the initiate, Skylanders and Disney Infinity have special Wii U exclusive features.

When an Amiibo touches a GamePad, the data is downloaded into the game you’re playing. Additionally, information can be sent back to the figure

Super Smash Bros. will be the first Nintendo-published title to make use of Amiibo. There are plans for Mario Kart 8 to support the feature as well.

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