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In a recent interview, head of SEGA West, Mike Hayes, told Kotaku that SEGA is “very keen” on bringing old Dreamcast games to players this gen.

“I can’t give you any details. Suffice to say, there’s a lot of technical issues, a lot of licensing issues. But we are very keen to bring [them] to players in the way we’ve done with Genesis games. We want to do it, but it’s hard work to get there. Hopefully we can build on that quite soon.” – Mike Hayes

I don’t know about any of you guys, but I loved the Dreamcast and would be immeasurably happy if SEGA was able to bring any of the fantastic games on that system to new gamers. I personally would like to see Rez on the Wii, Jet Grind Radio and Virtua Tennis come to current gen consoles. What about you guys? What Dreamcast games do you want to see ported to newer systems?



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Phantasy Star (MS) – 500 Points

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“The “core” Wii audience is a Mario/Zelda/Smash Bros./Metroid audience, not a Conduit audience. To the extent that the Wii is the only console that the core gamer owns, it’s likely because the only games he/she cares about are first party core titles. Most core Wii owners who care about shooter games other than Metroid already own an Xbox 360 (to play Halo or Gears), or own a PS3 (to play Resistance or Killzone). So when a game like The Conduit comes out on the Wii, these core gamers are making a comparison to Halo or Killzone, and are deciding accordingly. High Voltage did a decent job with The Conduit, especially given the graphic limitations of the Wii, but the game didn’t look and feel as good as games like Halo or Killzone, and if a gamer had both a Wii and either a PS3 or Xbox 360, it’s easy to see why they would pass on The Conduit in favor of a hard core game on one of the other platforms.” – Analyst Michael Pachter

I really have to agree with Pachter on this one. Just from a sales perspective, there’s no doubt that the only core titles that really sell how they should are Nintendo titles, when things like The Conduit and Madworld don’t sell anywhere near where they should.

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“Due to the way the game data is allocated for production and the changes that we made in the source code, we were unfortunately unable to carry over the save file compatibility from MP3 to Trilogy.” – Mike Wikan, lead game designer at Retro Studios

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s “unfortunate”, since it’ll give people another reason to play through a fantastic game, but I know some people will be upset that all of their hard work on the game will be lost of they make the transition.

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Originally I wasn’t going to post this, thinking it was just a one or two guy thing, but apparently this map has spread across NWFC and into online games as well. Just minutes ago I powered up The Conduit and started an online game only to be thrown into a game on this very map. Now, I’ve got to give the map designer credit, it’s not a bad map by any means. It was certainly a fun match and the implementation of cover as well as the new look was, if I may say so, refreshing. If anyone else plays on this map, be sure to leave a comment!

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This information comes from the Capcom-Unity forums…

“Corporately, they were dissolved… in actually, people and projects were absorbed. The reality is, Okami and Godhand had shipped and the headcount transition began after those games were completed. There were no new projects initiated after that point that I’m aware of.” – Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development

I’m still pretty saddened that Clover is no more. Platinum Games is sort of like the rebirth of Clover, but that company brought us Okami – That’s still one of my favorite games of all time!