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This is another part of Nintendo Power’s “250 reasons to love Nintendo” in their latest magazine. The list is in no particular order.

– “Do a barrel roll!” – Peppy Hare, Star Fox 64
– “Fight, Mega Man! For everlasting peace!” – Mega Man
– “Uh-oh! The truck have started to move.” – Snake, Metal Gear
– “Join the Nintendo Fun Club today! Mac.” – Doc Louis, Punch-Out!!
– “A winner is you.” – Pro Wrestling
– “I feel asleep!!” – Guard, Metal Gear
– “What a horrible night to have a curse.” – Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest
– “I am error.” – Error, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
– “Thank you Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!” – Toad, Super Mario Bros.
– “Congraturation this story is happy end.” – Ghosts ‘N Goblins
– “Good morning, Crono!” – Crono’s Mom, Chrono Trigger
– “It’s a secret to everybody.” – Moblin, The Legend of Zelda
– “Bard!” – Random Thug, River City Ransom
– “Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president?” – Bad Dudes
– “It’s time for revenge.” – Bill Rizer, Contra III: The Alien Wars
– “Let’s attack aggressively!” – Lance Bean, Contra III: The Alien Wars
– “A slime draws near!” – Dragon Warrior
– “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.” – Old Man, The Legend of Zelda
– “Dodongo dislikes smoke.” – Old Man, The Legend of Zelda
– “I have fury!” – Fawful, Mario & Luigi series
– “Finish him!” – Mortal Kombat series
– “Take a key for coming in!” – Super Ghosts ‘N Ghosts
– “Just a girl. Get out of here!” – Ryu Hayabusa, Ninja Gaiden
– “You and your friends are dead. Game over.” – Friday the 13th
– “Welcome to warp zone!” – Super Mario Bros.
– “You spoony bard!” – Tellah, Final Fantasy IV

Happy Holidays!

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I decided to save this post for today, rather than post it on the site’s two year anniversary, which took place in October. With Christmas happening today and New Year’s coming up, I thought it’d be best to share this with you now instead.

Our most important goal with the site has been to provide you all with the most up-to-date, most significant Nintendo news, reviews, and features. I truly hope that we were able to that for you all this year. It wasn’t always easy, especially since I don’t always have time to spend on the site. As much as I’d like working on Nintendo Everything to be an every day job since I enjoy it so much, that just isn’t something that’s realistic at this point. But because it isn’t, sometimes it’s a struggle to balance site updates with responsibilities in real life/spending time with friends and family/other things. Even so, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In just one year, we’ve managed to expand considerably. I love that we have more of a community aspect growing. I’d say that our forum is quite a bit larger than last year and it’s also great to see that some of you have grown accustomed to commenting on news stories. Hearing what you guys have to say is very important to me, whether it’s an opinion on a news post or a site suggestion.

I tend to ramble on with these types of posts more often than not, so I’ll just cut it off here. Know that while I don’t always drill into everyone’s brain how much we appreciate you guys, please know that we do. Really!

Hopefully 2010 will be an even better year for the site (although that will be difficult) and I look forward to providing you all with more Nintendo coverage as the years go on. Again, Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year (I’m a little early with that, but oh well!).

1912: Titanic Mystery video

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Thanks to PlayStati0nNetwork for the news tip!

Thanks to PlayStati0nNetwork for the news tip!

Update: Post has been updated with the top 30.

This data comes from ASCII Media Works/Dengeki, which has included sales from December 29 of last year to December 20 of 2009.

1. [NDS] Dragon Quest 9 – 4.09M
2. [NDS] Pokemon HG/SS – 3.30M
3. [NDS] Tomodachi Collection – 2.05M
4. [WII] New Super Mario Bros. Wii – 1.89M
5. [WII] Wii Sports Resort – 1.49M

6. [PS3] Final Fantasy 13 – 1.45M
9. [PSP] MHP2G (Best) – 870,000
10. [NDS] Inazuma Eleven 2 – Fire/Blizzard – 851,175
11. [NDS] Mario & Luigi RPG 3 – 708,311
12. [NDS] Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days – 571,981

13. [PS3] Resident Evil 5 – 552,553
14. [PS3] Yakuza 3 – 552,826
15. [WII] Wii Fit – 499,251
16. [NDS] Professor Layton and the Devil’s Flute – 481,311

17. [PSP] Phantasy Star Portable 2 – 404,751
18. [WII] Mario Kart Wii – 404,751
19. [PSP] Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce – 397,080
20. [NDS] Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Sky Battalion – 383,226
21. [WII] Taiko Drum Master Wii – 375,895

22. [PS3] Winning Eleven 2010 – 370,831
23. [NDS] Rhythm Heaven Gold – 361,292
24. [PS3] Tales of Vesperia – 352,961
25. [PSP] Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 2 – 339,523
26. [NDS] Pokemon Platinum – 325,911
27. [PSP] Gundam vs. Gundam NEXT Plus – 323,531
28. [NDS] Wagamama Fashion Girls Mode – 314,832
29. [NDS] Ace Attorney Investigations – 313,891

30. [PS2] SD Gundam G Generation Wars – 306,985

In terms of the top 30 best-selling software, here’s how each system fared:

NDS – 12
Wii – 7

PS3 – 5
PSP – 5
PS2 – 1

Source 1, Source 2

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• Gunstar Heroes
• Toe Jam & Earl
• Puyo Puyo 2
• Shining Force
• Golden Axe
• Altered Beast
• Streets Of Rage 2


-The Mystery of Whiterock Castle (RTL Playtainment, 700 points)
-TV Show King 2 (Gameloft, 800 points)

-A Little Bit of… Magic Made Fun: Mind Probe (Nintendo, 200 points)
-Art Academy: First Semester (Nintendo, 800 points)
-Me and My Dogs: Friends Forever (Gameloft, 800 points)
-Rayman (Ubisoft, 800 points)
-Sparkle Snapshots (Nintendo, 500 points)