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This game will be launching in Japan on October 29.

Burlingame, Calif., July 30, 2009 – Natsume Inc., a worldwide developer and publisher of family-oriented video games, announced today that Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming has entered into manufacturing and will launch in August for the Nintendo DS. Set in the world of last year’s DS hit Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness, Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming continues the tale of the island and its residents.

Something strange is happening on Sunny Island! Crops are popping up everywhere and growing out of control! If something isn’t done soon, the once-tranquil island will be buried in an avalanche of vegetables! It’s up to the players to solve the mystery of this produce predicament as they try to tame the crops and gather as many vegetables as they can!

Nintendo has released updated life-to-date hardware sales figures for both the Wii and DS. This information comes from Nintendo’s most recent financial report…

DS: 107.7 million
Wii: 52.6 million

The DS number is pretty astounding…But how has the DSi performed? According to the same report, the handheld is already at 6.9 million.

Update: The Facebook functionality has also been released in Europe, alongside a new version of the DSi firmware.


First announced at E3, Facebook compatibility for the DSi is now available – But only for Japan right now. Really, the service couldn’t be any easier to use on the DSi, although it will probably be considered limiting for consistent Facebook members.

Pictures can be chosen for upload in the DSi Camera application by clicking on a certain button. The images can then be sent to Facebook as soon as a user logs in. Unfortunately, that’s the only thing that can be done with the social networking site. It does not seem possible to delete any pictures sent from the DSi unless the user does so at a computer.

Guitar Hero 5 track listing

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3 Doors Down – “Kryptonite”
Arctic Monkeys – “Brianstorm”
Blink-182 – “The Rock Show”
Dire Straits – “Sultans Of Swing”
Jimmy Eat World – “Bleed American”
Johnny Cash – “Ring Of Fire”
Megadeth – “Sweating Bullets”
Mötley Crüe – “Looks That Kill”
Muse – “Plug In Baby”
Nirvana – “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
Queen & David Bowie – “Under Pressure”
Stevie Wonder – “Superstition”
The Killers – “All The Pretty Faces”
The Raconteurs – “Steady As She Goes”
TV On The Radio – “Wolf Like Me”

Previously announced tracks include:

A Perfect Circle – “Judith”
AFI – “Medicate”
Attack! Attack! UK – “You And Me”
Band Of Horses – “Cigarettes, Wedding Bands”
Beastie Boys – “Gratitude”
Beck – “Gamma Ray”
Billy Idol – “Dancing With Myself”
Billy Squier – “Lonely Is The Night”
Blur – “Song 2”
Bob Dylan – “All Along The Watchtower”
Bon Jovi – “You Give Love A Bad Name”
Brand New – “Sowing Season (Yeah)”
The Bronx – “Six Days A Week”
Bush – “Comedown”
Children Of Bodom – “Done With Everything, Die For Nothing”
Coldplay – “In My Place”
Darker My Love – “Blue Day”
Darkest Hour – “Demon(s)”
David Bowie – “Fame”
Deep Purple – “Woman From Tokyo (’99 Remix)”
The Derek Trucks Band – “Younk Funk”
The Duke Spirit – “Send A Little Love Token”
Duran Duran – “Hungry Like The Wolf”
Eagles Of Death Metal – “Wannabe In L.A.”
Elliott Smith – “L.A.”
Elton John – “Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)”
Face To Face – “Disconnected”
Garbage – “Only Happy When It Rains”
Gorillaz – “Feel Good Inc.”
Gov’t Mule – “Streamline Woman”
Grand Funk Railroad – “We’re An American Band”
Iggy Pop – “Lust For Life (Live)”
Iron Maiden – “2 Minutes To Midnight”
Jeff Beck – “Scatterbrain (Live)”
John Mellencamp – “Hurts So Good”
Kaiser Chiefs – “Never Miss A Beat”
King Crimson – “21st Century Schizoid Man”
Kings Of Leon – “Sex On Fire”
Kiss – “Shout It Out Loud”
Love and Rockets – “Mirror People”
My Morning Jacket – “One Big Holiday”
Nirvana – “Lithium (Live)”
No Doubt – “Ex-Girlfriend”
Peter Frampton – “Do You Feel Like We Do? (Live)”
The Police – “So Lonely”
Public Enemy Featuring Zakk Wylde – “Bring the Noise 20XX”
Queens Of The Stone Age – “Make It Wit Chu”
Rammstein – “Du Hast”
The Rolling Stones – “Sympathy For The Devil”
Rose Hill Drive – “Sneak Out”
Rush – “The Spirit Of Radio (Live)”
Santana – “No One To Depend On (Live)”
Scars On Broadway – “They Say”
Screaming Trees – “Nearly Lost You”
Smashing Pumpkins – “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”
Sonic Youth – “Incinerate”
Spacehog – “In The Meantime”
Sublime – “What I Got”
Sunny Day Real Estate – “Seven”
T. Rex – “20th Century Boy”
The Sword – “Maiden, Mother & Crone”
Thin Lizzy – “Jailbreak”
Thrice – “Deadbolt”
Tom Petty – “Runnin’ Down A Dream”
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – “American Girl”
Vampire Weekend – “A-Punk”
Weezer – “Why Bother?”
The White Stripes – “Blue Orchid”
Wild Cherry – “Play That Funky Music”
Wolfmother – “Back Round”


– Have Fun and Learn to Play the Piano on the Go Using a Real Keyboard for the First Time Exclusively on Nintendo DS –

LYON, FRANCE – 29 July 2009 – NAMCO BANDAI Partners today announced that it will distribute the new game from publisher Game Life, ‘Easy Piano’. The fun and educational new game lets players enjoy the most realistic piano experience ever on DS thanks to its unique 8-note full-octave keyboard peripheral. The various game modes will guide players’ first steps in the piano world and offer the chance for more practiced players to play all-time classics. The game is scheduled for release in November 2009 in Europe and PAL regions.

Whether you are playing along with different tracks from the game or learning the piano, for the first time on DS players will be able to practice on a real keyboard and be tutored in the correct finger movements and skills required to become a mobile virtuoso. The 8-note piano keyboard peripheral represents a complete musical octave, but players will have access to a full three octave range while playing. Players can also choose from piano, guitar or a number of other instruments included with the game depending on how the mood takes them or what their chosen musical opus demands.

A developer over at the Telltale forums has caused a bit of controversy with some of his comments. A member who had recently downloaded the first chapter of Tales of Monkey Island, noting his dissatisfaction with the game, posted some big complaints relating to frame rate issues. A Telltale developer responded in the topic, but riled up a few Wii owners in the process by saying that “An iPhone is much more powerful than a Wii.”

“The voices and textures are the way they are because we’re limited to 40 megs for WiiWare titles. The PC versions of our games are usually 150+ megs, and most modern games range anywhere from 1-10 gigabytes or more. Talk to Nintendo about this one.

Frame rate issues will probably get sorted out eventually, but keep in mind that the Wii is just not a powerful console. An iPhone is much more powerful than a Wii, even.”

Later, in a response to a user saying that he used “strong words,” the developer said:

“And I stand by them. The Wii and DS are extremely underpowered and their popularity doesn’t remove the hardware limitations.”

– Fire Adventure Squad starters – Vulpix, Growlithe, Eevee, Teddiursa, and Buneary
– Storm Adventure Squad starters – Wooper, Phanpy, Azurill, Wyanaut, and Riolu
– Light Adventure Squad starters – Pikachu, Pichu, Meowth, Psyduck, Togepi, Mareep, Elekid, Shinx, and Pachirisu
– All versions take place on same island
– Transfer Pokemon, tools to another version
– Story involves needing to save a Shuckle, then Elder Slowking will advise creating an Adventure Squad so that you can help Pokemon and discover treasure
– Deposit money in bank run by a Duskull
– Leave items at Kangaskhan warehouse
– Purchase items from a Kecleon
– Appraisal House is back
– Every base has a Slowking
– Monster House – take on hoards of enemies
– Arceus in the game, can change colors/types
– Send out Rescue Request so that a team may come for you and you won’t lose money or tools
– Use DS as a controller
– News, requests through WiiConnect24