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Don’t ask me why Nintendo decided to announce this now, but hey, I’ll take it! We’re light on details right now, but this title does appear to be a remake of Fire Emblem: Monsh? no Nazo. That’s the third Fire Emblem game in the series, and was originally released in 1994. Intelligent Systems will once again be handling the project.

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Nintendo Voice Chat podcast summary

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Super Mario Galaxy 2

– Out in stores
– When you get 240 stars, something happens, when you do that something else, nothing happens
– Good reveal when you get 240 stars
– Craig gave the game a 10
– Fran was initially surprised by the score, he thought Craig would crumble and decide against giving it a perfect score
– 10 doesn’t mean it’s absolutely perfect
– The game was leaked online
– You can be effective as a co-op player in the game
– Some people complained that Craig gave an “expansion pack” a 10
– Craig was somewhat skeptical about whether the game could surpass the original going in
– First one felt very fresh
– Craig was amazed with all of the new ideas in Galaxy 2
– Somewhat similar to Majora’s Mask
– Peer feels like it’s going from Super Mario Bros. 3 to Super Mario World
– Galaxy 2 much more streamlined than the original
– Fran feels like he’ll always be able to sit down and enjoy it
– Feels weird playing a Super Mario game in the summer
– Galaxy 2 is Craig’s favorite Mario game
– A lot of 2D stuff, Craig wants to see the engine used again but for more 2D levels
– Took Craig 25-30 hours to get everything


Viral Survival – 273 blocks
Art Style: light trax – 115 blocks
Manic Monkey Mayhem – 112 blocks


Real Crimes: Jack the Ripper – 128 blocks
World Poker Tour Texas Hold ‘Em – 70 blocks
Advanced Circuits – 47 blocks
Metal Torrent – 37 blocks

Thanks to Ross M for the tip!

Believe it or not, Pac-Man turned the big 3-0 on Saturday. And to honor the video game character’s anniversary, Google replaced their logo with a fully-functional version of the arcade classic late last week. Fortunately, even though Google has reverted back to its normal self, Pac-Man is playable on a newly dedicated page.

The game contains 255 levels, along with the well-known glitch in the 256th level. Additionally, a second player can control Ms. Pac-Man with the “WASD” keys.

Updates to the Nintendo Channel

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Picross 3D
America’s Test Kitchen Pots de Creme Demo
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Rooms DS
Battle of Giants: Mutant Insects
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Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth
Disney The Princess and the Frog
Bakugan Battle Brawlers
James Patterson Women’s Murder Club: Games of Passion

Puzzle Quest 2 screenshots

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As far as I’m aware, these details come from a PS3/360 preview, but most of the information should apply to the Wii version…

– Build the park while skating
– Press shape button to make rails, quarter pipes, banks, etc.
– If you want to keep grinding but you’re the rail will end, you can press the shape button to keep it going
– Green rail can go in any direction
– No limit of rails, though all pieces have a long length limit
– Merge rails by running one into the other
– Game has a story mode
– Play as yourself in the story mode
– The Ministry dislike fun/risk/danger, Shaun White has started The Rising with other skaters to free the city of The Ministry, show the benefits of having fun
– 5 big districts in the city
– No shaping functions at the start, earn them as you free districts
– Can go back to previously unreachable areas in districts with the shaping abilities you receive
– 100 challenges (shaping/skating challenges), Bronze/Silver/Gold levels
– Receive XP after completing a challenge, unlock new tricks with the points
– Increase combo meter, unlock bigger (random) moves for each direction by chaining moves
– Can tweak tricks
– Manuals tied to a button press
– Releasing this fall