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The Camera Rune in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is undoubtedly a useful feature. Players have used it to take all sorts of pictures and selfies with Link. With a new glitch though, the possibilities have expanded.

By following the steps below, you can move around freely while using the Camera Rune, ultimately allowing for infinite poses:

1. Hold Shield (ZL)
2. Camera + Crouch (L + LS)
3. Side Jump (Right + X)
*Hold ZL the whole process

YouTube user Mety333 shows off the glitch in the following video:

It’s true that you can take screenshots at any time on Switch. However, there are some angles and photos that you just can’t really take during normal gameplay, especially with the zoom function. And if nothing else, being able to play while the Camera Rune is going can lead to some interesting results.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild marked a monumental step for the series in terms of how Nintendo portrayed its characters. For the first time, the game featured voice acting. Among others, Zelda was given a voice.

Patricia Summersett played the role of Zelda in the English version of Breath of the Wild. With the game’s first DLC pack arriving yesterday, we felt this would be the perfect opportunity to speak with Ms. Summersett about her role in the game. Continue on below for our full discussion.

Naoto Ohshima is best known as the original designer for Sonic. Although he’s no longer with SEGA, Ohshima certainly hasn’t forgotten the franchise. And in celebration of Sonic Mania’s launch next month, he’s drawn up some special art, which we have above.


The first round of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s DLC released today. Among the various features and items introduced is a new Tingle costume. If you approach the villagers in one of the game’s towns, they’ll almost be sent into a panic, and they’ll watch your every move.

You can see Link interacting with villagers in his new Tingle outfit below. Have to admit that it gave me a good chuckle.


Digital Foundry is sharing another technical analysis of a Switch game showcased at E3. This time, Pokken Tournament DX gets the focus.

The first thing Pokken Tournament DX has over its Wii U original is a bump in resolution. Whereas the fighter is running at 960×720 on Wii U, the Switch version is a native 1280x720p – at least when docked. There is a lack of anti-aliasing still, but Switch features improved texture filtering. Pokken Tournament DX also appears to run more consistently at 60 frames per second.

Here’s the full analysis from Digital Foundry:

Culdcept Revolt isn’t the only NIS America title being delayed this week. Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle has also been pushed back “to accommodate the production and manufacturing of the game.”

In North America, Touhou Kobuto V: Burst Battle will be available on October 10. The European version has a new date of October 13. This essentially amounts to a month delay as Touhou Kobuto V was originally planned for September 8 in North America and September 8 in Europe.

In other news, NIS America is distributing a new trailer today, accessible below.

Source: NIS America PR

Nintendo is ramping up its promotional efforts for Splatoon 2 with the Switch game just a few weeks away. Have a look at the official North American commercial below.

The shoot ’em up Sine Mora EX originally debuted back in 2012. THQ Nordic is now reviving the game for new platforms, including Switch.

One of the new features in Sine Mora EX is a co-op mode. Two players will be able to experience the full story mode together at once.

In an interview with Nintendo UK, localizer and designer Brandon Sheffield talked about how the team is going about including co-op:

“Narratively, it doesn’t make sense to have two ships because the story is basically broken if there’s more than one ship on screen, because you’re the pilot and somebody else is talking to you from somewhere else, because they’re doing something else. The whole thing about this game is most of these actions take place simultaneously and so you wind up hearing the same conversation again because then you’re the other person that was involved in that incident.

So the second player essentially plays as a drone. It plays differently from the main ship as well. If it gets hit, it doesn’t have its own life bar, it loses you time. And it works pretty well, it’s about as natural as you can make it and it’s obviously fun to play games together. And you know, obviously with Nintendo Switch, players want to have multiplayer experiences that can be enjoyed on one screen or in tabletop mode.”


Nintendo published a new piece of Super Mario Odyssey art on the game’s Twitter account showing off the Tyrannosaurus – one of many things that can be captured in the game. View it above.


MotoGP 17 isn’t on Switch. That being said, the system could get future entries starting with next year’s release.

Red Bull asked lead programmer Michele Caletti if MotoGP 17 was ever considered for Switch. Caletti explained that the game was built “without Switch in mind” due to development kits being unavailable until the late stages of development. However, thanks to Switch’s support of Unreal Engine 4, Switch could end up being supported starting with MotoGP 18.

Caletti’s full words:

“MotoGP 17 is the last title made with our in-house engine. Future titles might also be available on Switch, thanks to the support of Unreal Engine, so it’s something possible from the next year on.

The development kits for Switch have been available during the late development phase of MotoGP, thus all the assets and game modes have been created without Switch in mind. Porting it now would end up with something that would not satisfy us and our users. We prefer to concentrate our efforts on building a great Switch version for the next chapter of the series.”

Source, Via